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Advances in Tissue Engineering and Organ Regeneration: State-of-the-Art Technology for Artificial Organ Implant

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Advances in Tissue Engineering and Organ Regeneration: State-of-the-Art Technology for Artificial Organ Implant
Published: August 22, 2013 Content info: 47 Pages
Order this report today to receive a brief snapshot of the capabilities of existing technologies and standards in the tissue engineering and organ regeneration domain. With an overview of value chain networks and much more.

The field of tissue engineering is seeing a lot of research and product development activities.This research service provides a detailed analysis of the technology developments and industry dynamics for tissue engineered products and applications. An evaluation of the adoption of engineered tissue has been discussed (regionwise) and some of the emerging areas of research has also been highlighted. Some of the key industry drivers and challenges along with their market impact have been discussed.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

Research Overview

  • Introduction to Tissue Engineering
  • Key Findings

Scope and Methodology

  • Research Scope and Segmentation
  • Research Methodology

2. Technology Snapshot and Impact Analysis

Technology Capability

  • Tissue Engineering Applications
  • Technology Value Chain

Innovation Assessment and Market Analysis

  • Market Impact of Technology/Business Accelerators
  • Business Challenges

3. Diffusion of Innovations and Opportunity Evaluation

Diffusion of Innovation

  • Technology Adoption--North America
  • Technology Adoption--Europe and Asia Pacific

Industry Best Practices and Insights

  • Assessment of Partnerships and Alliances
  • Scenario Modeling of Tissue Engineering Applications
  • Emerging Opportunities

4. Key Patents and Contacts

Key Patents

  • Industrial Patents
  • Academic Patents

Key Contacts

  • 1. Corporate Contacts
  • 2. Academic Contacts
  • 5. Decision Support Tables

Decision Support Tables

  • Number of Biotech Companies (Million USD)--World (2004 to 2014)
  • Government Investment in Biotech R&D (Million USD)--World (2004 to 2014)
  • Total Healthcare Expenditure (Billion USD)--World (2004 to 2014)
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