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Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2020

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Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2020
Published: January 16, 2020 Content info: 102 Pages + Dataset

Northeast Group's Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2020 is the ninth edition of its annual emerging markets smart grid forecast. The 2020s promises to be a decade in which almost all emerging market countries will begin, continue, and in many cases complete smart grid infrastructure rollouts. This study highlights the 50 emerging market countries that will see the highest levels of investment over the next five years.

The 2020s will be a pivotal period for smart grid infrastructure, when emerging market countries begin to shift from their long-time status as areas of promise to one of immediate large-scale investment. As the majority of key deployments in the developed regions of North America, Western Europe, and East Asia are either wrapped up, currently underway, or awarded, vendors must shift their focus to opportunities opening up in countries across emerging market regions.

While expected progress in many of the most highly touted emerging market countries has been perennially disappointing, overall market conditions have steadily improved over the past decade, with more regulatory activity and the release of more major project tenders than ever before.

Non-technical loss rates remain high, GDP and electricity consumption rates continue to grow, and per-endpoint AMI prices have begun to steadily decline. By the mid-2020s, emerging market activity will be highlighted by countries including India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, several countries of Europe, and China, which remains dominated by domestic vendors. Despite the inherent risks in pursuing emerging market tenders- most conspicuously seen in the recent cancellation of major projects in Pakistan and Uzbekistan-favorable conditions are now in place for over $88 billion to be invested across these 50 countries over the next five years.

Key questions answered in this study:

  • Which 50 emerging market countries will deploy the most AMI meters over the next five years?
  • Which countries have hit project obstacles and which have reached key milestones?
  • Which utilities have deployed AMI and which ones have concrete plans and tenders?
  • What are the key investment themes in each region of the world?
  • What is the forecast market for AMI, distribution automation, wide area measurement, home energy management, battery storage, and IT in each emerging market region?
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

i. Executive Summary

1. Overview

2. Emerging markets smart grid indicators

3. Emerging markets smart grid market forecast

4. Country summaries

5. Appendix

  • 5.1. Methodology
  • 5.2. List of companies and acronyms

List of Figures, Boxes, and Tables

  • Emerging markets smart grid: key takeaways
  • Emerging markets (excluding China) - top utilities
  • Cumulative AMI deployments (units 2020 - 2024)
  • 2020 Annual AMI forecast (units)
  • Table 1.1: Regional themes
  • Figure 1.1: Central Asia smart grid activity
  • Figure 1.2: CEE smart grid activity
  • Figure 1.3: China smart grid activity
  • Figure 1.4: India smart grid activity
  • Figure 1.5: Latin America smart grid activity
  • Figure 1.6: MENA smart grid activity
  • Figure 1.7: Sub-Saharan Africa smart grid activity
  • Figure 1.8: Southeast Asia smart grid activity
  • Table 1.2: AMI deployments - top five countries
  • Table 1.3: AMI deployments - Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Table 1.4: AMI deployments - Eurasia
  • Table 1.5: AMI deployments - Europe
  • Table 1.6: AMI deployments - MENA
  • Table 1.7: AMI deployments - South Asia
  • Table 1.8: AMI deployments - Southeast Asia
  • Table 1.9: Latin America
  • Figure 2.1: Smart metering market attractiveness
  • Figure 2.1: T&D losses by overall percentage and dollars lost
  • Figure 2.2: Electricity consumption per capita
  • Figure 2.3: Average residential electricity tariff
  • Figure 2.4: Average GDP growth (2020 - 2024)
  • Figure 3.1: Emerging markets smart grid forecast by region (cumulative)
  • Table 3.1: Emerging markets cumulative smart grid forecast by region ($m)
  • Figure 3.2: Emerging markets smart grid forecast by segment (cumulative)
  • Table 3.2: Emerging markets cumulative smart grid forecast by segment ($m)
  • Figure 3.3: Emerging markets AMI forecast by region (cumulative)
  • Table 3.3: Emerging markets cumulative AMI forecast by region ($m)
  • Figure 3.4: Emerging markets AMI forecast by region (annual)
  • Table 3.4: Emerging markets annual AMI forecast by region ($m)
  • Figure 3.5: Regional residential electricity meter market 2019
  • Figure 3.6: Regional residential electricity meter market 2024
  • Figure 3.7: Global AMI forecast comparison (cumulative deployed units)
  • Figure 3.8: Global AMI forecast comparison (cumulative value)
  • Figure 4.1: Countries covered

In addition to the figures and tables shown above, each country summary includes the following:

  • Table: Power industry structure;
  • Table: Leading distribution utilities
  • Table: Smart grid environment
  • Chart: Smart grid business case indicators
  • Chart: 5-year AMI forecast

Therefore, this study includes over 100 additional unique charts and tables in addition to those cited above.

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