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Market Research Report

Smart TVs in a Pay-TV World

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Smart TVs in a Pay-TV World
Published: July 25, 2012 Content info: 53 Pages


This report examines the phenomenon of smart TV diffusion on video delivery and consumption. It specifically analyzes the technology and business implications for delivering managed and over-the-top video services into a smart TV. It provides an overview of content delivery models, examines the role of pay-TV operators, and provides global forecasts.

"The proliferation of smart TVs and other connected consumer electronics is both an opportunity and a threat for pay-TV providers," said Pietro Macchiarella, Research Analyst, Parks Associates. "They offer the intriguing possibility for the expansion of pay-TV services beyond the set-top box, but they also offer other players such as broadcasters and over-the-top video providers a toehold into the living room."


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Data Points

The Bottom Line

Smart TVs in a Pay-TV World Dashboard

1.0 Report Summary

  • 1.1 Purpose and Scope of Report
  • 1.2 Data Sources

2.0 Market Status

  • 2.1 Catalysts to Bring Pay-TV Services to the Smart TV
    • 2.1.1 Consumers' Changing Habits
    • 2.1.2 Pay-TV Providers' Desire to Lower CAPEX
  • 2.2 Previous Attempts to Bridge Pay-TV and Connected CE
    • 2.2.1 CableCARD
    • 2.2.2 Tru2way/OpenCable
    • 2.2.3 AllVid
  • 2.3 Smart TV Opportunities for Pay-TV Providers
    • 2.3.1 TV Everywhere
    • 2.3.2 Transactional or Subscription VOD Revenues
    • 2.3.3 Augmenting or Replacing Set-top Boxes
    • 2.3.4 Whole-home DVR Configurations
    • 2.3.5 Virtual MSO Receivers
  • 2.4 Smart TV Risks for Pay-TV Providers

3.0 Key Technologies

  • 3.1 Video Delivery Solutions
    • 3.1.1 Video Delivery Platforms
    • 3.1.2 Systems Integrators
    • 3.1.3 Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
    • 3.1.4 Delivery via Residential Gateway or Primary Set-Top Box
  • 3.2 Content Protection/Security
  • 3.3 Smart TV Apps
    • 3.3.1 Apps Platforms
    • 3.3.2 Video Apps
  • 3.4 User Interfaces
    • 3.4.1 Electronic Program Guides
    • 3.4.2 User Interface Innovations

4.0 Forecasts

5.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

  • 5.1 For Pay-TV Providers
  • 5.2 For Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
  • 5.3 For Technology Vendors
  • 5.4 For Content Owners

6.0 Glossary and Index


  • Companies Briefed for the Report
  • Worldwide Pay-TV Subscribers
  • Monthly Use of Connected Smart TVs for Online Video
  • Frequency of Using Connected Smart TVs for Online Video
  • Ideal On-Demand Programming Option - YouTube Video
  • For What Applications Has Smart TV Use Grown the Most Since 2010?
  • Pay-TV Content Available on Connected Consumer Electronics
  • Panasonic Smart TV Used for as a Whole-home DVR Receiver
  • Notable Video Delivery Platforms
  • System Integrators
  • Transcoding within the Residential Gateway
  • DLNA CertifiedR TVs and Set-top Boxes
  • Smart TV Development Ecosystem
  • Smart TV Third-party Apps Platforms
  • Smart TV OEM Apps Platforms
  • Smart TV Independent Platforms
  • Online Video Providers and Smart TV Availability: U.S.
  • Online Video Providers and Smart TV Availability: Europe
  • Smart TV Sales Forecast Methodology
  • Unit Sales of Smart TVs
  • Smart TV Households Using Product as a Pay-TV Receiver
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