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PUBLISHER: Singlecell Enabled SARL | PRODUCT CODE: 1052903

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PUBLISHER: Singlecell Enabled SARL | PRODUCT CODE: 1052903

Emerging Single-Cell Technology Startups 2022

PAGES: 80 PDF Slides & Excel Summary
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Include 20 spatial omics companies

Market segmentation of high resolution cell biology research tools

Executive summary

The global single-cell technology (SCT) market has emerged since the mid-2010s. The SCT market includes single cell (SC) isolation/dispensing/sorting and SC-RNA or protein analysis technologies. There are +58 commercial SCT products from 52 companies and over 30 pre-commerce-stage startups to enter the market in the next few years. Primarily, the SCT market is young and complex: over 75% of the products were launched within the last 7 years, mostly by less than 10 years old startups, and characterized by its wide range of technology mixtures and various types of users.


In this report, we take a deep dive into the 38 early- pre-commercial stage startups. They are introduced in the following functional segmentations: new cell sorter, SC-isolation, SC-sequencing, screening/cell to cell interaction, data analysis (software), and spatial omics analysis. Each market segment was analyzed by its technical advantages. For each startup, we present the company profile, technology description, and target market applications. The characteristics of those new emerging startups are:

  • 1) cell therapy and precision medicine are the main target markets,
  • 2) integration of phenotypic-genotype in one device/assay, as well as AI-powered data analysis, are popular offers,
  • 3) Spatial omics has become a big emerging market with 20 companies.

Why this report?

  • Covers the most accurate and complete single-cell technology market landscape by a cell biologist
  • Focus on the +40 emerging/pre-commerce startup technologies in SCT fields
  • An assessment of financial/business (total funding raised per each startups) and the new technologies (market players profiles).
  • Special features on "spatial analysis technologies"
  • Easy to read 16:9 presentation format

Key questions answered in this report:

  • What is single-cell technology (SCT) and its history?
  • Who are the pre-commerce stage SCT providers including the each market's other player/landscape?
  • What are the main technical principle and applications?
  • What are their key differentiators?
  • How much fundings has been raised by those startups?
  • How each company was founded? etc.

Table of Contents


  • Objectives
  • Key features of the report
  • Methodology-How the report was written

Part 1. Global Single-Cell Technology (SCT) market overview (slide 13~41)

  • 1. What is SCT and why single cell
  • 2. History of SCT
  • 3. Market segmentation by the single-cell handling technical principle
  • 4. Market segmentation by application/main functions
  • 5. List of pre-commerce stage 38 startups
  • 6. Analysis of the new startups

Part 2. Emerging startup identification by functional category (slide 42~88)

  • 1. Novel cell sorter - 5 companies
  • 2. Single-cell isolation - 3 companies
    • + complete SC isolation market players
  • 3. Single cell-sequencing - 4 companies
    • + complete SC sequencing market players
  • 4. Screening & cell to cell interaction - 5 companies
  • 5. Data analysis - 2 companies
  • 6. Others - 6 companies
  • 7. Spatial omics - 13 companies + 7 commercial companies

SCE company presentation

  • Related market reports and consultation
  • About the author and the company.
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