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Finding Growth Opportunities in the $50 Billion Energy Storage Market

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Finding Growth Opportunities in the $50 Billion Energy Storage Market
Published: June 22, 2014 Content info:

By the end of the decade, energy storage will undergo dramatic changes as transportation and stationary applications' $23 billion in revenues nearly catch up to consumer electronics' $27 billion. Within these figures are staggering application shifts, like micro-hybrids overtaking the pure internal combustion engine as the most popular transportation drivetrain, and plug-in vehicles becoming the most important source of energy storage revenues in transportation applications. Stationary applications are hampered by high project prices, and need a cost breakthrough to reach more than $5 billion in sales.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



  • Both the transportation and stationary power segments are starting to see real revenue opportunities for energy storage, but technology limitations will cap market sizes.


  • Consumer electronics still present the biggest revenue opportunity in energy storage, but the most new dollars come from transportation, and stationary uses offer highest growth rates.


Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Graphic Plug-In and Hybrid Batteries Totaled $2 Billion in 2013, and Deployed Grid Storage Nears 1 GW
  • Figure 2: Graphic Hybrid Sales Have Been Flat for the Past Two Years, While Plug-In Sales Are Growing From a Small Base
  • Figure 3: Graphic Li-Ion Batteries Lead the Way in Plug-In Vehicle Applications, While Stationary Favors Molten Salt
  • Figure 4: Table Stationary and Transportation Applications Can Choose From a Variety of Energy Storage Options
  • Figure 5: Graphic Regional Differences Skew Sales of Vehicle Energy Storage by Application and Technology
  • Figure 6: Graphic Stationary Energy Storage Deployments Vary Significantly in Technology by Quarter
  • Figure 7: Graphic The Energy Storage Market Will Grow From $32 Billion 2014 to $50 Billion in 2020
  • Figure 8: Graphic The Automotive Drivetrain Mix Will Remain Dominated By the ICE
  • Figure 9: Graphic EVs Emerge To Overtake Micro-hybrid and E-Bike Applications by Revenue in 2019
  • Figure 10: Graphic In the Optimistic Case of High Oil Prices, EVs Sell 1.5 Million Units in 2020
  • Figure 11: Graphic Lithium-ion Batteries Dominate Select Vehicle Energy Storage Opportunities, and U.S. Leads in EVs
  • Figure 12: Graphic Stationary Energy Storage Revenues Will Reach $2.8 Billion in 2020
  • Figure 13: Graphic Lithium-Ion Batteries Optimized for Energy Will Lead Stationary Opportunities
  • Figure 14: Graphic In the Optimistic Scenario, Grid Storage Applications Will Reach $6.5 Billion in 2020
  • Figure 15: Graphic Mandates Initially Drive Sales in the Likely Stationary Energy Storage Case
  • Figure 16: Graphic Smartphones and Tablets Lead the Way in Consumer Electronics Energy Storage
  • Figure 17: Graphic Micro-hybrids and EVs Offer High CAGR and Revenues, While UPS and Backup Lead in Stationary
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