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Adoption and Consumer Habits for vMVPD Services

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Adoption and Consumer Habits for vMVPD Services
Published: March 20, 2020 Content info: 65 Slides

Online pay-TV (virtual MVPD) services are an evolution for the pay-TV industry. This study examines the growing category of online pay-TV services and perceptions of these services among consumers. It measures adoption rates of these services and examines details about their subscribers, including demographics, spending, value perception, and usage and attitudes regarding these services. These factors are compared with traditional pay-TV services to reveal the impact of these services on the pay-TV ecosystem.

“In a world where consumers continue turning to online services for their video entertainment needs, it is important for operators to understand what is valued among key target groups. Consumer behaviors shift as the next generation of viewers rises, causing new strategies to form. This research examines consumer habits, perceptions, and expressions regarding vMVPD services and the impact they have within the pay-TV industry.” - Brandon Riney, Researcher, Parks Associates.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Consumer Adoption of Video Services

  • Pay-TV and OTT Service Subscription Penetration (2011 - 2019)
  • Pay-TV and OTT Service Subscriptions (2014 - 2019)
  • OTT Service Subscriptions (2012 - 2019)
  • Online Pay-TV Service Adoption (2017 - 2019)
  • vMVPD Service Subscription (2016 - 2019)
  • Penetration of Premium Channels by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Premium OTT Service Penetration by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • OTT Service Use by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)

Pay TV Adoption by Demographics

  • Demographics Breakdown of Pay-TV Service Subscribers (Q3/19)
  • Housing Characteristics of Pay-TV Service Subscribers (Q3/19)

Service Changes Made by Consumers

  • Recent Change to Pay-TV Service (2018 - 2019)
  • Changes Made to Pay-TV Service by Type of Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • OTT Service Trial Conversions by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Average Subscription Duration of OTT Services (Q3/19)
  • vMVPD and Premium OTT Services: Subscribers Cancelling OTT Service as a % of Current Subscriber Base (Q3/19)
  • vMVPD Service Churn: Subscribers Cancelling OTT Service as a % of Current Subscriber Base (2019)
  • Overall OTT Service Cancellers as % of Current Subscriber Base (2017 - 2019)

Device Usage

  • Most-Commonly Used Connected In-Home Entertainment Platform
  • Most Used Connected Video Device by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Percentage of Subscribers Using Devices for Video by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Primary Devices Used for Streaming Online Videos by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)

Consumption Preferences

  • Digital Activities on Connected Devices by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Preferred Types Of Channels/Programs by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Most Enjoyed Entertainment Activity by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)

Broadband Connections

  • Length of Time Subscribing Broadband Service by Broadband Speed (Q3/19)
  • Speed of Broadband Internet Service by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Length of Time Subscribing Broadband Service by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)

Attitudes & Perceptions

  • Attitudes by Type of Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Broadband Service Attitudes by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Attitudes Regarding Video Services by Pay-TV Service (Q3/19)
  • Perceived Value Change of Pay-TV Service by Type (Q3/19)
  • Subscriber Attachment to Top 5 OTT Services (Q3/19)
  • Intentions of Giving Up vMVPDs Services (Q3/19)
  • Net Promoter Score of Pay-TV Service by Type of Service (Q3/19)
  • Net Promoter Score of OTT Services (Q3/19)
  • Likelihood of Subscribing to a Pay-TV Service in the Next 12 Months (Q3/19)

Expenditure & ARPU

  • Average Monthly Expenditure on Home Video Entertainment (Q3/19)
  • ARPU of Standalone Pay-TV Service by Type of Service (Q3/19)
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