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Additive Manufacturing Applications Market Analysis: Metal Additive Manufactured Parts Produced

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Additive Manufacturing Applications Market Analysis: Metal Additive Manufactured Parts Produced
Published: October 24, 2019 Content info: 34 Pages

‘Additive Manufacturing Applications Market Analysis: Metal Additive Manufactured Parts Produced is a first of its kind analysis looking into metal additive manufactured parts produced by the world's users of both private and publicly accessible additive manufacturing machines. The report provides a market forecast and valuation on the market value of top applications in the world of additive manufacturing in professional and industrial use environments.

This database and accompanying study tracks and reports on volumes of additive manufactured parts produced today across numerous key industries, including parts produced by various AM service providers as well as private OEMs and suppliers in each market, split among the currently identified and expected future leading use cases for various AM technologies.

Users of this product will have access to forecast projections and current-day estimates of the volumes and total market value of all metals based parts produced via AM in a given industry, within various print technologies, material types, and, most importantly, part functionality and type. Those stakeholders with an interest in evaluating various key use cases for specific types of AM technology, AM materials, or broader end-user markets, will be able to utilize this database to help identify market strategies to guide product development and go-to-market in the ever growing world of additive.

SmarTech has previously provided opportunity analysis in the areas of sales of additive manufacturing systems, additive manufacturing materials, software, and outsourced production services. This database and report expand the universe of market opportunity analysis for additive manufacturing to cover the total and forecast addressable markets for specific additively manufactured parts and part categories.

The database includes, but is not limited to, the listing of specific coverage for part and part categories shown in the table below. Each of these areas and more are tracked and forecast by individual supporting print technology, material type, and region.

The database can be purchased as a complete unit or via individual verticals listed below:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Dental
  • Energy
  • General Industry
  • Medical
  • Others
Table of Contents
Product Code: SMP-AM-AMA-1019

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction and Methodology

  • 1.1. About this Document
  • 1.2. About the Accompanying Dataset
  • 1.3. Methodologies Employed
    • 1.3.1. Description of the Underlying Data and Method
    • 1.3.2. Method for Quantifying Production Volumes in a Given Industry
    • 1.3.3. Method for Evaluating Market Value of Additively Manufactured Components

Chapter Two: Presentation of Metal AM Parts and Application Production Volumes and Resulting Market Values

  • 2.1. Overview of Global Metal Additive Manufacturing Production Activity
    • 2.1.1. Healthcare versus Industrial Segments for Metal AM Implementation
  • 2.2. Production Activity and Outlook by Metal Additive Manufacturing Process Family - the Future of Implementation Strategies
  • 2.3. Regional Comparisons for Metal AM Production
  • 2.4. Top Application Opportunities in Prototyping, Tooling, and Production Parts

Chapter Three: Discussion of Key Trends and Forecasts Affecting Future Outlook of Metal AM Production

  • 3.1. Design for Additive Manufacturing Trends and Their Impact on Production Volumes
  • 3.2. Additive Manufacturing Process Efficiency, Metal AM Powder Material Costs, and Their Impact to AM Economics
  • 3.3. Evaluating Metal Additive Technologies and Their Evolving Roles in Manufacturing
  • About SmarTech Analysis
    • About the Analyst
    • Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1-1: Selected Part Application Roles by Industry
  • Exhibit 1-2: Illustration of Production Volume Modeling Elements and Process
  • Exhibit 2-1: Total Global Metal AM Production Volume by Part Functionality Category, 2014-2029(e)
  • Exhibit 2-2: Total Global Metal AM Production Value by Part Functionality Category, 2014-2029(e)
  • Exhibit 2-3: Total Global Metal AM Production Value of End-Use Components by Industry, all Production Technologies, 2014-2029
  • Exhibit 2-4: Projected Global Metal AM Production Output by Aggregate User Group, Industrial vs. Healthcare Users, 2018-2029(f)
  • Exhibit 2-5: Total Metal AM Production Value Output by Region, all Markets, Metal Technologies, and Part Types
  • Exhibit 2-6: Total Metal AM Production Value Output by Region of End-Use Components, all Markets and Metal Technologies
  • Exhibit 2-7: Selected Global AM End-Use Part Production Value by Application Type, all Production Technologies, 2018-2029(f)
  • Exhibit 3-1: Average Metal AM Production Cost Change, by Technology, 2018-2029(f)
  • Exhibit 3-2: Evolution of Metal Powder Bed Fusion Production Value Share by Part Functionality Over Time
  • Exhibit 3-3: Evolution of Directed Energy Deposition Production Value Share by Part Functionality Over Time
  • Exhibit 3-4: Evolution of Bound Metal Printing Production Value Share by Part Functionality Over Time
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