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PUBLISHER: Singlecell Enabled SARL | PRODUCT CODE: 1149181

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PUBLISHER: Singlecell Enabled SARL | PRODUCT CODE: 1149181

Comprehensive Single Cell Technology 2022

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Competitive landscape and market segmentation of high-resolution cell biology research tools The +100 new technologies in SCT fields including +37 pre-commerce stage startups and a complete list of spatial analysis players.

Key questions answered:

  • What is a comprehensive list of the commercial SCT technologies, including all early-stage startups?
  • Who are the emerging SCT startup companies?
  • What is single-cell technology (SCT) and its history?
  • What are the main technical principle and applications?
  • What are their competitive advantages and key differentiators?
  • What are the current market size, commercial capability, and growth potentials (revenues, install bases, prices)?
  • What are the users' research objectives, trends, needs, and challenges?
  • Which research field are actively using SCT?
  • What are the important features in popular applications like cell line development, antibody discovery, and SC genomics?
  • Etc.

Executive summary

The global single-cell technology (SCT) market has emerged since the mid-2010s. The SCT is defined as any cell biology research tool that provides single-cell resolution handling and data sets, for example, single-cell (SC) picking up/dispensing, SCsequencing, and SC-protein analysis technologies. There are +58 commercial SCT products from 52 companies and over 30 pre-commerce-stage startups to enter the market in the next few years. Primarily, the SCT market is young and complex: over 75% of the products were launched within the last 7 years. Over 70% of the market players are less than 10 years old startups. It is also characterized by its wide range of technology mixtures and various types of users.

The market size is ~ $0.86 billion USD in 2021, at a CAGR of ~28% when calculated based on the main 38 companies only. The market share is highly concentrated on the four major companies 10x genomics, Fluidigm, BD biosciences, and Berkeley light, yet this market share can change as the market is expanding with more players. Here, we identified the commercial SCT products and segmented by the technical principles (picking up, dispensing, droplet-based, microwell-based, etc) and by the five application or functionality spectrums: SC- picking up isolation, SC-dispensing (cell line development), SC (or multi-omics) sequencing, SC- protein analysis, and novel cell characterization. We also deep dive into the 37 early-stage startups, including 18 spatial biology companies/products. For each startup, we present the company profile, technology description, and target market applications. The report also features a label-free live-cell imaging, microfluidic chip-based flow cytometry, and small liquid dispensing technologies. In total, we introduce +100 new technologies/companies around single cell resolution bioresearch tools.

Report's key features:

  • Identification of comprehensive list of SCT companies and their products including all startups & pre-commerce stage startups
  • CONNECTING TECHNOLOGY AND BIOLOGY: Segmentation by core technology and application & Technology landscape and analysis
  • COMMERCIAL CAPABILITY: Revenues & install bases, funding raised
  • COMPETITIVE MARKET LANDSCAPE: Overall market dynamics and strategies observed in SCT market
  • Special features on "livecell imaging technologies" "spatial analysis","microfluidic chip-based flow cytometry and "Liquid handling robot technologies"
  • Overview of single cell biology research & SCT workflow

Market segmentation by technical principles
(singlecell isolation & identification methods)

Market segmentation by main application fields

The SCTs are used for basic research purposes and/or applied bioprocessing purposes. Research purpose includes single cell (SC) - omics (DNA/RNA sequencing, protein level studies, etc), various single cell (SC) isolation techniques (imagebased SC-picking up), and novel cell characterization. Applied research or bio-processing purpose include screening assays like antibody discovery, SC-dispensing for cell line development, and single or rare cell isolation for stem cell and diagnostics-related studies.


Millie Heo, PhD.

Principal consultant at Singlecell Enabled (SCE) Before forming the company -Singlecell Enabled- in 2020, she conducted research at biology lab benches for over 10 years across 5 different labs from different continents (US, South Korea, Netherlands, France) until her post-doc research at ESPCI in Paris in 2018, as well as a biotech industry experience at a biotech startup in Germany. Such interdisciplinary research experiences led her to acquire 2 to 3 times more research techniques expertise than most biologists. Interestingly, her technical expertise was mostly specialized in singlemolecule and single-cell levels of functional analysis, which shaped her into becoming a unique single-cell technology specialist. She also develops novel biotechnology to enhance efficient research potential across biological science fields.

Table of Contents


  • Objectives of the report
  • Key features
  • Methodology-How the report was written

Part 1. Global Single Cell Technology (SCT) market overview

  • 1.1. What is SCT and why single cell
  • 1.2. History of SCT
  • 1.3. Market players analysis (timeline, location, employee numbers)
  • 1.4. Market segmentation by the single cell handling technical Principle
    • Complete list of companies and products
  • 1.5. Market segmentation by the application/main functions
    • Complete list of companies and products
  • 1.6. Market size and market share by revenues
  • 1.7. Market trends and current challenges

Part 2. Current SCT commercial products

  • 2.1. Image-based single-cell picking-up technologies
    • List of 14 companies and technologies presentation
    • Competitive landscape analysis
  • 2.2. Single-cell dispensing technologies
    • List of 5 companies and technologies presentation
    • Cell line development market
    • Competitive landscape analysis
  • 2.3. Genomics/Transcriptomics/multi-omics technologies
    • List of 7 companies and technologies presentation
    • Competitive landscape analysis
  • 2.4. Proteomics or protein level analysis technologies
    • List of 5 companies and technologies presentation
    • Competitive landscape analysis
  • 2.5. Novel cell characterization technologies
    • List of 9 companies and technologies presentation
    • Competitive landscape analysis
    • The SCT market landscape

Part 3. Emerging startup identification

  • 3.1. Single-cell isolation - 3 companies
    • Complete list of 21 SC-isolation companies in the market
  • 3.2. Single-cell sequencing - 4 companies
    • Complete list of 11 SC-sequencing companies in the market
  • 3.3. Single-cell-multi-omics (SC-seq/proteins/imaging/phenomics - 4 companies
  • 3.4. Data analysis - 3 companies
  • 3.5. Screening - 3 companies
  • 3.6. Novel cell sorter - 5 companies
  • 3.7. Others - 4 companies
  • 3.8. Spatial biology - 11 companies + 7 commercial companies
    • Spatial biology market landscape
  • 3.9. Analysis of the early stage startups
    • List of the early-stage startups
    • Functional categories
    • Financing rounds
    • The SCT startup market landscape

Part 4. Special features

  • 4.1. Label-free live-cell imaging technologies (6)
  • 4.2. Microfluidic chip-based flow cytometry technologies (4)
  • 4.3. Liquid handling robot technologies (14)

Singlecell Enabled (SCE) company presentation

  • Related market reports and consultation services
  • About the author and the company
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