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IT Services Global Industry Almanac 2013-2022

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IT Services Global Industry Almanac 2013-2022
Published: May 2, 2018 Content info: 458 Pages


Global IT Services industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: industry size (value 2013-17, and forecast to 2022). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the industry.


Essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the global it services industry. Includes industry size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of industry growth trends and leading companies.

Key Highlights

The IT services industry is valued as the combination of the business process outsourcing (BPO) services market, the application services market, and the infrastructure services market.

The BPO services market is valued as the revenues accrued from the provision of client relationship management BPO, finance & accounting BPO, human resource outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, managed print services, procurement BPO, and vertical-specific BPO services.

The application services market is valued as the revenues accrued from the provision of application development, management, and testing services.

The infrastructure services market is valued as the revenues accrued from the provision of application hosting and data center services, hybrid and cloud services, co-location services, desktop support and mangement services, storage services and security services.

All currency conversions are at constant 2017 annual average exchange rates.

The global IT services industry generated revenues of $697.7bn in 2017, representative of a CAGR of 2.8% during 2013-2017.

Infrastructure services was the industry's most lucrative segment in 2017, with total revenues of $314.7bn, equivalent to 45.1% of the industry's overall value.

An increasing demand for the technology and expertise of service providers, alongside the implementation and development of emerging technologies such as big data, e-commerce, and the IoT will be key growth drivers.


  • Save time carrying out entry-level research by identifying the size, growth, major segments, and leading players in the global it services industry
  • Use the Five Forces analysis to determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of the global it services industry
  • Leading company profiles reveal details of key it services industry players' global operations and financial performance
  • Add weight to presentations and pitches by understanding the future growth prospects of the global it services industry with five year forecasts
  • Reasons to buy
  • What was the size of the global it services industry by value in 2017?
  • What will be the size of the global it services industry in 2022?
  • What factors are affecting the strength of competition in the global it services industry?
  • How has the industry performed over the last five years?
  • What are the main segments that make up the global it services industry?
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents


Market value 2

Market value forecast 2

Category segmentation 2

Geography segmentation 2

Introduction 29

What is this report about? 29

Who is the target reader? 29

How to use this report 29

Definitions 29

Global IT Services 30

Market Overview 30

Market Data 31

Market Segmentation 32

Market outlook 34

Five forces analysis 35

IT Services in Asia-Pacific 43

Market Overview 43

Market Data 44

Market Segmentation 45

Market outlook 47

Five forces analysis 48

IT Services in Europe 56

Market Overview 56

Market Data 57

Market Segmentation 58

Market outlook 60

Five forces analysis 61

IT Services in France 70

Market Overview 70

Market Data 71

Market Segmentation 72

Market outlook 74

Five forces analysis 75

Macroeconomic indicators 83

IT Services in Germany 85

Market Overview 85

Market Data 86

Market Segmentation 87

Market outlook 89

Five forces analysis 90

Macroeconomic indicators 98

IT Services in Australia 100

Market Overview 100

Market Data 101

Market Segmentation 102

Market outlook 104

Five forces analysis 105

Macroeconomic indicators 113

IT Services in Brazil 115

Market Overview 115

Market Data 116

Market Segmentation 117

Market outlook 119

Five forces analysis 120

Macroeconomic indicators 128

IT Services in Canada 130

Market Overview 130

Market Data 131

Market Segmentation 132

Market outlook 134

Five forces analysis 135

Macroeconomic indicators 143

IT Services in China 145

Market Overview 145

Market Data 146

Market Segmentation 147

Market outlook 149

Five forces analysis 150

Macroeconomic indicators 158

IT Services in India 160

Market Overview 160

Market Data 161

Market Segmentation 162

Market outlook 164

Five forces analysis 165

Macroeconomic indicators 175

IT Services in Indonesia 177

Market Overview 177

Market Data 178

Market Segmentation 179

Market outlook 181

Five forces analysis 182

Macroeconomic indicators 190

IT Services in Italy 192

Market Overview 192

Market Data 193

Market Segmentation 194

Market outlook 196

Five forces analysis 197

Macroeconomic indicators 205

IT Services in Japan 207

Market Overview 207

Market Data 208

Market Segmentation 209

Market outlook 211

Five forces analysis 212

Macroeconomic indicators 220

IT Services in Mexico 222

Market Overview 222

Market Data 223

Market Segmentation 224

Market outlook 226

Five forces analysis 227

Macroeconomic indicators 235

IT Services in The Netherlands 237

Market Overview 237

Market Data 238

Market Segmentation 239

Market outlook 241

Five forces analysis 242

Macroeconomic indicators 250

IT Services in North America 252

Market Overview 252

Market Data 253

Market Segmentation 254

Market outlook 256

Five forces analysis 257

IT Services in Russia 265

Market Overview 265

Market Data 266

Market Segmentation 267

Market outlook 269

Five forces analysis 270

IT Services in Scandinavia 279

Market Overview 279

Market Data 280

Market Segmentation 281

Market outlook 283

Five forces analysis 284

IT Services in Singapore 292

Market Overview 292

Market Data 293

Market Segmentation 294

Market outlook 296

Five forces analysis 297

Macroeconomic indicators 305

IT Services in South Africa 307

Market Overview 307

Market Data 308

Market Segmentation 309

Market outlook 311

Five forces analysis 312

Macroeconomic indicators 320

IT Services in South Korea 322

Market Overview 322

Market Data 323

Market Segmentation 324

Market outlook 326

Five forces analysis 327

Macroeconomic indicators 334

IT Services in Spain 336

Market Overview 336

Market Data 337

Market Segmentation 338

Market outlook 340

Five forces analysis 341

Macroeconomic indicators 349

IT Services in Turkey 351

Market Overview 351

Market Data 352

Market Segmentation 353

Market outlook 355

Five forces analysis 356

Macroeconomic indicators 364

IT Services in The United Kingdom 366

Market Overview 366

Market Data 367

Market Segmentation 368

Market outlook 370

Five forces analysis 371

Macroeconomic indicators 380

IT Services in The United States 382

Market Overview 382

Market Data 383

Market Segmentation 384

Market outlook 386

Five forces analysis 387

Macroeconomic indicators 397

Company Profiles 399

Leading Companies 399

Appendix 456

Methodology 456

About MarketLine 457

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