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Programming the Payment: From APIs to Commerce Platforms

Published by Mercator Advisory Group, Inc. Product code 235015
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Programming the Payment: From APIs to Commerce Platforms
Published: March 27, 2012 Content info: 28 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on July 2, 2018.



New research from Mercator Advisory Group reviews software development platforms and payment innovation

Boston, MA -- The increasingly rapid shift of payment activity to the Web and mobile devices relies upon the talent of software developers creating the integrated customer experience that consumers, merchants, issuers, card networks, and payment processors demand. Tools for developers that ease payment integration attract entrepreneurs and enterprise software developers to particular payment service providers.

Mercator Advisory Group's new report Programming the Payment: From APIs to Commerce Platforms, examines the expanding array of providers that are helping programmers program the payment. The report reviews offerings from top card networks, payment processors, and payment services providers for e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payment applications. Issues of identity, branding, and API management are addressed as well as the merger and acquisition activity of several major players.

Highlights of this report include:

New opportunities for software developers to leverage payment capacities created by the proliferation of e-commerce, mobile commerce, and cloud-based wallet schemes.

The two major categories of business models for companies offering payments and commerce services to developers

The changes that variants of the commerce capture model enable for e-commerce and mobile commerce applications

Changes that many entities, such as IP Commerce, are making as result of the shift in activity from e-commerce transactions to point-of-sale and mobile commerce

"Software developers are a strong source of payment innovation and a growing source of payment transaction volume," states George Peabody, Director of Mercator Advisory Group's Emerging Technologies Advisory Service. "Payment processors hope to capture commerce via this channel through programmatic interfaces. As the definition of a transaction expands beyond the payment alone, commerce platform providers take it one step further to enable value exchange among all participants.

One of five exhibits in this report:


This report is 28 pages long with five exhibits.

Companies mentioned in this report include: Chase Paymentech, Vantiv, First Data, Amazon, Cycle Computing, PayPal, Apigee, IP Commerce, Mashery, Heroku, dotCloud, eBay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, VeriFone, MICROS, S1, AJB, Inkiru, Stripe, SeerGate, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Isis, and LinkedIn.

Members of Mercator Advisory Group's Emerging Technologies Advisory Service have access to this report as well as the upcoming research for the year ahead, presentations, analyst access and other membership benefits.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


APIs, Payments, and the Commerce Platform

  • Net New Is No Longer Enough
  • Beyond the Gateway API
  • From e-Commerce to the Point of Sale
  • The Business Value
  • Getting There from Here
  • It Isn't Cheap
  • Levels of Programmatic Access
  • Benefits of a Commerce Platform

Vendor Platforms

  • eBay X.commerce
  • Headed Toward the POS
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • VeriFone
  • Inkiru
  • Stripe
  • SeerGate
  • American Express
  • Amazon
  • First Data
  • IP Commerce


  • Identities, So Many to Choose From
  • API Management
  • Caught in the Middle
  • Adding Value
  • For Some Acquirers, It's Too Many Little Fish
  • The Branding Challenge
  • Conclusion
  • More than an API, It's About Business
  • Every Silicon Valley Giant (and Start-up) Gets It
  • Mobile Matters
  • Copyright Notice

Figures and Tables

  • Figure 1: Evolution of Programmatic Access to Payments Services
  • Table 1: eBay Acquisitions, 2008 - 2011
  • Figure 2: Categorizing eBay Acquisitions
  • Figure 3: eBay's X.commerce Ecosystem Drives Volume to PayPal
  • Figure 4: IP Commerce's Enterprise Service Bus
  • Figure 5: IP Commerce Services Stack
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