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Global Telco Customer Loyalty Playbook 2018: Leveraging Loyalty Strategies to Unlock Revenue

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Global Telco Customer Loyalty Playbook 2018: Leveraging Loyalty Strategies to Unlock Revenue
Published: June 13, 2018 Content info: 143 Pages

In this hyper competitive world of telecoms, the topic of Customer Loyalty is becoming not only vitally important but also more challenging to achieve. Telcos around the world are looking to hone their loyalty strategies through a variety of means either through innovative customer care solutions, incentivized offline reward systems or simply through attractive services and bundles.

This research report has taken on this very challenging topic of growing Customer Loyalty for telcos by analyzing the strategies of 40 telcos around the world and based on this gleaning out the fundamentals of growing customer loyalty. Not only this, the report provides insights at a global, regional and country level with a balanced representation from each region. The report provides case studies of telcos and also looks at the MVNO space as well. Adding to this, there is also a dedicated section on understand loyalty in the B2B space.Some of the leading companies mentioned in the report includes Vodafone, Reliance Jio, Verizon, China Mobile, TIM, MTN, Claro, Singtel and AT&T.

Key Features:

  • Fundamentals of customer loyalty- Insights into how telcos on a global basis create loyalty strategies and what the reader must look at before launching their own strategy.
  • Types of Loyalty - Analysis of what types of loyalty and which ones are most relevant given the telcos business case.
  • 40 Telco Case Studies - An in depth look at 40 key players in the market across the world, with a well represented balance in each region.
  • Pillars of Loyalty - Lists out the key components that are required in loyalty and customer retention and that are followed by the leading telcos globally.
  • In depth country coverage - Analyzes the loyalty strategies followed by players at a country level, allowing for the reader to compare this easily across markets.
  • Localizing global case studies - Highlights case studies of exceptional telcos that have been early movers in the industry and also provide a local understanding of the global case studies.
  • Working with the right partners - recommendations on how to choose the right partner in reducing churn, this could be in the vendor space or the OTT services space.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Summary
  • Customer Life cycle & Management
  • Importance of Loyalty
  • Difference between loyalty and retention
  • Types of Loyalty

Creating a Telco Loyalty plan

  • Key pillars
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Before creating a loyalty plan

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Issues faced by telcos around loyalty
  • Number portability
  • Data only services
  • Digital life becoming increasingly important

Role of the ecosystem

  • Working with vendors
  • OTT player bundles
  • Devices
  • Plans and packages

Loyalty in the B2B space

  • B2B vs Consumer Loyalty
  • Pillars for B2B loyalty plans
  • Creating plans for Enterprises

Regional Analysis

  • South America
    • Claro Brazil: Bundles reel in the customer
    • TIM Brazil: Winning through digital and QoS
    • Digicel Jamaica: Device and content led strategy
    • Entel: Flexible data plans to gain loyalty
    • Digicel Panama: Loyalty in high growth markets
  • Asia Pacific
    • China Mobile: 360 degree loyalty strategy
    • Telkomsel Indonesia: Payments brings in long term loyalty
    • Singtel: Loyalty in Digital Times
    • Starhub: Loyalty built on multi play bundles
    • Digi Malaysia: Plans for every budget
    • Bharti Airtel: Loyalty in a disrupted market
    • Reliance Jio: New entrant with a price advantage
  • Africa
    • Orange Egypt: Converged offering
    • MTN Ghana: Offline rewards and payments
    • Vodafone Ghana: Converged player in emerging markets
    • Unitel Cape Verde: Takes aim at enterprise
    • MTN South Africa: Essential services led loyalty
    • Vodacom: Converged and device based loyalty
    • NetOne: Long term contracts secure users
    • MTN Uganda: Pricing as competitive advantage
    • Airtel Malawi: Enterprise led strategy
    • MTN Nigeria: High churn markets
    • Econet: Clearly defined customer profiles
  • Middle East
    • Zain Bahrain: Emphasis on content
    • STC Saudi Arabia: Focus on the home
    • Etisalat UAE: All round loyalty strategy
    • Du: VIP take centerstage
    • Ooredoo Kuwait: Focus on the mainstream user
  • Europe
    • Proximus Belgium: Converged play forges the way ahead
    • Swisscom: Digital Lifestyle wins loyalty
    • O2 UK: Innovate for loyalty
    • Turkcell: In house services lead the way
    • Vivacom Bulgaria: Household holds the key
    • Telefonica: Digitally first
    • Orange: Payment based loyalty
  • North America
    • AT&T USA: Service led growth
    • Verizon USA: Partnerships are crucial
    • T-Mobile:
    • Rogers Canada: Focus on families
    • Liberty Global: Premium content


