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Digital Economy: Technology Service to Lawyer

Published by WinterGreen Research, Inc. Product code 590314
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Digital Economy: Technology Service to Lawyer
Published: November 17, 2017 Content info: 226 Pages

WinterGreen Research announces that it has initiated a new service "Digital Economy: Technology Service to Lawyers" a way for lawyers to get quick and accurate insight into technology that relates to their caseload. The services provide immediate answers to questions, with the answers provide a key insight about the details of the technology and the relevance to a particular issue.

Table of Contents
Product Code: SH27262473219

Table of Contents

Lawyers Are Tasked with Developing Regulations and Litigating Issues

  • Drone Delivery, Self-Driving Cars, And Robots
  • Digital Economy Consists of The Internet of Things, Robots, Drones, Artificial Intelligence, And Smart Devices
  • IoT Monitoring Task
  • MEMs Sensor Applications
  • WinterGreen Research Has a Lot of Studies in Print Relevant To Lawyers Who Need To Understand The Digital Economy

Autonomous Vehicle Car Services

Lidar Summary Example

  • LIDAR Stands for Light Detection and Remote Sensing

Semiconductors Used in Sensing

Biomaterials Inside CI Biological Materials That Are Implanted into The Ear Area

Watson Data Platform

400G Optical Transceivers

  • 400G Transmitter / Transceivers

Mega Datacenter Online Commerce, Streaming Video, Social Networking, And Cloud Services

Adapter Processor Wired Scalable Infrastructure

Services Cost and Description

  • Deliverables
  • Cost
  • Project Team Approach
  • Time and Length
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