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Asia Pacific Opportunities for Instrumentation: Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania

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Asia Pacific Opportunities for Instrumentation: Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Oceania
Published: September 6, 2019 Content info: 123 Pages

Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia are home to an eclectic mix of countries ranging from technological powerhouses in the likes of South Korea and Singapore to rapidly growing economies situated throughout Southeast Asia. The market for analytical instrumentation has remained strong in the mid-to-high single-digits over the past few years, with this trend expected to continue. While this market is small compared to its neighbors in China and Japan, the robust growth of the region makes it one of the most attractive places for analytical instrumentation on the globe. Therefore it is important to analyze the region to get a better understanding of all the market forces in play and how they will shape the region for years to come.

This report offers its readers the following:

  • Basic background information about the selected countries covered by this region and key end markets in Asia-Pacific, including agriculture & food, semiconductors & electronics, oil & gas, metals & mining, and pharma/bio.
  • Detailed market data and commentary for 10 categories of lab instrumentation, including segmentation and growth by technique, Asia-Pacific sub-region, and end-market.
  • Analysis of the current market conditions in the region including macroeconomic conditions, both near-term and long-term opportunities and threats, and the competitive positioning of top analytical instrumentation vendors.

This report should be useful to any organization or individual that finds value in receiving in-depth sales data on the Asia-Pacific market for laboratory instruments that is both segmented and forecasted, and better understanding the qualitative issues that affect the analytical instrumentation market in Asia-Pacific. This information is perhaps most useful in assisting supplier companies in the development of their internal market outlook and short or long-term marketing strategies.

Table of Contents
Product Code: 19-008

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

  • A. Report Background
  • B. Executive Summary
  • C. Methodology &Definitions

II. Regional Background

  • A. Country Background
  • B. End-Market Background

III. Market Demand

  • A. Overall
  • B. Chromatography
  • C. Mass Spectrometry
  • D. Atomic Spectroscopy
  • E. Molecular Spectroscopy
  • F. Life Science Instrumentation
  • G. Surface Science
  • H. Materials Characterization
  • I. General Analytical Techniques

IV. Market Conditions

  • A. Economic Scenario
  • B. Opportunities &Threats
  • C. Regional Presenceby Vendor
  • V. Appendix
  • A. List of Instrumentation Distributors
  • B. RecentBusiness Activities
  • C. Recent/Upcoming SDi Reports
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