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Marketeer's Almanac For Home Automation 2015

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Marketeer's Almanac For Home Automation 2015
Published: December 11, 2014 Content info: 31 Pages

The story of home automation is really just beginning today.

For years and years, the prevailing question in the automation industry has centered around finding the feature that will enable penetration into homes. For decades, technologies such as wireless were available, products tested in small market areas, and companies invested in a future automated home infrastructure. But nothing seemed to catch. Consumers did not adopt products, and did not even seem to care about the new usage models enabled by these innovative technologies and products.

What would it take?

This Marketeer's Almanac will help you decide.

My goal is for you to understand the home automation market, both its risks and the opportunities.

I hope to give you the tools that help you and your company decide how to participate in the home automation market and the insight to succeed throughout the year.

Report includes:

  • identification of market opportunities
  • review of drivers impacting the market
  • side-by-side analysis of third party market forecast report offerings
  • description of product types that integrate wireless control
  • outline of common home automation product categories
  • summary of how and by which channels products are sold
  • types of end customers
  • networking technology options

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Characteristics of an automated home

2. Overview of the home automation market

3. Comparison of market research companies

4. Analysis of the home area network

5. Monthly pages

  • companies to watch,
  • important conferences and conventions,
  • industry analysis,
  • innovation spotlights
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