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<2022> Technology Trend and Market Outlook of Materials for Battery Module and Pack (~2030)

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Despite pandemic situation, global electric vehicle market in 2021 recorded remarkable growth, more than double the sales compared to 2020. Moreover, sales volume is expected to continue to grow in the future as global OEMs are launching vehicles in full swing by using exclusive platforms for electric vehicles. In addition to employment of exclusive EV platforms, there is trend that development for battery modules and packs is moving towards lightweight and module-less concept. This report explains how global OEMs are developing materials that are used in components of battery packs and applying them, as improvement of pack energy density in particular is essential to improve mileage. In addition, this report informs of the global market size and outlook of battery pack components and materials.

Chapter 1 describes the major materials contained in cell module packs, and Chapter 2 explains about the trend in battery module pack platforms. Chapter 3 analyzes and summarizes specifications of electric vehicle battery packs, and Chapter 4 describes trend of material in major components of battery, cell, module, and pack. Chapter 5 describes details of major components and materials in pack particularly, and Chapter 6 deals with outlook for electric vehicle and battery pack market. Chapter 7 covers current status of major companies related to battery, cell, module, and pack.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Major Materials of Cell, Module, and Pack

  • Materials needed in electric vehicle batteries
  • Introduction of major materials
  • Change in chemical compostion of battery cell
  • increase of nickel/ decrease of cobalt
  • Change in energy density of battery cell and pack
  • Composition of major components in battery pack

Part 2. Trend in battery cell, module, and pack platform

  • Development trend of EV platform and battery pack
  • VW MEB
  • HKMC e-GMP
  • GM Ultium
  • Tesla
  • Characteristics of module-free battery pack
    • BYD CTP pack
    • CATL CTP pack
  • Hybrid battery pack
  • AB battery pack system

Part 3. Analysis and summary of electric vehicle battery pack specifications

  • Analysis of electric vehicle battery pack specifications
  • Outlook of battery cell and pack sales price
  • Average capacity of electric vehicle battery pack for car (kWh)
  • Analysis of electric vehicle battery pack energy density (kWh/kg)
  • Analysis of electric vehicle battery pack usable energy
  • Weight ratio of major components of battery pack
  • Cost compostion of major parts of battery pack
  • Summary of major EV battery pack specifications (1)
  • Summary of major EV battery pack specifications (2)
  • Summary of major EV battery pack specifications (usable energy) (3)

Part 4. Trend of major composition materials of battery cells, modules, and packs

  • Electric vehicle types
  • Major components of electric vehicles
  • Powertrain specification by electric vehicle type
  • Electric vehicle battery materials
  • Value chain composition of electric vehicle battery materials
  • Difference between cell, module and pack
  • Battery Cell Type
  • Considerations for battery cell type
  • Selection of battery cell type
  • Selection of vehicle battery cell type
  • Major components of cell
  • Cylindrical / Prismatic / Pouch Type
  • Battery pack materials (Major material companies)
  • Henkel / Toray / Lanxess / Ascend / BASF / DuPont / Tesa

Part 5. Major components of Pack

  • Composition materials and components of Cells
  • Lithium secondary battery
  • Types of cathode materials
  • Types of andoe materials
  • Types of separators
  • Types of electrolyte
  • Major components by battery cell type
  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) for battery pack
  • Types of TIM
  • Major materials of TIM
  • Application example in EV
  • Forms of TIM and comparison of the materials
  • Major considerations for TIM
  • Development trend of TIM
  • Outlook by TIM type
  • Housing(Tray, Cover, Gasket) for battery pack and cooling plate material
  • Trend of housing development and its material
  • Polymer composite material
  • Al alloy material
  • Stainless steel material
  • Pack sealing gasket material
  • Pack cooling plate material
  • Flame retardant materials for pack protection and its solution
  • Necessity for flame retardancy of battery pack
  • Solution for prevention of thermal runaway
  • Inter-cell components and its materials
  • Materials of module composition components (cylindrical, prismatic, pouch-type module)
  • Inter-cell insulation materials (Foams)
  • Compression pad
  • Electrical components for connection (Busbar, FPCB)
  • Summary of materials of electrical components for connection (Copper, Al)

Part 6. Market outlook of EVs, batteries and battery packs

  • Global market outlook of electric vehicles
  • Global market outlook of battery packs
  • Global market outlook of battery pack components
  • Materials used in electric vehicle batteries
  • Outlook of battery pack materials
  • Pack housing materials
  • Thermal management materials
  • Inter-cell structural materials
  • Outlook of battery cell materials
  • Cathode materials
  • Anode materials
  • Separators
  • Electrolyte

Part 7. Status of Major Companies

  • Cell-related companies
  • Cathode Materials
    • L&F New Materials / Umicore
    • Cosmo AM&T
    • ILJIN Materials
    • Posco Chemical / Nichia
  • Anode Materials
    • Daejoo Electronic Materials
    • Hitachi Chemical
    • Mitsubishi Chemical
    • Shin-Etsu Chemical
  • Separators
    • SKIET
    • Asahi Kasei
    • Toray
  • Electrolyte
    • Dongwha Electrolyte
    • Enchem
  • Electrolytic Materials
    • Foosung
    • Chunbo
  • Cell gasket
    • Sang-A Frontec
  • Cell Can
    • Sangsin EDP
  • Cell Pouch
    • Youlchon Chemical
  • Module Pack related Companies
  • Busbar & ICB Assembly
    • Korea Electric Terminal/ Youngwha Tech / LS EV Korea
  • Harness Assembly
    • Yura Corp
  • Housing Assembly
    • Hanjoo Metal / Aluco / Inzi Controls
  • Thermal Management System
    • Hanon Systems
  • Thermal Management Materials
    • WACKER / Saint-Gobain PPL
  • Pack gasket
    • Dong-A Wha Sung
  • Pack Module Manufacturing
    • Sebang Lithium Battery
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