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Market Research Report

Internet/Cyber Cafes in Asia

Published by Pearl Research Product code 177010
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Internet/Cyber Cafes in Asia
Published: July 2, 2012 Content info: 68 Pages


Leading market research and consulting firm Pearl Research is pleased to announce the release of its new "Internet Cafes in Asia" study.

Highlights from the study:

  • There are more than 340,000 Internet cafes across Asia,
  • Some of the larger Internet cafes in China can have more than 200 PCs per cafe, a prime target for PC and hardware manufacturers. In India and Vietnam, cafes tend to be much smaller and have less than 20 seats, on average. Even with 86% PC penetration, Korean gamers still flock to Internet cafes.
  • For game operators and publishers, working with Internet cafes requires a different strategy.

Critical challenges for Internet cafes include high real estate and labor costs, increasing government scrutiny; consumers playing at home and a negative reputation amongst some consumers.

The "Internet Cafes in Asia" report provides an in-depth analysis of the Internet cafe market, executive summary; market sizing; inhibitors and drivers to growth; deep marketplace analysis; and strategic conclusions.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • PC Penetration
  • China PC Hardware
  • India PC Hardware
  • Korea PC Hardware
  • Vietnam PC Hardware
  • Internet and Broadband
  • China
  • India
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Internet Cafes
  • Overview
  • India
  • China
  • Korea
  • Vietnam


  • Figure 1: Key Country Metrics
  • Figure 2: PC Market Share in China
  • Figure 3: Payment scheme for rural PCs
  • Figure 4: Households with Information Devices (multiple responses)
  • Figure 5: PC Penetration Vietnam
  • Figure 6: Number of Internet Users in China
  • Figure 7: Net Application Use Rate
  • Figure 8: Percentage of Users Willing to Pay for Content
  • Figure 9: Age of Internet Users
  • Figure 10: India: Access Points of Internet, 2000-2011
  • Figure 11: Broadband Usage 2004-2012
  • Figure 12: Time Spent Online, Indian Internet Users
  • Figure 13: Internet Speed for households
  • Figure 14: Purposes of Accessing Internet, Urban
  • Figure 15: Purposes of Accessing Internet, Rural
  • Figure 16: Internet Usage Rate by Age (Rounded %)
  • Figure 17: Internet Users by Age (in millions)
  • Figure 18: Percent of Population Online
  • Figure 19: Internet cafes in Asia Executive Summary
  • Figure 20: Growth in Internet Cafes 2003 to 2012
  • Figure 21: Users at Sify's ePort chain
  • Figure 22: Number of Sify's Internet cafes
  • Figure 23: Photo of Reliance WebWorld cafes
  • Figure 24: Top 10 National Internet Cafe Chains in China
  • Figure 25: Location for online gaming (multiple-choice)
  • Figure 26: Percentage of Internet cafe users in each city
  • Figure 27: Age Difference Among Chinese Internet Cafe Users
  • Figure 28: Main Purpose for Going to Internet Cafes
  • Figure 29: Market Size of PC Room Market, 2009 to 2013
  • Figure 30: Top Titles at Internet Cafes
  • Figure 31: Average Number of PCs in Korean Internet Cafes
  • Figure 32: PC Specifications at Internet Cafes
  • Figure 33: Utilization of PCs at Certain Times
  • Figure 34: Internet Cafe Interior, Ghostcastle (top) and Uninet (bottom)
  • Figure 35: Sample Screenshot of VNG's CSM
  • Figure 36: Place of Access in the past 3 months (%)
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