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The U.S. Meal Replacements Market For Weight Loss

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The U.S. Meal Replacements Market For Weight Loss
Published: July 1, 2016 Content info: 88 Pages

The U.S. weight loss market has entered a new phase of flat to low growth, constrained by a strong shift to do-it-yourself plans, the proliferation of free apps for smartphones, and more healthy eating by consumers. Yet, some market segments are doing well. Meal replacements is one such segment. Meal replacements are popular, among both medical and commercial diet programs, because they ae inexpensive, portable, and have no side effects. They are easily private labeled, making for easy branding, and are not regulated.

This is a completely revised and updated analysis of this $4 billion market. This is the most comprehensive investigation of the U.S. meal replacements and OTC diet pills market published by anyone worldwide.

Covered... An overview and summary of the total weight loss market (all 10 segments), with 2016 forecasts, 2015 performance, the Oprah Winfrey effect, historical market size, latest market and company developments. Dollar value & growth rates for meal replacements and retail diet pills (1980s to 2014, 2015 and 2019 forecasts), latest market trends and developments, status reports for 2015 and 2016 diet seasons, what it takes to succeed, demand drivers, major distribution channels, the online and MLM market, top 30 competitors ranking, the use of soy, revenues of the market through past recessions, user demographics and loyalty, regulation of diet pills, problems with some brands, and a Reference Directory.

Contains in-depth competitor profiles for: Slim-Fast, Herbalife, Visalus, AMWAY, Isagenix, Advocare, and Shaklee.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Overview of the Total U.S. Weight Loss Market

  • Discussion of diet market mega-trends: shift from diet products to services, medical programs gain momentum under ACA, what's wrong with commercial chains, importance of counselors, franchising pros & cons, consumer clean eating trend, move to retail outlets
  • Performance of 2015 & 2016 diet seasons, discussion of rise of MLM firms, DIY trends, company programs, competition from apps, advertising strategies
  • 2016 market forecasts and trends
  • Summary of major market developments & trends of 2013-2016
  • $ size of market and its 9 segments, forecasted 2015-2019 growth rates for segments


  • 2013-2015 $ value of diet products vs. services
  • Historical market revenues $ size, by segment: 1989-2015
  • Revenues of top commercial chains: 2009-2014
  • Diet soft drink sales: 1989-2019 F
  • Revenues of health clubs industry: 1993-2019 F
  • No. of bariatric surgeries in the U.S. - 1992-2019 F
  • Value of meal replacements and OTC diet pills sales: 2005-2019 Forecast

The Meal Replacements Market

  • Definition/nature of meal replacements vs. over-the-counter (OTC) diet pills, ingredients being used today, new herbal products: coffee bean extract, HCG drops
  • Product life cycle analysis
  • Main distribution channels
  • Main drivers of demand for meal replacements
  • What it takes to succeed in this market
  • Use of soy protein in products, controversies
  • History/nature of mkt.- cyclical shifts from mid-1980s
  • User demographics: no. and % of dieters using diet pills and meal replacements (Consumer Reports, surveys: 2005-2012 data).
  • 2015 Status Report of the market: estd. Channel sales (diet pills, meal replace.), findings of Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) research, top diet pill brands sales: 2013, top meal replacements brands sales
  • Why growth outlook is strong for meal replacements, preferred by MDs, MLMs, commercial chains, why OTC diet pills mkt. still struggles for legitimacy
  • Regulatory actions, FTC fines marketers (Acai berry, Lipozene, QuickTrim), waning of the Dr. OZ effect/warning on touting "miracle" products for weight loss, Hyroxycut's fall
  • Marketdata discussion of traditional/nontraditional distribution channels
  • Mkt. size/growth: true size of the mkt. - why estimates differ widely
  • NBJ estimates of diet pill & meal replacements $ and % sales, by distribution channels, discussion of multilevel firms (Advocare, Shaklee, Herbalife, Quixtar, Nu-Skin, EAS, Atkins)
  • Marketdata estimates of growth for diet pills & meal replacements 2015-2019 F, demand factors.


  • Marketdata estimates of OTC diet pills, meal replacements, combined sales - 1981-2015
  • Revised estimates of above markets, based on new NBJ research: 2005-2019 F
  • Discussion of 2013-2014 market performance, 2015 outlook, 2019 forecasts
  • Top OTC diet pill brand sales in 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
  • Competitor strengths & weaknesses analysis
  • Sports nutrition & weight loss market estimates (NBJ)
  • Top meal replacement & diet pills brands, sales.

Competitor Analysis & Company profiles

(revenues, strategies, product lines, marketing, Herbalife war with H. Ackman's hedge fund, effect on other MLMs rapid rise and fall of Visalus)

  • Slim-Fast
  • Herbalife
  • Visalus
  • Isagenix
  • Shaklee
  • Advocare

Reference Directory of weight loss industry sources

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