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PUBLISHER: Marketdata LLC | PRODUCT CODE: 1007806

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PUBLISHER: Marketdata LLC | PRODUCT CODE: 1007806

The U.S. Sleep Market: A Marketing, Competitive & Operating Analysis

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Fully 58% of Americans are estimated to experience insomnia symptoms or sleep disorders. Companies across America are trying to sell us a perfect night's sleep with medications, premium mattresses, high tech pillows, CPAP devices, white noise machines, smartphone apps, and more. All of this has become a $30 billion a year industry.

Sleep labs were hit hard by the pandemic as they shifted to mostly at-home tests and telemedicine. However, the CPAPs market has grown strongly, along with OTC sleep aids/supplements and apps. The mattress and pillows market also held up well as consumers focused more on making their home more comfortable. The study has complete coverage of the pandemic's effect on all market segments.

As obesity rates climb and Americans age, more people are developing sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Plus, stressors related to the 2020 election, the pandemic and recession are resulting in more sleepless nights for Americans. There are now an estimated 4,400 "sleep labs or centers" in the United States. These labs perform sleep studies and help design treatment programs for insomniacs and those with sleep apnea.

This Marketdata study examines the "sleep" market and all its segments, covering markets for: anti-insomnia drugs and OTC supplements, sleep labs/centers, mattresses and pillows, CPAPs (continuous positive airway pressure devices) for sleep apnea, and retail sleep aids: earplugs, sleep lamps, sound conditioning machines, eye masks, books on sleep). The report also includes extensive sleep lab metrics (patient volumes, bed counts, fees, more).

The study includes: $ market size/growth for 1995-2020, with 2021 and 2025 Forecasts, patient demographics, 16 in-depth competitor profiles, analysis of market nature & structure, history and evolution, reimbursement issues and the effect of Medicare rulings regarding home testing.

Company profiles for: ResMed, Respironics, SleepMed, Sleep Holdings, Foundation Surgery Affiliates, MedBridge Healthcare, Novasom, Tempur-Sealy, Sleep Number Co., Simmons-Serta, Casper.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Study Scope & Methodology

  • Glossary of sleep disorder terms
  • List of major private & public sector information source used

Executive Overview of Major Findings

  • Highlights of ALL study chapters:
  • Market definition and scope: mkt. segments included
  • Scope of sleep deprivation in America: prevalence rates of insomnia, causes, no. of sleep disorders, description of most common sleep disorders, NSF vs. other polls.
  • Nature of the field of sleep medicine and somnology: history/evolution of sleep labs, number, multiple-site chains, mkt. size 1997-2025 F
  • Major Market Trends: discussion of... sleep lab reimbursement and consolidation, disruption of mattress market, effects of Covid-19 pandemic on market value, shift to more at-home sleep studies, CPAP market's strong growth, insomnia drug mkt. dollar value decline due to generics.

Market Segments Outlooks and Size (1995-2025 F $ value, 2020 performance, 2021 Forecast, 2025 long-term Forecast

  • Mattress & pillows market
  • Sleep centers market
  • CPAP market
  • Rx and OTC sleeping medications market
  • Retail sleep aids market


  • Total size of U.S. sleep market, by mkt. segment: 1995-2025 F, annual percent chg.
  • Mattresses market: 1995-2025 F
  • Pillows market: 1995-2025 F
  • Sleep Labs/centers: 1995-2025 F
  • Rx and OTC sleeping medications market: 2000-2025 F
  • CPAP devices market: 1995-2025 F
  • Retail sleep aids market: 1995-2025 F

Demographics of Persons With Sleep Disorders

  • Scope of affected population: no. and type persons with... insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, no. of children, women, seniors with sleep disorders
  • Findings of Natl. Sleep Foundation's "Sleep in America" poll
  • No. of hours of sleep daily, by race (Natl. Health Interview Survey)
  • Effects of the Pandemic and Recession on Sleep
  • List of sleep disorder statistics
  • The National Sleep Foundation's 2020 Sleep in America® Poll, findings
  • Prevalence of sleeping problems by major countries, U.S. vs. Europe, Japan
  • CDC data/research confirms Americans' lack of sleep: causes

