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China Satcom Markets

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China Satcom Markets
Published: February 13, 2018 Content info:

China now plays an increasingly significant role in the space and satellite telecom industry. While still playing catch-up to the United States and Europe in areas of launch reusability, HTS, flexible payloads, the Chinese export machine has started to target higher-value industries, and space/satellite is included among them. This leads to an increasing number of satellites exported from China to regions across Eurasia and Africa, with all this occurring while the Chinese domestic market is ramping up HTS, and with it, future growth prospects. NSR's China Satellite Markets study delves into the ways China is creating opportunities and threats in the global satellite telecoms market, including:

  • How will China's increased emphasis on satellite export impact supply/demand dynamics in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.?
  • How far behind does China currently stand from U.S. and EU in terms of HTS and flexible payload technology, and might this gap narrow or even close?
  • What applications within China are expected to present the most opportunities due to HTS capacity entering the market?
  • How has price evolved in China, and how will price change moving forward in response to market changes.

Drawing from NSR's extensive databases and over 17+ years of satellite industry data, China Satellite Markets quantifies the dramatic changes taking place in the China satellite industry both now and over the next decade. With data from NSR's library of reports, combined with the company's signature holistic analysis, China Satellite Markets is the go-to tool for in-depth analysis of the Chinese satellite market, with sufficiently granular data points allowing for detailed understanding of specific markets and trends.

Key Features

NSR's China Satellite Markets combines several component sections to provide the reader with a 360-degree view of the opportunities and challenges arising from the rise of China as a space and satellite telecommunications player. The domestic market analysis includes demand verticals such as video distribution, commercial mobility, and enterprise data, across C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band, GEO-HTS Ku-band/Ka-band, and Non-GEO-HTS. The section also includes supply forecasts for the China domestic market, with discussion on supply assumptions. Beyond this, the report includes a chapter on Chinese-manufactured capacity and its impact abroad. China Satellite Markets combines NSR's signature quantitative forecasting-in this case Chinese-manufactured capacity by frequency band across 13 regions-with in-depth analysis on Chinese companies that may launch capacity abroad, as well as the impact of national satellite programs financed by China but launched by countries in the developing world.

Primary Questions Addressed in this Report Include:

  • What are the fastest-expanding demand verticals in the China satcom market over the coming decade?
  • How have non-Chinese companies succeeded in the China market historically, and how might this evolve moving forward?
  • How will China's use of space as a strategic asset evolve over the coming years, in tandem with China's evolving strategic interests?
  • What areas is China emphasizing for advancement in terms of space/satellite technologies?
  • How will China's One Belt, One Road Initiative impact the satellite telecoms markets in regions such as Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa?

Primary Elements of the Report Include

  • Industry trend analysis including NSR's qualitative assessment of each major market segment
  • A bottom-up forecasting approach checked against a top-down analysis for increased validity of base year demand
  • Includes Excel sheets with all key data, tables and charts
  • Step-by-step methodology section for clearer understanding of the forecasts
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • China Satellite/Space Industry
  • China Domestic Market
  • China-Manufactured Satellite Satcom Capacity by Region
  • Bottom Line

1. China Manufacturing and Launch Industry Overview

  • 1.1. China Manufacturing & Launch Industry: Executive Summary
  • 1.2. China Manufacturing & Launch Industry: Industry Structure
  • 1.3. China Launch Services Industry
  • 1.4. China Manufacturing Industry
  • 1.5. ITAR and Other Regulations that Restrict Free Trade on Satcom
  • 1.6. China Manufacturing & Launch Bottom Line

2. China Domestic Market Analysis

  • 2.1. China Domestic Market: Executive Summary
  • 2.2. China At a Glance
  • 2.3. Recent China Domestic Market Deals
  • 2.4. China FSS Markets Picture, 2016-2026
  • 2.5. China HTS Markets Picture, 2016-2026
  • 2.6. FSS C-band Demand Forecast by Application
  • 2.7. FSS Ku-band Demand Forecast by Application
  • 2.8. FSS Ka-band Demand Forecast by Application
  • 2.9. FSS Supply Forecast
  • 2.10. GEO-HTS Ku-band Demand Forecast by Application
  • 2.11. GEO-HTS Ka-band Demand Forecast by Application
  • 2.12. GEO-HTS Supply & Demand Forecast by Application
  • 2.13. Non-GEO HTS Demand Forecast by Application
  • 2.14. Non-GEO HTS Supply Forecast
  • 2.15. Price Trends-FSS
  • 2.16. Price Trends-HTS
  • 2.17. Comparing FSS and HTS Revenues
  • 2.18. C-band FSS Revenues by Application
  • 2.19. Ku-band FSS Revenues by Application
  • 2.20. Ka-band FSS Revenues by Application
  • 2.21. GEO-HTS Revenues by Application
  • 2.22. Non-GEO HTS Revenues by Application
  • 2.23. China Domestic Market: Bottom Line