List ofCharts

  • Chart 1: Total Global Telco Revenue 2014 - 2020
  • Chart 2: Customer Lifecycle & Loyalty
  • Chart 3: Churn Process Flow
  • Chart 4: Types of loyalty
  • Chart 5: Customer Segments & Loyalty
  • Chart 6: Key Pillars
  • Chart 7: Telco Strategic Objectives to launch a loyalty plan
  • Chart 8: Competitive forces on incumbent telco
  • Chart 9: Challenges and Opportunities with Number Portability
  • Chart 10: Challenges and Opportunities with Data Services
  • Chart 11: Challenges and Opportunities with digital services
  • Chart 12: Working with vendors
  • Chart 13: OTT Player Strengths
  • Chart 14: Device Based Loyalty Plans
  • Chart 15: Making the bundle customer focused
  • Chart 16: Telco & the ecosystem
  • Chart 17: Key Pillars B2B Loyalty

List ofTables

  • Table 1: Claro Brazil: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 2: TIM Brazil: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 3: Digicel Jamaica: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 4: Entel: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 5: Digicel Panama: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 6: China Mobile: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 7: Telkomsel Indonesia: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 8: Singtel: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 9: StarHub: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 10: Digi: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 11: Bharti Airtel: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 12: Reliance Jio: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 13: Orange Egypt: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 14: MTN Ghana: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 15: Vodafone Ghana: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 16: Unitel Cape Verde: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 17: MTN South Africa: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 18: Vodacom: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 19: NetOne: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 20: MTN Uganda: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 21: Airtel Malawi: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 22: MTN Nigeria: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 23: Econet: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 24: Zain Bahrain: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 25: STC: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 26: Etisalat: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 27: Du: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 28: Ooredoo: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 29: Proximus: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 30: Swisscom: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 31: O2: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 32: Turkcell: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 33: Vivacom: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 34: Telefonica: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 35: Orange: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 36: AT&T: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 37: Verizon: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 38: T-Mobile: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 39: Rogers: Loyalty Strategy Overview
  • Table 40: Liberty Global: Loyalty Strategy Overview

Players mentioned in the report

  • AT&T
  • Airtel Malawi
  • Amazon
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Bip
  • China Mobile
  • China Mobile Jego
  • Claro
  • Claro Musica
  • Deezer
  • Digicel Jamaica
  • Digicel Panama
  • DirecTV
  • Econet
  • Etisalat UAE
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Ghaneely
  • Go90
  • Google
  • HBO
  • Honda
  • HOOQ
  • Huawei
  • Hulu
  • Iflix
  • iMessage
  • Jawwy
  • Liberty Global
  • Line
  • Loop
  • MTN Ghana
  • MTN Nigeria
  • MTN South Africa
  • MTN Uganda
  • Netflix
  • NTT Docomo
  • O2
  • Ooredoo Kuwait
  • Orange Egypt
  • PlayGo
  • Pokemon Go
  • Project Fi
  • Project Loon
  • Proximus
  • Reliance Jio
  • Rogers
  • Singtel
  • Skype
  • SnapChat
  • Sony
  • Spotify
  • Starbucks
  • StarHub
  • Starz Play
  • STC Saudi Arabia
  • Telegram
  • Telkomsel
  • Tencent
  • TIM
  • Turkcell
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • Unitel Cape Verde
  • Verizon
  • Virgin Media UK
  • Viu
  • Vivacom
  • Vodacom
  • Vodafone
  • Vodafone Ghana
  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp
  • Wynk
  • YouTube
  • Zain Bahrain
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