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The Merchant Embedded Computing Market - 2016 Edition

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The Merchant Embedded Computing Market - 2016 Edition
Published: February 29, 2016 Content info: 400 Pages

A Comprehensive Report on the Latest Embedded Computing Technologies Plus Forecasts of Key Markets

‘The Merchant Embedded Computing Market - 2016 Edition’ report analyzes the performance of the industry from 2007 - 2020. Although there are several hundred companies, most are fairly small in revenue and highly specialized, focusing on specific application segments with unique product requirements. The report tracks and analyzes five application markets, nine bus architectures and four board functions. Specific trends and issues of the forecast by application, bus architecture and board function are covered in detail in the report.

The overall MEC market has fully recovered from the trauma of 2008/2009 economic meltdown and the performance of various market segments, bus architectures, and companies are continuing to find new applications. Total revenue was nearly $7 billion in 2015, an increase of $2 billion since our last report of 2013. With the worldwide electronics manufacturing market again thriving, the MEC industry is projected to grow at 5.5 percent through 2020 to approximately $9.1 billion.

The MEC report targets five specific application markets: Communications, Industrial, Medical, Military/Aerospace and “All Other” categories that includes transportation, security, surveillance, point-of-sale/kiosk applications, etc. The Communication wireless segment is being driven by the exploding smart phone and tablet traffic and the four billion devices connected to the internet. 3G/4G services are where the money is for carriers going forward and the wireline and optical networks are gearing up for upgrades to support the ever increasing traffic. The Industrial market is expanding into a variety of process control and industrial automation applications including robotics as well as test & measurement and the semiconductor capital equipment industry.

The Medical segment was hit hard by the healthcare cutbacks but new applications are emerging in diagnostic imaging and surgical hardware. The usually healthy Military/Aerospace segment is now facing a rapidly declining defense department budget in the USA. Counter to this, the military is trying to use more and more electronics for the Internet enabled soldier and robotic weapons.

Each of the nine unique architectures has a different rate of adoption depending on the needs of individual application segments. Overall key trends concern power supply and usage, green technologies and system size reduction. The new 28- and 32-nm silicon for microprocessors, graphics, DSPs and high integration I/O IV chip packs provide a lot of processing power while greatly reducing power consumption. These powerful devices are changing the landscape of the embedded board market. High integration silicon and serial buses enable more smaller form factors than in the past and are making many older, parallel bus structures, such as PCI, look obsolete. New bus structures continue to proliferate around the major and long established legacy bus architectures but the number of variances are shrinking.

The MEC industry can be segmented into four board functions defined as: single-board computers (SBC), digital signal processor (DSP) boards, I/O boards and an ‘All Other' category that incorporates a huge number of diverse and specific functions. In some applications I/O boards are proliferating and are customized to the wide spectrum of I/O functions that different applications use. In other applications, single-board computers are becoming the trend as they incorporate more and more functionality with advanced silicon and draw in DSP, graphics and many advanced I/O functions.

Report Highlights

Technical Trends

  • AdvancedTCA
  • AdvancedMC
  • COM Express
  • VMEbus
  • CompactPCI
  • PC/104
  • MicroTCA
  • PMC

Market Trends

  • Total Available Market
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Corporate Relations

Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2007-2020

  • Market Applications
  • Bus Architectures
  • Board Functions

Company Profiles (86)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Executive Summary

Chapter 3: Technical Trends

  • Industry Overview (market drivers, open architectures, emerging technologies)
  • VITA (PMC, 2eSST, PCI-X, PrPMC, VXS, XMC, VPX, REDI, FMC, LRIE, Open VPX), PCIMG (PCI-ISA, Compact PCI, AdvancedTCA, Advanced MC), PC/104, Intel and VIA Motherboards (ATX, MicroATX, FlexATX, BTX, Mini-ITX, Nano-ITX, Pico-ITX), COM (ETX, COM Express, XTX, Rugged COM, Qseven, CoreExpress,SFF-SIG (SUMIT, COMIT)
  • Historical Analysis (2003-2012)

Chapter 4: Market Trends and Analysis - 2007-2015

  • Global Economic Factors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Total Available Market
  • Electronics Assembly Overview
  • Communications Assembly
  • Industrial Assembly
  • Medical Assembly
  • Military/Aerospace Assembly
  • Other Assembly
  • Competitive Strategies Corporate
  • Relations Standards Proliferation

Chapter 5: Revenue Forecasts by Application 2015-2020

  • State of the Industry (Security, Cloud Services, IC Manufacturers)
  • Revenue by Application Summary
  • Communications Assembly, Bus Architecture and Function Forecasts
  • Industrial Assembly, Bus Architecture and Function Forecasts
  • Medical Assembly, Bus Architecture and Function Forecasts
  • Aerospace/Military Assembly, Bus Architecture and Function Forecasts
  • “All Other” Assembly, Bus Architecture and Function Forecasts