Market Size & Growth

  • Market Definition & Scope: the markets comprising total sleep market
  • Discussion of the historical growth of the market, performance during recessions
  • Analysis of the market by McKinsey & Company
  • Market size/growth/performance during 2019 and 2020 during the pandemic
  • Marketdata outlook and forecast for 2021 & 2025
  • The Mattresses Market
  • The Sleep Pillows Market
  • The Insomnia Medications Market
  • The Sleep Labs Market
  • The Sleep Apnea Devices Market
  • The Retail Sleep Aids Market


  • Size of U.S. sleep market, by segment: 1995-2025 F (mattresses, pillows, sleep lab operations, Rx/OTC sleeping pills, CPAP devices, retail devices & services)
  • Total U.S. sleep market value, annual % change: 1995-2025 F
  • Sleep pillows sales: 1995-2025 F
  • Prescription & OTC retail anti-insomnia drugs sales: 2000-2025 F
  • Sleep Labs revenues, no. of labs, annual % change: 1995-2025 F
  • Sleep apnea devices (CPAPs) sales: total, ResMed. Respironics: 1995-2025 F

Sleep Labs Market

  • What are sleep labs, how many?, evolution & nature of the field, polysomnograms test description, accredited vs. non-accredited centers
  • Launching a new sleep lab - the process/key considerations, capital needed, choices for hospital or MD affiliations
  • The effect of Medicare approval of home tests: discussion, type of devices
  • What patients can expect at a sleep lab: type tests (PSGs, split night studies, MSLTs, CPAP titrations), role of sleep techs, follow-up
  • How to find A sleep lab
  • Market Size & Growth: 1995-2020 Estimates, Marketdata discussion/analysis of Mkt. performance in 2020, 2021 outlook & 2025 Forecast, estd. effect on revenues
  • AASM COVID-19 PULSE SURVEY- major findings, impact of the pandemic on sleep labs
  • EnsoData survey, impact of sleep labs
  • Recent sleep lab metrics: 2017-2020 quarterly surveys of: trends in patient volume, bed Count, outlook for next year (Needham & Co. research reports)


  • Sleep Labs revenues, no. of labs, annual % change: 1995-2025 F

Sleep Lab Technicians Salary Trends

  • Descriptions of the major staff positions, training required (sleep tech, technologists)
  • Findings of Sleep Review Magazine's salary survey, average salary and ranges for: RPSGTs, sleep techs, respiratory therapists, sleep physicians, sleep center directors, supervisors, managers: by tenure, by day/night shift, by age


  • Salary by job title, by region: - 6 staff positions

Results of Past Marketdata Sleep Labs Survey - Main Operating Metrics

  • Type of sleep lab (percent of total: hospital-based, practice-based, university-based, independent / free-standing
  • Average number of PSGs (sleep studies, CPAP titrations and MSLTs) performed in 2006, 2007
  • Average number of beds operated and average days/nights per week operated
  • Number of patients the sleep lab would be able to test/titrate per week if operating at 100% occupancy, 7 days/nights per week (average)
  • Avg. fees, avg. annual revenues per lab
  • Sex, age of typical clients, type disorders treated
  • List of Sleep centers' biggest issues or problems

Competitor Profiles (description and history of company, no. of labs operated, address, specialties, acquisitions, services, financials when available)

  • SleepMed, Inc. (incl. Novasom)
  • Sleep Holdings
  • Foundation Surgery Affiliates, LLC
  • MedBridge Healthcare (SleepWorks, Sleep Services of America, PDS)

Sleep Medications Market

  • Summary: discussion of number of prescriptions written, mkt. potential, prime drivers of mkt. demand
  • Hurdle to overcome: past negative image of sleeping pills, long-term use, FDA fears vs. drug company efforts
  • Reasons for dollar value decline of prescription insomnia drugs market, patent expiration, Emergence of generics
  • Advertising drives consumer demand: amount spent advertising the top 3 brands, Sanofi's success with Ambien
  • New meds: Belsomra, Dayvigo
  • FDA approval status, setbacks for Indiplon (Neurocrine Biosciences) and Gaboxadol (Merck)
  • Description of the major Rx sleeping Pill Brands (Ambien, Lunesta, Rozerem, benzodiazepines, melatonin receptors, antidepressants)
  • OTC Retail Sleeping Pills: discussion
  • Market Size - A Mature Market: sales of major brands, 2020 performance, 2025 Forecast, rationale for future growth.
  • Recent sales of Belsomra, Zolpidem, Lunesta
  • Discussion of the OTC sleep supplements market and why it's growing faster than Rx Insomnia drugs


