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Published: September 17, 2021
Nicholas Hall & Company
Content info: 260 Pages
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
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A Hot Topic report from Nicholas Hall's Reports

Immunity has rarely been a hotter topic globally than right now. In a world scarred by the effects of Covid, consumers are seeking immunity self-care solutions to keep themselves & their families as safe as possible. Awareness of the importance of maintaining the body's immune system is at a high, with surveys suggesting more consumers than ever are turning to supplements and immunity products.

Categories boosted by this increased demand include immune supplements, vitamins C & D, zinc supplements, probiotics, antivirals and many others.

The shift from treatment products towards prevention - already an established trend across many markets - has accelerated considerably, reflecting changing consumer priorities. Adjacent issues have also had a bearing: lack of sleep, stress and anxiety, rising dramatically in incidence during the pandemic, are key causes of lowered immunity.

This Hot Topic report delves into every aspect of Immunity , charting the rapid growth of existing categories, highlighting innovative NPD, and assessing the prospects for this dynamic health area.

Key Features:

  • An in-depth exploration of the Immunity market globally
  • Case studies of key brands
  • Dedicated Outlook chapter focused on the future of Immunity
  • A wide spectrum of CHC categories covered, including:
    • Immune supplements
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D
    • Probiotics for immunity
    • Multivitamins for immunity
    • Zinc supplements
    • Chyawanprash
    • Oral & nasal sanitisers
    • Cough & cold immunity extensions
    • Antivirals
    • Antiseptics & disinfectants
    • Foods & beverages

The report investigates key questions surrounding immunity, including:

  • Will consumer interest in boosting immunity outlast Covid?
  • How likely is a resurgence in seasonal respiratory viruses this winter?
  • Is the shift to prevention products sustainable?
  • What are the latest trends & developments among established immunity ingredients like echinacea, black elderberry and zinc?
  • What are the most promising new ingredients?
  • Which brands are flourishing?
  • What can be learned from the most successful immunity brands?
  • Is consumer interest in immune support reflected in activity in the MLM and online space?
  • Where are the future opportunities?
  • What will the immunity market look like in 5-10 years?

Table of Contents


  • How immunity became one of the hottest trends in healthcare
  • The shift from prevention to treatment
  • The existing CHC market for immunity
  • Assessing the size of the immunity market
  • A major flu revival imminent?

Consumer attitudes to immunity

  • Prevention a growing priority
  • Surveys reveal consumer insights
  • Recap of key survey findings

Immune supplements

  • Thriving category sees record 2020 sales
  • Further bolstered by dramatic upturn in launch activity
  • Leading brands grew rapidly across the board
  • USA driven by high launch activity and A+P investment
  • Airborne consolidates its No.1 US ranking
  • Elderberry-based Sambucol continues formidable rise
  • Indonesia benefits from launches and educational A+P
  • Italy boosted by NPD as pandemic stimulates demand
  • Germany sees limited gains, then signs of downturn
  • Russia sees huge pandemic-led jump in 2020 sales
  • Canada experiences strong demand for echinacea
  • Poland growth sluggish as consumers seek alternatives
  • Mexico benefits from strong showing for Aderogyl
  • France sales flat as consumers look to vitamin D
  • Australia sees high demand prompt launch activity
  • Brazil sees new market spring up in shadow of Covid
  • Few new ingredient launches to expand the category
  • Previous dynamism unsustainable but sales remain high

Vitamin C

  • Covid-19 pandemic brings big rise in immunity sales
  • Immunity links well established, but is it beneficial for Covid-19?
  • Standalone vitamin C brands Emergen-C and Redoxon lead globally
  • Covid-19 sees US sales break $1bn
  • Emergen-C established as the US vitamin C brand for immunity
  • Demand for vitamin C in China rises over immunity concerns
  • Sales almost double in Brazil as consumers seek immune protection
  • Redoxon boosted by "triple action" claims
  • High levels of immunity-focused A+P in Poland
  • Immunity concerns provide big sales boost in Germany
  • Launches and A+P in Australia as marketers seek to meet demand
  • Sales rocket in Italy thanks to pandemic demand
  • Beauty with immunity to be an expanding niche?
  • High vitamin C sales brought about by pandemic demand here to stay?

