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The U.S. Residential Maid Services Industry

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The U.S. Residential Maid Services Industry
Published: July 27, 2016 Content info: 65 Pages

This new Marketdata study is simply the most comprehensive analysis ever of the little-researched $8 billion U.S. residential maid services market, that employs 190,000 workers. There are about a dozen maid service franchises that combined account for about 14% of industry receipts, at just over $1 billion. However, many independent non-franchise companies and solo operators also compete.

Maid services have enjoyed fairly steady growth, as an aging population, time-pressed consumers and Millennials boost demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects continued growth for this occupation, although recessions do affect the business. Off-the-books solo maids, many foreign, constitute a significant share of the workforce (legal and illegal).

This study traces the industry's size, growth, end-user segments, structure, demand factors, major trends, and operating ratios - Receipts from 2007- 2020 forecasts. The report examines how maids/services operate, their avg. rates for cleaning, franchises vs. independents, impact of the last recession, maids hourly and yearly pay, turnover, and more. The study includes an overview of the total commercial cleaning/janitorial service sector. Includes findings of latest surveys by the ARCSI trade group, as well as comments and outlooks by top experts, National, operating ratios from the Census Bureau, BLS, and other sources. Companies by sales volume. Investment costs to buy franchises by company. Competitor profiles and market share/revenues for: The Maids, Maid Brigade, Merry Maids (ServiceMaster), Molly Maid, MaidPro, Cottage Care, Home Cleaning Centers of America, The Cleaning Authority, Maid to Perfection.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Overview of The Total Building Cleaning Services Industry

  • Definition & scope of the building maintenance/janitorial industry, industry structure and fragmented "mom & pop" nature of the business, NAICS codes, maids as sub-segment
  • Major trends and issues affecting building service contractors
  • Factors affecting demand
  • Market size, $ receipts of: janitorial services, pest control, carpet cleaning other services (residential cleaning) for 2000-2015
  • Industry Snapshot of Total national Janitorial Services: 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012 (no. o establishments, payroll, receipts, receipts per estab., payroll & receipts per employee, etc.)

The Maid Services Market

Nature of the Industry

  • How maid services operate, fees charged, pay methods, types of maids, etc.
  • Demand factors - discussion
  • Maids by sex, gender, ethnicity
  • Immigration and the underground workers, solo operators
  • End-user household demographics: findings of Mediamark Research survey: major target age groups and usage of professional cleaning services
  • List of residential cleaning services franchises: (The Maids Intl., Maid Brigade; Merry Maids, Molly Maid, MaidPro, Cottage Care, Mini Maid, Home Cleaning Centers of America, The Cleaning Authority, Maid to Order, Maid to Perfection) - addresses.

Demand Factors

  • Projected no. of U.S. households using a maid or housekeep, by age group
  • Percentage of U.S households using a maid or service
  • Rise of dual income families
  • Effect of recessions and the overall economy, disposable income

Operating Ratios

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics national data: number of maids in U.S - total no. maids working in private residences, hotels & motels, commercial sites, healthcare facilities, avg. hourly wages and annual income.

Maid Services operating ratios:

  • Avg. prices per cleaning, national and ranked by state
  • How Residential Cleaning Rates are determined
  • Average house cleaning rates Census Tables & Maps (May 2015)
    • Industries with the highest levels of employment in this occupation
    • Employment of maids and house cleaners, by state
    • Mean annual wages of maids and house cleaners, by state
    • Top paying States for this occupation
    • Metropolitan areas with the highest employment level in this occupation
    • Metro areas with highest concentration of jobs and location quotients in this occupation
    • Top paying metro areas for this occupation
    • Top paying non-metropolitan areas for this occupation.

ARCSI Maids Trade Association Statistics: Industry & Member Profiles

ARCSI members, by: year they started business, annual sales, no. of employees, online marketing methods used, etc.

Estimate of avg. annual sales per maid service company, total national industry receipts.


  • No. of maid service companies in U.S., estimated no. of residential maids working
  • No. of maid service companies, by their no. of employees
  • No. of maid service companies, by sales volume
  • No. of maid service Franchises, by sales volume
  • No. of maid service Independents, by sales volume

Industry Size & Growth

  • Market Status Report: Findings of Interviews with leading industry experts
  • Market size estimates, methods, rationale by trade groups (ARSCI), competitors, Marketdata
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook for maids occupation
  • Data from Merry Maids (ServiceMaster), average revenues from 10K reports, historical and current data, franchise and non-franchise branches.
  • Marketdata estimates of industry size/growth/outlook for 2008-2015, 2016, 2020.

Major Competitors & Franchising

  • Summary of maid franchises - discussion
  • Number of maid services franchises: 2008-2015, by company
  • Franchise fees, total start-up costs, royalty rates, by company.
  • Brief Competitor Profiles: address, history, when founded, when started franchising, services, no. of U.S. and non-U.S. franchises, franchise packages sold, etc. for:
  • The Maids
  • Maid Brigade
  • Merry Maids (ServiceMaster)
  • Molly Maid
  • MaidPro
  • Cottage Care
  • Home Cleaning Centers of America
  • The Cleaning Authority
  • Maid to Perfection


  • Number of franchise units in No. America, by company: 2009-2015
  • Estimated annual revenue by franchise company, market share - 2015
  • Company-owned vs. franchised units, by company.
  • Residential cleaning franchises: start-up costs, franchise fee, royalty rates - by company

Reference Directory of Industry Information Sources

  • Addresses, phones, contacts at major industry trade associations, trade journals, consulting firms: commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, maid services.
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