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NSR's Satellite Constellations: A Critical Assessment, 2nd Edition (SC2) is the industry's leading resource for evaluating viability of emerging satellite constellations. This critical NSR report provides an in-depth competitive assessment of key satellite communication constellations within the HTS and IoT market segments. It reviews various aspects of the business case including funding, manufacture and launch strategy, ground infrastructure costs, licencing, and service distribution. NSR's assessment considers the market impact of recent announcements, launches, customer demand, changes in project plans and technological development, providing a baseline scenario for the future rollout and growth trends of Non-GEO markets over a ten-year period.

Amidst a turbulent market for traditional satcom solutions, LEO/MEO constellations promise to change the industry paradigm and ignite the next era of satcom growth. Potentially expanding customer bases and revenue streams through new applications, more bandwidth, and lower latency, satellite constellations stand to represent the evolution of the satcom industry. However, given the numerous challenges to both their launch and success, NSR's Satellite Constellations: A Critical Assessment, 2nd Edition report dives into the various aspects of the business, taking a stance on the future viability of satellite constellations.


The report answers critical questions regarding the satellite constellations market:

  • How large is the Non-GEO constellation market over the next ten years?
  • What is the forecast for Non-GEO revenues by market and vertidcal segment?
  • Which of the proposed LEO constellations have the strongest current standing?
  • What is holding back the success of satellite constellations?
  • What is the most likely rollout of satellite constellation capacity and services over the forecast period?

Bottom Line: What does NSR foresee as the financial and potential launch viability for the Satellite Constellations Market over the next 10 years.


Key Features

NSR's Satellite Constellations: A Critical Assessment, 2nd Edition report provides a comprehensive assessment of the emerging Non-GEO market through an analysis of the leading players in two market segments: HTS and IoT.

The Report Includes:

  • A Market Overview and Principal Challenges
  • Industry Overview and Status of Key Constellation Players
  • Revenue Forecasts for Each Market Segment and Vertical
  • CAPEX Analysis of Each Constellation
  • Bottom Line Analysis of Constellation Viability Considering All Key Variables


Who Should Purchase the Report?

  • Investprs/VCs/Finance Professionals - to identify better investment opportunity
  • Constellation Owners and Operators - for a competitive assessment
  • Satellite Operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Ground Segment Providers
  • Service Providers and Distribution Partners
  • Anyone Seeking a Detailed, Bottom Line Assessment of the Viability of Satellite Constellations


Companies and Organizations Mentioned in this Report:

Aerial Maritime, Airbus, ALCAN Systems, Amazon, Amazon Web Services, Analytical Space, Arianespace, AstroDigital, Astrocast, Astrome, Astroscale, Audacy, Axelspace, Ball Aerospace, BlackSky Global, Blue Origin, EarthCube, Earth-I, ExactEarth, Fleet, General Dynamics, GeoOptics, GHGSat, Gilat, Hawkeye360, HeliosWire, Hera Systems, Hiber, Hispasat, HNS, Iceye, Innovative Solutions in Space, Iridium, Isotropic Systems, Kepler, Leaf Space, LeoSat, Maxar, Myriota, OneWeb, Phasor Solutions, PlanetIQ, Qualcomm, Relativity, SAS, Sat4M2M, Satellogic, Satlantis, SES, Sky Perfect JSAT, Skyband, Spacebelt, SpaceVR, SpaceX, Spire, Telesat, Thales, ThinKom, Thuraya, Transcelestial, Urthecast, Vector, ViaSat, Virgin Galactic, and Yaliny.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Industry Overview

  • 1. Announced Constellations - The List Grows
  • 2. Constellations - Drivers & Restraints
  • 3. IoT Constellations
  • 4. Constellations - Current Landscape
  • 5. AmazonConstellation: Why?

