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Published: July 3, 2017 Content info: 34 Pages

Mobile Market Development has been monitoring the development of M2M and IoT in recent years, looking at the area from a technology and a market perspective (i.e. what is possible and what customers want). Both the evolution and growth of the technology, and a high level of market demand are by now assured, as is the requirement for connectivity to enable the applications and services to function.

However, in many applications, volume demands are light, so connectivity alone may not be a sufficiently remunerative and profitable opportunity for MNOs, particularly if provided on a wholesale basis to a community of service providers that own the customers and the profits.

There is a good fit between the demands of the market, particularly in the smart home area, and the positioning of MNOs among consumer buyers, so there are strong prospects for end-to-end solution provision at value-based pricing.

This report seeks to qualify the opportunity and elaborate the approach required to ensure MNOs can succeed as (profitable) trusted smart home solutions providers and avoid being relegated to wholesale connectivity provision by the OTT community.

  • Companies: Verizon, Deutsche Telekom, KPN, eww Gruppe, Slovak Telekom, Netalliansen, Telefónica, AT&T, Amazon, Trigion, Philips, O2, ADT, Tado, Samsung, British Gas, First Utility, Dial Direct, Huawei, Kamstrup, Movistar, Securitas Direct, Verisure, SK Telecom, Conmax, LG, Hyundai Telecom, Kocom, Google, Singtel, Telstra, iControlb, Xfinity Comcast,
  • Countries: World, USA, Asia, Europe, UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Chile, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Slovakia,
  • Keywords: Starter Kit, Energy Management, Healthcare, Home Automation, Smart City, Smart Hub, Privacy, Connected Devices, Entertainment, Partnership, API, IoT, White Label, Connected Home, Security, Integration, Smart Home, Ecosystem, M2M, Z-Wave,
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Introduction

  • 2.1. Background to the Report
  • 2.2. Report Content
  • 2.3. Currency and Conversions
  • 2.4. Further Questions and Feedback

3. The Smart Home Market

  • 3.1. Smart Home Definition
  • 3.2. IoT Technology Trends Relevant to Smart Homes
  • 3.3. Smart Home Market Size and Growth
  • 3.4. Smart Home Market Adoption Rates
  • 3.5. Smart Home Ecosystem Dynamics

4. Example MNO Smart Home Initiatives

  • 4.1. Verizon
  • 4.2. Deutsche Telekom Qivicon
  • 4.3. AT&T Digital Life
  • 4.4. O2 Home
  • 4.5. SK Telekom
  • 4.6. Singtel SmartHome
  • 4.7. Telstra

5. A Place in the Ecosystem for MNOs

6. Recommendations

Appendix - Feedback Questions

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