Vitamin D

  • Global sales spike in 2020
  • Studies into immune benefits of vitamin D accelerating
  • Longline ranges dominate global immunity vitamin D rankings
  • US vitamin D sales rocket in 2020 thanks to immunity link
  • AquaDetrim and Detrimax dominate Russia via high-profile A+P
  • Covid-19 pandemic boosts struggling Canadian vitamin D market
  • Italy a star performer in immunity vitamin D
  • Vitabiotics capitalises on immunity trend in UK during pandemic
  • Growing competition in France's immunity vitamin D market
  • Consumer concerns over immunity inspire high-profile A+P in Brazil
  • Segment has strong potential globally; underdeveloped in Asia-Pacific


  • Global sales spike in 2020
  • Longline ranges dominate global immunity zinc rankings
  • USA sees sales rocket in 2020 thanks to immunity link
  • Zicam acquisition paves way for potential future NPD
  • Germany's zinc sales boosted by high-dosage formats
  • In Japan zinc's immunity benefits compete alongside beauty and energy
  • Brazil benefits from high awareness for zinc supplementation in children
  • In Russia longline range Solgar dominates sales
  • Raised awareness of zinc's immunity properties drives future sales


  • Immunity a bright spot in a slowing category
  • Probiotics for immunity
  • USA probiotics driven by food & drink launches
  • China's probiotics category dominated by infant health
  • Australian immune probiotics dominated by longline brands
  • Immunity probiotics grew in France ahead of declining topline
  • Opportunities exist in Germany's probiotics market
  • Marketers showing growing interest in Poland's immunity segment
  • Mixed performances in Italy's immunity segment
  • India an emerging force in probiotics
  • South Korea seeing high levels of probiotics NPD
  • High levels of NPD expanding segment into new markets
  • Outlook is bright for immunity segment


  • Greater consumer focus on wellness and protection boosts sales
  • Sales see big leap in USA (while China growth steady)
  • High zinc content key in India
  • High level of immune-focused A+P in Brazil
  • UK sees strong growth, while daigou downturn affects Australia
  • Varying performances in Russia, Germany and France
  • Centrum expanding into immune health
  • Immune-focused products forecast to maintain highs

OTC tonic drinks

  • Immunity a new niche in historically static category
  • Japanese marketers look to new niches
  • Overseas presence limited but expanding
  • Immunity may have only limited long term impact on topline


  • Covid-19 drove demand, leading to record 2020 category sales
  • Dabur comprehensive immunity range the biggest winner
  • Covid-19 claim and adjusted strategy boosted sales for Dabur
  • Key findings of Dabur Chyawanprash Covid-19 clinical study
  • Baidyamath's comprehensive formulation a key selling point
  • Zandu focuses on sugar-free remedies to boost sales


  • Brands benefit from Covid-driven move towards prevention
  • Russian cold & flu market features several antivirals
  • Arbidol revived by Covid trends, although claims scrutinised
  • Poland's inosine pranobex segment sees growth and activity
  • Limited availability in other markets
  • Limited NPD includes new antiviral nasal sprays

Oral & nasal sanitisers

  • Vicks First Defence most established brand
  • ColdZyme expanding internationally
  • Otrivin Breathe Clean expands segment
  • Roundup of other launches

CCA brands targeting immunity

  • Sore throat remedies adding vitamin C
  • Natural & traditional remedies benefit
  • Natural cough remedies targeting immunity
  • Zarbee's targets immune health

Antiseptics & disinfectants

  • Immunity-adjacent category grows rapidly
  • Safety a focus for US FDA
  • Leading brands growing rapidly across the board
  • Spotlight on USA
  • Spotlight on China
  • Spotlight on India
  • Spotlight on France
  • Spotlight on Japan
  • Dettol builds strong reputation during pandemic
  • Germ-X benefits from simple USP
  • Changing habits will drive sustained sales

Foods & beverages

  • Brands for immunity seeing rapid expansion

Inner defence

  • Supplement marketers moving into new niches
  • Plant People: Innovative VMS marketer making strides in immunity
  • Launches expand immune supplement positionings

CBD for immunity

  • Marketers looking to capitalise on CBD's popularity

Immunity for active consumers

  • A new niche for immunity
  • Fast&Up: Indian sports nutrition specialist competes in immunity
  • Vega: Sports supplement player expands into "Immune support nutrition"
  • Looking forward

Personalised immunity

  • Is personalisation "the next frontier" in immunity?
  • Nestlé a key player via Persona acquisition
  • DSM launches vitamin D brand with digital support
  • Bayer invests in personalised VMS and immune testing
  • Nourished offers personalised gummy stacks
  • Amway works with HEM on personalised probiotics
  • Thorne premium VMS line moves into testing
  • Viome offers custom-made VMS based on samples


  • Underdeveloped concept with potential in immunity
  • Ultra Immune a pioneer in immunity regimen
  • A variation on the concept: combination SKU launches on the rise

Direct selling

  • MLM sales channel offers consumers the personal touch
  • Leading MLM brands globally posting strong growth
  • Nutrilite
    • Solid market leader with long market presence
    • New launches in the immunity space
    • Product bundles & discounts help drive immunity sales
  • Herbalife Nutrition
    • R&D investment drives growth for brand
    • Use of branded ingredient Epicor offers edge
    • All-round immunity health solutions bundle
    • Young company focused on cellular nutrition
    • InCelligence Complex offers unique selling point over rival brands
    • Immunity health range justifies premium pricing with unique blends
  • Immune health launches in MLM beyond the top players


  • How sustainable is the rise in products for immunity?
  • VMS immunity market to flatten in short term before rallying
  • Four concluding thoughts on the future of immunity