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PMP and mmwave Regulatory Research

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PMP and mmwave Regulatory Research
Published: June 1, 2018 Content info:

The point to multi-point and mmwave regulatory research is the only database in the market that provides spectrum details needed to understand the current status of higher band opportunities. Provided in a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet, the first set of data includes regulatory information for more 43 countries coming directly from regulators and license holders.

Frequency bands covered include:

  • 10.5GHz: 10.15 - 10.65GHz (ITU-R F.1568)
  • 12.5GHz MVDDS: 12.20 -f 12.35GHz / 12.55 - 12.70GHz
  • 26GHz: 24.5 - 26.5GHz (ITU-R F.748-4)
  • 28GHz: 27.5 - 29.5GHz (ITU-R F.748-4)
  • 31GHz: 31.0 - 31.3GHz
  • 39GHz: 38.6 - 40.0GHz
  • 42GHz: 40.5GHz to 43.5GHz with a 1.5GHz T-R spacing: ITU-R F.2005
  • 60GHz: Lightly Licensed or unlicensed
  • 70-80 GHz: Lightly Licensed or unlicensed

Fields covered include for each country


  • Country
  • Frequency band
  • Frequency range
  • Is spectrum used (Yes/No)
  • Is spectrum licensed? (Yes/No)
  • Is PMP allowed? (Yes/No)
  • License fee arrangements?
  • Are substantial service /
    usage obligations in place? (Yes/No)
  • Band plan?
  • Which carriers/ISPs
    own the spectrum?
  • How much does each carrier/
    ISP own? (MHz/GHz)
  • How much spectrum does
    each owner use? (MHz/GHz)
  • Current use case of spectrum?
  • References

More than 40 countries covered including:

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