Chapter 6: Revenue Forecasts by Bus Architecture, 2015-2020

  • Bus Architecture Trends and Analysis (PCI, Compact PCI, VMEbus, AdvancedTCA, PMC, PC/104, EPIC, EBX, ATX, ITX), COM, AdvancedMC, MicroTCA, and “Other Bus” Architectures

Chapter 7: Revenue Forecasts by Board

  • Function, 2015 - 2020
  • SBC Boards/Modules
  • DSP Boards/Modules
  • I/O Boards/Modules
  • “Other Functions”

Chapter 8: Company Profiles

  • AcQ Inducom
  • Acromag
  • Acrosser
  • AdvancedIO Systems
  • Advantech
  • Aitech
  • ARBOR Technology
  • Artesyn Embedded
  • AudioCodes
  • Avalue Technology
  • b-plus GmbH
  • BittWare
  • Concurrent Tech
  • congatec AG
  • Connect Tech
  • Cornet Technology
  • Critical I/O
  • Curtiss-Wright
  • Cyclone Microsystems
  • Data Device
  • Data Modul
  • DFI, Inc.
  • Dialogic
  • Diamond Systems
  • DSM Computer
  • Dynatem
  • E.E.P.D.
  • Elma Electronic
  • Embedded Planet
  • Eurotech
  • EVOC Intelligent Tech
  • Exceet Group
  • Extreme Engineering
  • Fastwel
  • GE Automation & Contr
  • General Micro Sys.
  • Hectronic
  • I-Bus
  • IBASE Technology
  • IEI Integration
  • ies GmbH
  • Interface Concept
  • IWave Systems
  • Kontron
  • Lanner
  • Magma
  • MEN Mikro
  • Mercury Systems
  • Micro/Sys
  • MPL
  • MSC Technologies
  • N.A.T.
  • Nallatech
  • National Instruments
  • Nutaq
  • Octagon Systems
  • One Stop Systems
  • Pactron
  • Pentair Electronics
  • Pentek
  • PFU Systems
  • Portwell
  • RadiSys
  • RTD Embedded Tech
  • SECO
  • Shiratech
  • Sintecs
  • SKY Computers
  • Solectrix GmbH
  • Technobox
  • TEK Microsystems
  • TES Electronic
  • Telco Systems
  • TEWS
  • Themis Computer
  • Trenton Systems
  • V Rose Microsystems
  • VadaTech
  • VersaLogic
  • VIA Technologies
  • WinSystems

List of Tables and Figures(PARTIAL)

  • Communications OEM Markets
  • Industrial OEM Markets
  • Medical OEM Markets
  • Military/Aerospace OEM Markets
  • Other OEM Markets
  • Communications Forecast by Subsegment
  • Communications Forecast by Bus Architecture
  • Communications Forecast by Board Function
  • Industrial Forecast by Subsegment
  • Industrial Forecast by Bus Architecture
  • Industrial Forecast by Board Function
  • Medical Forecast by Bus Architecture
  • Medical Forecast by Board Function
  • Military/Aerospace Forecast by Bus Architecture
  • Military/Aerospace Forecast by Board Function
  • Other Market Forecast
  • Application Market Summary Forecast
  • PCI Forecast by Application Market
  • PCI Forecast by Board Function
  • CompactPCI Forecast by Specification
  • CompactPCI Forecast by Application Market
  • CompactPCI Forecast by Board Function
  • AdvancedTCA Forecast by Specification
  • AdvancedTCA Forecast by Application Market
  • AdvancedTCA Forecast by Board Function
  • VMEbus Forecast by Specification
  • VMEbus Forecast by Application Market
  • VMEbus Forecast by Board Function
  • PMC Forecast by Specification
  • PMC Forecast by Application Market
  • PMC Forecast by Board Function
  • AdvancedMC Forecast by Specification
  • AdvancedMC Forecast by Application Market
  • AdvancedMC Forecast by Board Function
  • MicroTCA Forecast by Specification
  • MicroTCA Forecast by Application Market
  • MicroTCA Forecast by Board Function
  • AdvancedTCA Forecast by Specification
  • AdvancedTCA Forecast by Application Market
  • AdvancedTCA Forecast by Board Function
  • PC/104 and Motherboard Forecast by Specification
  • PC/104 and Motherboard Forecast by Application Market
  • PC/104 and Motherboard Forecast by Board Function
  • COM Forecast by Specification
  • COM Forecast by Application Market
  • COM Forecast by Board Function
  • SBC Forecast by Specification
  • SBC Forecast by Application Market
  • SBC Forecast by Board Function
  • DSP Forecast by Specification
  • DSP Forecast by Application Market
  • DSP Forecast by Board Function
  • I/O Forecast by Specification
  • I/O Forecast by Application Market
  • I/O Forecast by Board Function
  • Summary Forecast by Bus Architecture, Specification,
  • Application Market, and Board Function
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