2. Key Parameters

  • 1. Key Parameters - Funding
  • 2. Key Parameters - Launch Strategy
  • 3. Key Parameters - Manufacturing Strategy
  • 4. Key Parameters - FCC & ITU Filings
  • 5. Key Parameters - Ground Segment

3. Constellation Status

  • 1. Non-GEO HTS - Constellations Summary
  • 2. OneWeb
  • 3. SpaceX
  • 4. Telesat
  • 5. LeoSat
  • 6. SES
  • 7. Amazon
  • 8. Non-GEO IoT - Constellations Summary
  • 9. Astrocast
  • 10. Fleet
  • 11. Hiber

4. Non-GEO HTS CAPEX Assessment

  • 1. Non-GEO HTS Constellations - Launch Plans
  • 2. Non-GEO HTS Constellations - Launch Scenarios
  • 3. Non-GEO HTS Constellations - CAPEX Assessment

5. Non-GEO HTS Revenues Forecast

  • 1. Methodology
  • 2. Non-GEO HTS - Total Addressable Market
  • 3. Non-GEO HTS - Revenue Forecast - Capacity
  • 4. Non-GEO HTS - Revenue Forecast - Capacity & Service
  • 5. Total HTS Revenue Forecast

6. Non-GEO HTS Critical Assessment

  • 1. Non-GEO HTS - CAPEX & Funding Comparison
  • 2. Non-GEO HTS - Revenues & Expenses
  • 3. Non-GEO HTS - Additional Revenues

7. Non-GEO IoT Critical Assessment

  • 1. Non-GEO IoT - CAPEX Assessment
  • 2. Non-GEO IoT - Revenue Strategy
  • 3. Non-GEO IoT - Revenue Forecast
  • 4. Non-GEO IoT - CAPEX & Revenue Assessment

Appendix: Methodology

  • NSR Forecast Methodology - Base Data
  • NSR Forecast Methodology - Growth Rates
  • NSR Forecast Methodology - Assumptions
  • The NSR Difference

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Industry Overview

  • Planned Satellite Constellations by Application
  • Constellations - Drivers & Restraints
  • IoT Constellations
  • Constellations - Current Landscape

Chapter 2: Key Parameters

  • Funding
  • Launch Strategy
  • Manufacturing Strategy
  • In-House vs Outsourced Production
  • Non-GEO HTS Ground Infrastructure Complexity Flow Chart
  • Global FPA Shipped Units - High Growth Scenario
  • Ground Segment NSR Insights

Chapter 3: Constellation Status

  • Non-GEO HTS - Constellation Summary
  • OneWeb Status Check
  • SpaceX Status Check
  • TelesatStatus Check
  • LeoSatStatus Check
  • SES Status Check
  • Amazon Status Check
  • Non-GEO IoT - Constellations Summary
  • AstrocastStatus Check
  • Fleet Status Check
  • HiberStatus Check

Chapter 4: Non-GEO HTS CAPEX Analysis

  • Non-GEO HTS Cumulative SatellitesPlanned
  • Non-GEO HTS Constellation Scenario Assumptions
  • Non-GEO HTS Satellite Launch Scenarios by Constellation
  • Non-GEO HTS Cumulative Annual Satellite Launched by Scenario
  • Non-GEO HTS Full System CAPEX by Constellation
  • Non-GEO HTS Full System CAPEX and Replenishment Cost, 2018 - 2028
  • Non-GEO System CAPEX Split by Constellation - Base Scenario
  • Non-GEO IoT System CAPEX - 2018-2028
  • Non-GEO IoT CAPEX and Replenishment Cost, 2018 - 2028
  • Non-GEO IoT System CAPEX Split

Chapter 5: Non-GEO HTS Revenues Forecast

  • Global Non-GEO HTS Capacity Revenues by Vertical
  • Global Non-GEO HTS Service and Capacity Revenues by Vertical
  • Global HTS Revenues

Chapter 6: Non-GEO HTS Critical Assessment

  • Non-GEO HTS Base Scenario CAPEX and Funding Comparison, 2018 - 2028
  • Non-GEO HTS Cumulative Expenses and Capacity Revenues Comparison, 2018 - 2028
  • Non-GEO HTS Cumulative Expenses and Service and Capacity Revenues Comparison, 2018 - 2028
  • Non-GEO HTS - Cumulative Revenue Split, 2018-2028

Chapter 7: Non-GEO IoT Revenues Forecast

  • Non-GEO IoT CAPEX and Replenishment Cost, 2018-2028
  • Non-GEO IoT System CAPEX Split
  • Non-GEO IoT - Revenue Strategy
  • Non-GEO IoT Smallsat Revenues
  • Non-GEO IoTSmallSatCumulative Revenues, 2018-2028
  • Global IoT Revenues Via Satellite Market
  • Global IoT Revenues Via Satellite Market, 2018 - 2028
  • Non-GEO IoT CAPEX and Funding Comparison, 2018-2028
  • Non-GEO IoT Cumulative Expenses and Revenues Comparison, 2018-2028
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