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Molybdenum: Global Industry Markets & Outlook - 12th Edition

Published by Roskill Information Services Product code 243526
Published Content info 460 pages, 210 Tables and 162 figures
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Molybdenum: Global Industry Markets & Outlook - 12th Edition
Published: January 1, 2016 Content info: 460 pages, 210 Tables and 162 figures

Updated and released every 12 months, the Molybdenum: Global Industry, Markets and Outlook to 2025.

What proportion of additional supply in 2025 will come from copper-molybdenum projects?

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Falling molybdenum prices between mid-2014 and 2015 caused a number of primary molybdenum producers to suspend production in 2015. The longer term price prospects for molybdenum appear uncertain, though molybdenum prices are expected to remain subdued throughout the first half of 2016. Greater supply from low-cost molybdenum by-product producers continues to supress prices and maintains pressure on higher-cost producers. Output will need to be reduced further by producers to reduce oversupply, whilst demand growth catch-up. There are positives for the global molybdenum market. Demand is expected to increase by some 105ktpy Mo in the years to 2025, and current capacity is insufficient to meet this demand growth. Molybdenum prices are likely to recover as the market approaches supply-demand equilibrium, though the timing of this will depend on the reaction of producers in reducing production.

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  • Which mining companies operate their own roasting plants?
  • Who are the main producers of ferromolybdenum in China?
  • What are the main factors affecting demand for molybdenum in stainless steel?
  • What is the outlook for the supply demand balance?
Table of Contents
Product Code: ISBN 978 1 910922 03 3

Table of Contents

  • 1. Summary
  • 2. History, properties, occurrence and reserves of molybdenum
  • 3. Mining, processing and refining of molybdenum
  • 4. World molybdenum production data
  • 5. Molybdenum production capacity
  • 6. Molybdenum production costs
  • 7. Notes on molybdenum producing countries
  • 8. Analysis of molybdenum international trade data
  • 9. World consumption of molybdenum
  • 10. Uses of molybdenum
  • 11. Outlook for molybdenumconsumption by product to 2025
  • 12. Supply and demand of molybdenum
  • 13. Molybdenum prices
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