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Content Archiving Market Trends, 2011-2014

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Content Archiving Market Trends, 2011-2014
Published: September 30, 2011 Content info:

This publication has been discontinued on July 3, 2017.



Report Focus

This report focuses on demand drivers for content archiving and related technologies in the North American market. The research conducted for this report, as well as the report itself, are focused on the needs of vendors, investors and others who are interested in participating in the messaging archiving market in some way, whether as providers of the archiving systems, forensics services or other offerings. The information presented is designed to help these vendors and interested parties make informed decisions about the future opportunities available in this market.

The research was conducted and this report was written from an objective viewpoint, without any predisposition for or against a particular point of view. Because multiple vendors were involved in funding this report, no particular vendor's interests had an influence on shaping the research focus, although early subscribers to the report were given the opportunity to provide input to the research program conducted specifically for this report.

About Osterman Research, Inc.

Osterman Research, Inc. provides market research, cost modeling, benchmarking and related services to vendors of messaging and collaboration products and services.

We help vendors, IT departments and other organizations make better decisions through the acquisition and application of relevant, accurate and timely data on markets, market trends, products and technologies. We also help vendors of technologyoriented products and services to understand the needs of their current and prospective customers.

Part of what makes us unique is our market research panel: a large and growing group of IT professionals and end-users around the world with whom we conduct our research surveys. This allows us to conduct surveys quickly and accurately.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter -1:

  • Executive Summary

Chapter -2:

  • Methodology and Background

Chapter -3:

  • Current Practices for Managing Content

Chapter -4:

  • Problems and Issues in Content Management

Chapter -5:

  • Drivers and Decision Factors for Content Archiving

Chapter -6:

  • Content Management and Archiving Perceptions

Chapter -7:

  • Content Archiving Budget Issues

Chapter -8:

  • Vendor and Related Issues

Chapter -9:

  • Content Archiving Market Forecast

List of Figures

  • North American Archiving Market Forecast, 2011-2014
  • Distribution of Electronic Content by Location
  • Current Status of Electronically Stored Information Policies
  • Organizational Tolerance for IT Risk
  • “Do you believe your organization has an effectively enforced email and ESI retention policy?”
  • “Do you believe your organization has an effectively enforced mail and ESI deletion policy?”
  • Status of Email Retention Policies
  • Percentage of Affected Employees That Are Aware of the Email Retention Policy
  • “Do any of your users store information in local message stores, such as on a local hard disk?”
  • Growth in Email Storage During the Previous 12 Months
  • Methods to Ensure That Users Do Not Delete Messaging System Content That is Important to Retain on an Long-Term Basis
  • Confidence in the Ability to Manage Various Aspects of Content Management
  • Reasons for Deploying a Content Archiving Solution
  • Current and Preferred Use of Email Messages as a Searchable Knowledge Store
  • Number of Times Content Stores Have Had to be Searched During the Previous 12 Months in Response to an e-Discovery Order, Legal Request, Regulatory Request, etc.
  • Importance of Various Drivers for Implementing Information Management Solutions
  • General Corporate View on the Riskiness of Content Preservation
  • View on the Management of Electronically Stored Information
  • Views on the Platform Independence of Email Archiving Systems
  • Importance of Being Able to Filter Spam from Archiving Search Results
  • Policies Regarding Archiving Spam
  • Preference for Integrated or Point Archiving Solutions
  • “Do you believe a formal strategy for managing electronic information in your organization has already, or will eventually, lower costs?”
  • Percentage of IT Budget Devoted to Various Content Management Capabilities
  • Groups Responsible for Specifying Archiving Strategy
  • Factors That Would Influence the Choice of an Archiving Vendor
  • Desirability of Various Types of Content Archiving Systems
  • Desirability of Various Deployment Models for Content Archiving
  • Organizations Reporting That On-Premise and Cloud-Based Archiving are Desirable or Very Desirable, 2009-2011
  • Plans for Implementing an Archiving System
  • Percentage of Users That Have Email Archived
  • Percentage of Users That Have (or Would Have) Their Email and Other Electronic Content Archived, 2011 and 2012
  • North American Archiving Market Forecast, 2011-2014 ($ Millions)

List of Tables

  • Distribution of Users by Messaging Platform
  • “Does your organization have a formal information management strategy document and roadmap to guide information-management decision making?”
  • Level of Agreement With Various Aspects of Information Management
  • Agreement With Various Aspects of Content Management
  • Problems Encountered Managing Various Content-Related Issues
  • “Which of the following has ever occurred in your organization?”
  • Importance of Various Drivers for Using Email and Other Content Archiving
  • Usefulness of Various Archiving-Related Capabilities
  • Methods by Which Email Content is Managed and Methods That Organizations Would Prefer to Use
  • Perceptions About Whether On-Premise or Cloud-Based Archiving Solutions are the Better Choice
  • Importance of an E-Discovery Solution in Various Scenarios
  • Time Investments and Costs for Various Backup and Archiving Tasks
  • Likelihood of Considering Various Archiving and Related Vendors
  • North American Archiving Market Forecast, 2011-2014
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