3. China-Manufactured Satellite Capacity

  • 3.1. China-Manufactured Satellite Capacity: Executive Summary
  • 3.2. Strategic Overview of Chinese Space Initiatives
  • 3.3. List of Foreign Satellites Manufactured/Launched by China
  • 3.4. Strategic Overview of Chinese Space Initiatives: Bottom Line
  • 3.5. APT Satellite
  • 3.6. Beijing Xinwei
  • 3.7. Huaxun Technology
  • 3.8. Synertone Technologies
  • 3.9. Zhongshan Tatwah Smartech
  • 3.9. China Supply by Region
  • 3.10. Global Chinese-Manufactured Capacity
  • 3.11. North America Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.12. Central America & Caribbean Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.13. South America Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.14. Atlantic Ocean Region Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.15. Western Europe Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.16. Central & Eastern Europe Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.17. Middle East & North Africa Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.18. Sub-Saharan Africa Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.19. East Asia Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.20. South Asia Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.21. Indian Ocean Region Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.22. Southeast Asia Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.23. Pacific Ocean Region Chinese-Manufactured Capacity, 2016-2026
  • 3.24. Chinese-Manufactured Supply by Region: Bottom Line

List of Exhibits

  • 1.1. Domestic (Chinese) China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 2.1. ChinaSat Coverage
  • 2.2. China Total Revenues
  • 2.3. China Total TPE and Bandwidth Demand
  • 2.4. China FSS Capacity Demand, Net 2016-2026
  • 2.5. China Commercialized FSS Capacity Supply
  • 2.6. China HTS Capacity Demand, Net, 2016-2026
  • 2.7. China HTS Capacity Supply
  • 2.8. China C-band TPE Demand by Application
  • 2.9. China Ku-band TPE Demand by Application
  • 2.10. China Widebeam Ka-band TPE Demand by Application
  • 2.11. China FSS TPE Supply & Demand
  • 2.12. China FSS Capacity Supply, 2026
  • 2.13. China GEO-HTS Ku-band Bandwidth Demand by Application
  • 2.14. China GEO-HTS Ka-band Bandwidth Demand by Application
  • 2.15. China GEO-HTS Bandwidth Supply
  • 2.16. China GEO HTS Bandwidth Supply, 2026
  • 2.17. China Non-GEO-HTS Bandwidth Demand by Application
  • 2.18. China Non-GEO-HTS Bandwidth Supply
  • 2.19. China C-band TPE Price by Application, 2016-2026
  • 2.20. China Ku-band TPE Price by Application, 2016-2026
  • 2.21. China Widebeam Ka-band TPE Price by Application, 2016-2026
  • 2.22. China Average GEO-HTS Bandwidth Price per Application, 2016-2026
  • 2.23. China Average Non-GEO-HTS Bandwidth Price per Application, 2016-2026
  • 2.24. China Satcom Capacity Revenues
  • 2.25. China Revenues for Leased C-band TPEs by Application
  • 2.26. China Revenues for Leased Ku-band TPEs by Application
  • 2.27. China Revenues for Leased Widebeam Kai-band TPEs by Application
  • 2.28. China Revenues for Leased GEO-HTS Bandwidth by Application
  • 2.29. China Revenues for Leased Non-GEO-HTS Bandwidth by Application
  • 3.1. Global GEO-HTS Ka-band Capacity, excluding NAM, WEU, 2026
  • 3.2. China-Manufactured GEO-HTS Supply by Region, 2026
  • 3.3. North America China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.4. Central America & Caribbean China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.5. South America China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.6. Atlantic Ocean Region China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.7. Western Europe China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.8. Central & Eastern Europe China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.9. Middle East & North Africa China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.10. Sub-Saharan Africa China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.11. East Asia China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.12. South Asia China-China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.13. Indian Ocean Region China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.14. Southeast Asia China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
  • 3.15. Pacific Ocean Region China-Manufactured Capacity by Type, 2016-2026
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