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2014 Trends to Watch: Public Clouds

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2014 Trends to Watch: Public Clouds
Published: March 3, 2014 Content info:


2013 was a good year for public cloud providers, and 2014 will be even better across the variety of segments that make up the public cloud market. Overall, vendors are increasingly either expanding from a horizontal to a vertical focus, or, as illustrated by Athenahealth, they are concentrating on vertical market segments.


2014 will see increasing competition among public cloud vendors to attract IT as well as non-IT startups. According to 2012 UK government figures, some 16% of companies were less than two years old, and 28% were less than four years old. Most of these new companies are not only biased in favor of public (or virtual private) cloud-based services, but have instead been forced into them from the start because investors will not fund any IT of their own until these startups have established market traction.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the main trends in the public cloud market, and which type of new applications (mobile, Big Data, or social) will have the greatest impact.
  • Understand why and to what extent the public cloud market is becoming increasingly vertical market-centric?

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the main trends in the public cloud market? Which type of new applications (mobile, Big Data, or social) will have the greatest impact?
  • Why, and to what extent, is the public cloud market becoming increasingly vertical market-centric?
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents


    • Catalyst
    • Ovum view
    • Key messages
  • Public clouds become community and vertical market-centric
    • Public cloud adoption and competition continue to increase
      • Startups are growing up public cloud-centric but will not stay that way
      • Customer satisfaction does not dent vendor competition
      • Public cloud service providers are having an increasingly large impact on the wider IT market
    • Public cloud adoption is fueled by mobile, social, and/or Big Data applications
      • From enablement to cross pollination
      • Mobile is the biggest driver but Big Data is catching up
      • The social enterprise is losing some momentum
    • Public clouds' ecosystem gravity is increasing and becoming community-driven
      • Public clouds are increasingly powerful ecosystem hubs
      • Community services will grow in importance as will crowdsourcing
      • The federated intercloud is many years away
    • Public clouds become vertical market-centric
    • Security is an increasingly attractive public cloud segment
      • Security and compliances are still concerns but less so than many claim
      • Public cloud-based security is a growing market
  • The IaaS market continues to be vibrant
    • AWS dominates but competition is rising
    • Management is evolving toward automation and optimization
    • Pricing strategy is increasingly flexible
    • Containerization is rising as a complement and/or alternative to virtualization
    • Public cloud storage is growing and hybrid
    • Public cloud networks are becoming increasingly virtualized
  • The PaaS market is taking off but confusing
    • A young and open market
    • PaaS has quickly evolved in the past few years
    • PaaS will continue to quickly evolve
  • SaaS is consolidating its hold on the market
    • The software market is increasingly SaaS-centric
    • SaaS has overtaken on-premise applications
    • IT departments are becoming SaaS fans
    • SaaS increasingly relies on PaaS
    • From SaaS to BPaaS and SwS
  • Recommendations
    • Recommendations for enterprises
      • Get public cloud-ready
      • Beware of the public cloud perception gap
      • Try PaaS
      • Coordinate public cloud use
      • Look at public clouds from an ecosystem perspective
    • Recommendations for vendors
      • Become increasingly vertical market centric
      • Focus on applications and crosspollination
      • Take a fresh look at SLAs
      • Simplicity is key, coupled with flexibility
      • Help enterprises understand and adopt PaaS
      • Adopt lock-in risk-mitigation strategies
      • Move from SaaS to BPaaS and SwS
      • Get a data cloud strategy
      • Focus on trust
      • Develop your ecosystem services
  • Appendix
    • Further reading
    • Methodology
    • Authors
    • Ovum Consulting
    • Disclaimer
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