  • sales of prescription and retail anti-insomnia drugs: 2000-2025 forecast
  • Prescription vs. OTC Insomnia Drugs/Sleep Aids Market: 2016-2021
  • U.S. Sales of Top 10 OTC Retail Brands of Sleep Aid Tablets: 2016, 2020
  • sales of prescription anti-insomnia drugs, by brand
  • sales of Ambien, Ambien CR: 1998-2088 (in Euros and dollars)

Sleep Apnea Devices Market

  • Summary - Background of Sleep Disordered Breathing: mkt. penetration in U.S. vs. abroad, estimates of mkt. size by industry analysts/competitors
  • Product Definitions: CPAPs (continuous positive airway pressure devices), types of masks & mouthpieces used
  • Market Trends: the home test mkt., comments by Wachovia analysts regarding potential in view of CMS ruling, move to smaller devices
  • Market Size: effects of CMS ruling, estimates of growth rates in U.S. vs. Globally, positive/negative factors affecting the market
  • 2020 Market Performance During The Pandemic
  • 2021 Outlook by ResMed, Needham & Co., Marketdata, other research firms, U.S. vs. global market growth
  • The Major Respiratory Equipment Device Competitors: address list.

Competitor Profiles (company descriptions, divisions, specializations, 2015-2020 revenues, outlooks)

  • Resmed
  • Respironics


  • Sleep apnea devices (CPAPs) sales: total, ResMed. Respironics, other companies: 1995-2025 F

The Mattress & Pillows Market

  • Summary & Status of the market: a steady replacement business, new technology and sales/distribution outlets, e-commerce, bedding retailers disruption.
  • Market Size & Growth: 2019-2020 performance during pandemic, ISPA industry wholesale shipments, 2020 outlook by ISPA
  • Differences in mfg. technologies used by the major mfrs., visco, latex
  • List and sales of top 5 bedding retailers
  • The Ultra-premium mattress market: growth rate, % of sales

Competitor Profiles (company description, capabilities, specialties, historical revenues, mergers, mkt. share, distribution, outlooks, recent financials to 2020 if avail., etc.)

  • Tempur Sealy Intl.
  • Sleep Number (formerly: Select Comfort)
  • Simmons Serta
  • Casper

The Sleep Pillows Market

  • Discussion of new pillow designs, materials, pricing, mkt. trends
  • The Sona pillow, MyPillow company profile
  • Estimated retail market size: 1997-2025 F


  • U.S. WHOLESALE sales of mattresses & foundations, % change, units: 1987-2020
  • U.S. Wholesale sales of mattresses & foundations, % change, dollars: 1987-2020
  • Non-innerspring mattress unit and dollar shipments
  • Estimated RETAIL sales of mattresses: 1987-2025 F
  • Personal consumption expenditures for furniture & bedding: 1987-2019

Retail Sleep Devices Market

  • Summary & discussion
  • Sleep Lamps/Light Therapy Market: use for seasonal affective disorder, dawn simulation, evolution of 'light boxes', mkt. status & leading mfrs., mkt. size, list of 9 major competitors, Company Profile: Apollo Health
  • Sound Machines/White Noise Machines Market: use and technology, applications, history of development, emergence of Marpac as industry leader, list of catalog retailers selling machines (Brookstone, Hammacher Schlemmer, etc.), market size/growth.
  • Eye Shades and Sleep Masks: leading competitors (Dream Essentials)
  • Earplugs Market: mkt. size, leading mfrs./distributors/retailers
  • Sleep Pods: Yelo & MetroNaps sleep lounges appearing in metro markets
  • Sleep/Insomnia Books Market: list of titles
  • Sleep apps for smartphones, leading apps

Reference Directory of Sleep-related Trade Groups, Experts, Journals

  • List of sleep market national/regional trade associations, journals, consulting firms, brokerage analysts, other key contacts - address & phones, description of activities.
  • Profiles of Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. and Duane M. Johnson, Ph.D.
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