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The Future of Autonomous Vehicles and the Impact on Tire Markets to 2026

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The Future of Autonomous Vehicles and the Impact on Tire Markets to 2026
Published: July 31, 2016 Content info: 109 Pages

What does the report cover?

‘The Future of Autonomous Vehicles and the Impact on Tire Markets to 2026’ forecasts explosive growth for the autonomous vehicles markets, from a very small base in 2016, to 17.5 million vehicles sold globally by 2026. Because of this expected growth, most major automotive players see autonomous driving (AD) as a great opportunity, and are investing major resources. This development will also be influential for the tire industry, which will be supplying to completely new classes of vehicles. This comprehensive market report forecasts how the market for AD technologies and autonomous vehicles overall will develop, and how that progression will impact on the tire industry to 2026 and beyond.

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What will you discover?

  • Insight into how the market for AD technologies and autonomous vehicles will develop
  • Understand global trends and factors that may a
  • ect the automotive and also the tire industry
  • Detailed analysis of the AD value chain, key players and stakeholders

What methodology is used?

The data and information for this report were gathered using a combination of secondary and primary research. Secondary research consisted of a review of published material, conference proceedings, and information from organisations and companies involved in the production, supply, and use of tires and their ingredients. Primary research consisted of interviews with specialists along the automotive and tire supply chains. These data were analysed to provide estimates and forecasts for the autonomous vehicles markets by end-use sector, type, and region.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive summary

1. Introduction & methodology

2. Key drivers

  • Current ADAS landscape
  • ADAS technology overview
  • State-of-the-art ADAS features
  • Current AD landscape
  • AD technology drivers
  • AD market drivers
  • Top trends

3. Technology forecasts

  • Fundamental requirements for ADAS development
  • Key ADAS/AD technology
  • ADAS sensors
  • Overview of the current ADAS portfolio
  • Autonomous vehicle levels
  • Central requirements for AD development
  • Main ADAS/AD development steps
  • Key AD technology areas
  • Main barriers for AD
  • Legislation status
  • ADAS/AD portfolio 2026 forecast

4. Autonomous vehicle market forecast by vehicle type

  • AD market forecast
  • Automotive market forecast
  • ADAS market forecast
  • AD market volume forecast
  • AD take-rate forecast
  • Effects on the tires market by AD

5. Autonomous vehicle market forecast by end-use category

  • Overview
  • Passenger cars
  • Public transportation
  • Logistics and commercial

6. Autonomous vehicle market forecast by technology

  • Sensors
  • Electronics
  • Advanced tires
  • Software
  • Geographical data
  • HMI systems
  • V2X

7. Autonomous vehicle market forecast by region

  • Asia/Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
  • Rest of Asia and Australia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Regional effects on the transition to autonomous driving

8. Competitive landscape

  • Value chain for AD
  • Key AD players and stakeholders
  • Summary of barriers for AD
  • Summary of opportunities for AD

9. Impact of autonomous vehicles on the tire industry

  • Current overview
  • Key requirements / tire attributes
  • Tire technologies and categories
  • Impact on tire manufacturers
  • Demands on raw materials suppliers
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