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Code Storage Flash Forecast - SPI NAND and Serial NOR Flash SWOT Analysis

Published by WebFeet Research, Inc. Product code 735767
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Code Storage Flash Forecast - SPI NAND and Serial NOR Flash SWOT Analysis
Published: October 7, 2019 Content info: 81 Pages

Code Storage Flash Market - Serial NOR or SPI NAND?

Will the nascent serial NOR market continue its comeback through IoT and Automotive? Who is pushing the edge of Code Storage Flash? Will high density serial NOR coexist with SPI NAND?

WebFeet Research, Inc., an industry leading Non Volatile Memory and Storage market research firm, releases the second annual report Code Storage Flash Forecast - SPI NAND and Serial NOR Flash SWOT Analysis, which provides the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the six top serial NOR and SPI NAND vendors. An extensive forecast of the SLC/SPI NAND and NOR market shows the revenues well beyond the $4.2 Billion shipped in 2018. This report recognizes the emergence of Code Storage Flash that supplies non volatile memory for applications needing mid-range densities (256Mbit-8Gbit). Since 3D NAND is over provisioned for use in IoT sensors and most Edge computing, many of the Code Storage vendors supply (1-8Gbit) SLC and SPI NAND. Over the forecast period, the SPI NAND volumes will overtake SLC NAND since the IoT users will convert from a parallel interface to serial NAND. Mid-high density serial NOR will migrate to SPI NAND for cost reasons, which strengthens the SPI NAND market share.

The SWOT covers Micron, Cypress, Macronix, Winbond, Toshiba and GigaDevice who produce 85% of the serial NOR revenue and nearly all the SPI NAND. Besides covering these players, this analysis provides a serial NOR revenue forecast to 2024 by vendor for geographic segmentation. In addition, the vendor serial NOR monthly wafer production by wafer size is calculated from 2014-2020. On the application side there are serial NOR and SLC/SPI NAND forecasts for revenue, units, and MBs for over 30 end-use applications. In addition, the Serial NOR, Parallel NOR, SPI and SLC NAND are forecast by revenue and units by density for over twelve end applications. As autonomous vehicles gain prominence, WebFeet provides Flash forecasts for each level of vehicle autonomy and illustrates the Flash usage for each of the automotive systems. Finally, WebFeet forecasts the serial NOR automotive revenue by Flash supplier through 2024.

For the marketing, finance or strategic planning professional this report is essential. The Code Storage Flash Forecast - SPI NAND and Serial NOR Flash SWOT Analysis report, CS575CA-2019, is available for purchase from WebFeet Research in PDF format at $3,995.

Table of Contents
Product Code: CS575CA-2019

Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables

1 Executive Summary

2 Objectives and Methodology

3 Serial NOR Market Forecasts

  • 3.1 Serial NOR Flash Revenue Shipments
  • 3.2 Serial NOR Flash Unit Shipments
  • 3.3 Serial NOR Flash Average Selling Prices (ASPs)
  • 3.4 Serial NOR Flash Megabit Shipments

4 SLC/SPI NAND Market Forecasts

  • 4.1 SLC NAND Flash Revenue Shipments
  • 4.2 SLC NAND Flash Unit Shipments
  • 4.3 SLC NAND Flash Average Selling Prices (ASPs)
  • 4.4 SLC NAND Flash Megabit Shipments

5 NOR Flash Memory Market Shares

  • 5.1 NOR and SLC NAND Flash Market Shares
  • 5.2 Serial NOR Flash rankings

6 Serial NOR SWOT Analysis

  • 6.1 Serial NOR SWOT - Micron
    • 6.1.1 Serial NOR SWOT- Strengths
    • 6.1.2 Serial NOR SWOT- Weaknesses
    • 6.1.3 Serial NOR SWOT- Opportunities
    • 6.1.4 Serial NOR SWOT- Threats
  • 6.2 Serial NOR SWOT - Cypress
    • 6.2.1 Serial NOR SWOT- Strengths
    • 6.2.2 Serial NOR SWOT- Weaknesses
    • 6.2.3 Serial NOR SWOT- Opportunities
    • 6.2.4 Serial NOR SWOT- Threats
  • 6.3 Serial NOR SWOT - Macronix
    • 6.3.1 Serial NOR SWOT- Strengths
    • 6.3.2 Serial NOR SWOT- Weaknesses
    • 6.3.3 Serial NOR SWOT- Opportunities
    • 6.3.4 Serial NOR SWOT- Threats
  • 6.4 Serial NOR SWOT - Winbond
    • 6.4.1 Serial NOR SWOT- Strengths
    • 6.4.2 Serial NOR SWOT- Weaknesses
    • 6.4.3 Serial NOR SWOT- Opportunities
    • 6.4.4 Serial NOR SWOT- Threats
  • 6.5 Serial NOR SWOT - GigaDevice
    • 6.5.1 Serial NOR SWOT- Strengths
    • 6.5.2 Serial NOR SWOT- Weaknesses
    • 6.5.3 Serial NOR SWOT- Opportunities
    • 6.5.4 Serial NOR SWOT- Threats
  • 6.6 Serial NAND SWOT - Toshiba
    • 6.6.1 Serial NAND SWOT- Strengths
    • 6.6.2 Serial NAND SWOT- Weaknesses
    • 6.6.3 Serial NAND SWOT- Opportunities
    • 6.6.4 Serial NAND SWOT- Threats

7 Serial NOR Flash Forecast by Vendor

  • 7.1 Serial NOR Flash Forecast by Vendor
  • 7.2 Serial NOR Flash Wafer Capacity Forecast by Vendor

8 Automotive Flash Forecast by Vendor

  • 8.1 Automotive Flash Forecast
  • 8.2 Serial NOR Automotive Flash Revenue by Vendor

9 Code Storage Flash Forecast

  • 9.1 Code Storage Flash Forecast by Technology
  • 9.2 Code Storage Flash Revenue Forecast by Application
  • 9.2 Code Storage Flash Unit Forecast by Application
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