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The Global Digital Respiratory Solutions Market 2009-2023

Published: | Research 2 Guidance | 122 Pages; 75 Figures & Tables | Delivery time: 1-2 business days


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The Global Digital Respiratory Solutions Market 2009-2023
Published: January 21, 2019
Research 2 Guidance
Content info: 122 Pages; 75 Figures & Tables
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
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Asthma and COPD are one of the most dangerous global epidemics, which affect an increasingly large number of people in the world. Both diseases are responsible for a high economic burden in terms of disability, production loss, and premature mortality. Pharma, med-tech and start-ups are now positioning themselves to be ready when the digital respiratory solutions market will take off. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were approximately 334M diagnosed asthma patients in the world in 2017, which amounted to 4.4% of the entire global population in the same year. At the same time, the estimated number of COPD-affected people amounted to 250M globally in 2017, constituting 3.3% of the global population.

The digital respiratory market is still at an emerging stage and the size of the opportunity is huge. Its key players such as Propeller Health, Adherium, Cohero Health, MIR, NuvoAir, AsthmaMD, Kaia Health Software, Tactio Health, AstraZeneca and Novartis are strengthening their positions in the digital respiratory solutions market to capture some of its enormous potential in the future. The new “Global Digital Respiratory Solutions Market 2009-2023” report by Research2Guidance pays special attention to analyzing top market players, their perceived strategies and digital respiratory offerings.

A digital respiratory solution can consist of a connected device (such as an inhaler and/or a spirometer), an app, and additional services and web portals for healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients and/or caregivers.

The global digital respiratory solutions market report provides a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the digital respiratory market, identifies major barriers that hinder the market's development and suggests how to overcome them to get on the growth track. It covers the time frame between 2009 and 2018 to illustrate both the current status and the history of the market. Based on actual market sizes and future trends, the report also gives a five-year forecast for the period from 2019 to 2023.

The analysis highlights key market KPIs, including the following:

  • The size of the addressable market for digital respiratory solutions.
  • Various metrics that show the size and development of the demand and supply side of the market: the number of downloads, active users, apps, publishers.
  • The breakdown of current and future revenue streams from digital content, connected devices, services (including coaching), bundles, technology licensing, and advertising and promotion.

The report pays special attention to evaluating the trends that have shaped the industry over the last 2-3 years. It gives guidance as to what is needed to create more value for patients and eventually establish daily use for digital respiratory solutions. Finally, three principle market entry strategies are discussed and evaluated.

Table of Contents

1. Scope of the report

2. Management summary

3. Global digital respiratory opportunity

  • 3.1. Asthma and COPD: global prevalence and target group for digital solutions
  • 3.2. Target groups for digital respiratory solutions: Top-10 countries

4. Current status of the market

  • 4.1. Digital respiratory apps: structure and growth (2016-2018)
  • 4.2. Connected devices and apps: classification and connectivity status
  • 4.3. Download and usage trends in the respiratory app market (2016-2018)
  • 4.4. Revenue trends and developments in the respiratory app market (2016-2018)
  • 4.5. Clinical trials in the mobile respiratory market: focus on adherence solutions

5. The digital respiratory market ecosystem

  • 5.1. Digital respiratory ecosystem: Key types of players
  • 5.2. Digital respiratory publishers: Key characteristics
  • 5.3. Competitive landscape of respiratory app publishers

6. Leading market players: Company profiles

  • 6.1. Reciprocal Labs (Propeller Health)
  • 6.2. Adherium
  • 6.3. Cohero Health
  • 6.4. Medical International Research (MIR)
  • 6.5. NuvoAir
  • 6.6. AsthmaMD
  • 6.7. Kaia Health Software GmbH
  • 6.8. Tactio Health
  • 6.9. AstraZeneca
  • 6.10. Novartis