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<2022> Market Outlook on Battery Recycling/Reuse (~2040)

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Notice: The original report is written in Korean. Please ask us for more information regarding delivery time.

As electric vehicles are getting popularized, concerns about waste batteries by governments and businesses are also growing. Each government is implementing related regulations due to environmental problems and explosion risk caused by heavy metals and toxic gases if waste batteries are not properly processed. Relevant companies are also trying to recycle waste batteries from the perspective of raw material supply and looking for new business opportunities in reuse applications.

Recently there are growing needs for processing waste batteries such as end-of-life batteries and recalled batteries generated by countries where electric vehicles were rolled out early on. And also more partnerships are being made between recycling companies and OEM/cell/material companies, due to increase in price of raw materials. Lots of activities are taking place in the industry.

This report is composed of 6 chapters. Chapter 1~2 deal with the recycling/reuse market outlook and chapter 3~6 regulations, technology overview, economic evaluation and market players. In chapter 1~2, forecast till 2030 for elcetric vehicles, batteries, cathode materials and usage of metals is produced by sales data of electric vehicles aggregated and predicted by SNE Research. Based on this forecast, the market of scrap cars, waste batteries, reuse and recycling is forecasted till 2040. Chapters 3-6 describe issues related to waste batteries through expert interviews and examination of industrial data.

Table of Contents

1. Demand outlook of electric vehicle market

  • 1.1. Outlook for electric vehicle demand
  • 1.2. Outlook for battery demand
  • 1.3. Outlook for cathode material demand
  • 1.4. Outlook for metal demand

2. Outlook for recycling/reuse market

  • 2.1. Issues on LiB waste batteries of electric vehicle in value chain
  • 2.2. Necessity of recycling/reuse of EV waste batteries
  • 2.3. Methodology for recycling/reuse market outlook
  • 2.4. Outlook for volume of scrap vehicles generated
  • 2.5. Outlook for volume of waste batteries generated
  • 2.6. Outlook for recycling market (kton)
  • 2.7. Outlook for recycling market (Mil USD)
  • 2.8. Outlook for volume of recycling metals generated by OEMs

3. Laws and regulations for waste battery management

  • 3.1. Necessity of laws for waste battery management
  • 3.2. Status & outlook of laws and regulations - Europe
  • 3.3. Status & outlook of laws and regulations - US
  • 3.4. Status & outlook of laws and regulations - China
  • 3.5. Status & outlook of laws and regulations - Japan
  • 3.6. Status & outlook of laws and regulations - Korea

4. Assessment technology/recycling process overview

  • 4.1. Overview of waste battery process
  • 4.2. Assessment technology
  • 4.3. Recycling process

5. Economic evaluation for battery recycling/reuse process

  • 5.1. Treatment process of waste batteries
  • 5.2. Dismantling and discharging process of waste batteries
  • 5.3. Disassembly process of waste batteries
  • 5.4. Performance evaluation of waste batteries
    • 5.5.1. Estimation of reuse process cost - dismantling & disassembly
    • 5.5.2. Estimation of reuse process cost - module evaluation
    • 5.5.3. Estimation of reuse process cost - pack/module evaluatioin
  • 5.6. Economic evaluation for recycling

6. Recycling/Reuse Players

  • 6.1. Brief Value-Chain of recycling companies
  • 6.2. Recycling/Reuse Players in Korea
    • 6.2.1. SungEel Hitech
    • 6.2.2. EcoPro CNG
    • 6.2.3. PoscoHY CleanMetal
    • 6.2.4. GS Construction (Enerma)
    • 6.2.5. Goodbye Car
  • 6.3. Global Recycling/Reuse Players
    • 6.3.1. Duesenfeld
    • 6.3.2. NorthVolt
    • 6.3.3. Umicore
    • 6.3.4. Li-Cycle
    • 6.3.5. Brunp
    • 6.3.6. GEM
    • 6.3.7. Huayou Cobalt
    • 6.3.8. Glencore
    • 6.3.9. Redwood Materials
    • 6.3.10. 4R Energy
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