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Adjacent Sector Digital Opportunities for Mnos

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Adjacent Sector Digital Opportunities for Mnos
Published: March 29, 2019 Content info: 44 Pages

Operators are transforming their business models to counter challenging competitive conditions, concentrating on diversifying revenues through offering digital services in a variety of new markets. This is happening alongside similar focus on digitalising internally, using the latest technologies to simplify business processes and increase quality of service.

Most mobile service users frequently use two or more connected devices simultaneously at some point during their day, and a large volume of spontaneous purchases are made using smartphones. There is a wide range of interactive and digital content services delivered via TVs and digital devices, and social media services are becoming sales and service channels. As use of digital services rise, consume r expectations rise, too, and they expect high levels of customer service as well as high quality services. Operators therefore face many challenges in response to this, including intense competition from many different market players, regulatory pressures, saturated markets and inadequate IT systems. In addition, offering digital services will become increasingly expensive as data consumption increases traffic on networks.

In response to these trends, operators need to take advantage of opportunities elsewhere in the digital market, using services such as content and video, IoT and cloud services, advertising and big data.

  • Payments, health, education, advertising and digital content services will all be part of a successful full service operator's digital portfolio;
  • The ever-wider availability of technologies such as mobile, artificial intelligence, cloud, analytics and platforms is altering the way people live, work and interact.

The mobile and wireless industry is playing a critical role in enabling this digital revolution.

  • The mobile ecosystem has provided the fundamental building blocks of access, interconnectivity and applications that are enabling this digital revolution to take place.
  • A large share of potential value stemming from digitisation across global industries is dependent on the mobile industry delivering essential infrastructure, applications and productivity improvements.

Companies: AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telenor, Grameenphone, Cubic Telecom, Microsoft, Media & Content Services,

Countries: Bangladesh, UK, EU, USA,

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Overview

2 Introduction

  • 2.1Background to the Report
  • 2.2Currency and Conversions
  • 2.3Further Questions and Feedback

3 The Business Context for MNOs

  • 3.1Introduction
  • 3.2The Need for Business Transformation
    • 3.2.1New Approaches to Innovation
  • 3.3Customer Experience

4 Product Development & Innovation

  • 4.1Networks
  • 4.2IoT Development
  • 4.3Smart Home & Home Security
  • 4.4Digital Health
    • 4.4.1Digital Health Applications
    • 4.4.2Telenor
  • 4.5Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles
  • 4.6Media & Content Services
  • 4.7Mobile Money & Financial Services
  • 4.8Smart Cities

5 MNO Service Offerings

  • 5.1Vodafone
    • 5.1.1Introduction
    • 5.1.2Recent Announcements
    • 5.1.3Adjacent Sectors
      • IoT
      • Services
      • Vehicles
      • Cities
      • Markets
  • 5.2Deutsche Telekom
    • 5.2.1Introduction
    • 5.2.2Partnerships
    • 5.2.3Adjacent Sectors
      • Services
      • Home
      • Vehicles
      • Cities
      • Markets
  • 5.3AT&T
    • 5.3.1Introduction
    • 5.3.2Adjacent Sectors
      • Vehicles
      • Cities

6 Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix - Feedback Questions

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