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Global Multi-Sector Trends 2010

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Global Multi-Sector Trends 2010
Published: August 26, 2010 Content info: 256 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on April 27, 2013.




1.) Global trends in various industries

The “Global Multi-Sector Trend Report 2010” published by Hamburg-based market research firm provides a comprehensive overview of global trends in various key industries:

The report investigates trends in 19 widely varying sectors including construction, real estate and technology. Aside from important markets such as the USA, Europe and Asia, South America is also accounted for.

Characteristic development of offer and demand in various sectors

The “Global Multi-Sector Trend Report 2010” by presents many results that can be especially useful for companies that operate in multiple sectors:

  • However, US chemical sales will grow just as much as the GDP over the next few years; this development can be attributed to increased living standards and substitution of other natural resources.
  • The Asian construction sector is estimated to grow annually by 5% up until 2013, which is double the global average.
  • Despite the financial crisis, in Asia the demand for consumer electronics is expected to increase steadily in 2010.
  • One of the most important and widely discussed megatrends, healthy food, impacts the food industry worldwide.
  • Price competition in the US furniture industry intensified in 2009 as a result of declining demand and the further decreasing middle class.
  • The Indian logistics sector is expected to generate 125 billion US dollars in revenue for 2010, which is an increase of 17% compared to 2009.

2.) About our Reports

  • Market reports by inform top managers about recent market trends and assist with strategic company decisions
  • provides secondary market research: By using various sources of information we ensure maximum objectivity for all obtained data. As a result companies get a precise and unbiased impression of the market situation.
  • The analyses, statistical reports and forecasts are only based on reliable sources including national and international statistical offices, industry and trade associations, business reports, business and company databases, journals, company registries and news portals.
  • Our international employees research and filter all sources and translate relevant information into English. This ensures that the content of the original studies is correctly interpreted.
  • delivers all research results as PowerPoint files. All data can therefore be used directly for board presentations or be individually adapted.
  • If required, provides in-depth analysis for all research projects. Simply send us a request.

3.) About

Founded in 2005, is committed to the research of objective, demand-based and up-to-date data on markets and competitors for top managers from various industries including retail, home shopping, E-Commerce, telecommunication, logistics and energy. The Hamburg-based company is a specialist for secondary research with a clear international focus.

Report Statistics

  • Pages/Charts: 256
  • Format: PDF & PowerPoint
  • Publication Date: August 26th, 2010
  • Keywords: Automotive Ceramic Chemical Clothing Construction Electronics Food Beverages Furniture Hospital Healthcare Hotel Industrial Production Logistics Media Medicine Pharmaceutical Paint Real Estate Restaur[...]
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents


  • Global: Automotive Markets
  • Global: International Passenger Car Business in the first Half of 2010 (US, China, India)
  • Global: International Passenger Car Business in the first Half of 2010 (Japan, Brazil, Russia, Europe)
  • Europe: Car Registration Trends
  • Europe: Demand for heavy Trucks in 2010
  • Europe: Production of new Motor Vehicles in the EU27 by Type, January-March 2009
  • Germany: Trends in the Automotive Industry 2010
  • Germany: Trends for Electronic Cars


  • Global: Consumption of Ceramic Tiles, in sqm. million, 2000, 2008 & 2009
  • Global: Ceramic Industry Structure Trends
  • India: Size, Drivers and Challenges, Trends and Competition on the Ceramic Tiles Market
  • Indonesia: Export of Ceramic Tiles in 2010
  • Middle East: News about RAK Ceramics


  • Global: Chemicals Industry Outlook
  • Global: Chemicals Industry Opportunities
  • Global: Chemicals Industry Weaknesses and Trends
  • Global: Outlook for the Chemical Industry, by major Markets
  • Global: Growth of the Chemical Production (excl. Pharmaceuticals), in %, 2010 vs. 2008
  • Global: Growth of the Chemical Production (excl. Pharmaceuticals), in %, CAGR 2010-2012f
  • US: Competitiveness Trends in the Chemical Industry
  • Europe: Output of the Chemical Industry in 2010
  • EU: Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Production Growth, EU vs. USA, in %, Outlook 2009-2010
  • EU: Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Production Growth, in %, Sectoral Outlook, 2008-2010
  • EU: Outlook for the Chemicals Sector


  • Global: Top 10 Clothing Retailers, by Retail Sales in USD million, 2008
  • US: Retail Clothing Trends
  • US: Jeans Market Trends - Growth in the US Premium Jeans Market, in %, 2008 vs. 2007
  • US: Growth in the Apparel Market, in %, Dec - Feb 2009 vs. 2008 and 2008 vs. 2007
  • Russia: Growth Trends and structural Changes in Clothing, Footwear and Accessories Retail
  • Russia: The Clothing and Footwear Market by Distribution Channel, in %, 2009


  • Global: Green Cement Trends
  • Global: Trends and Impact on the Construction Chemicals Markets
  • Global: Total Construction Growth by Region, in %, 2013f vs. 2008
  • Global: Infrastructure Construction Growth, by Region, in %, CAGR 2008-2013f
  • US: Prospects of the Building Materials Industry
  • US: Construction Industry Trends during the Crisis and Outlook
  • US: Confidence in the Construction Industry
  • US: Construction Outlook for 2010
  • Europe: Ecological Trends - Green Buildings Growth Trends
  • UK: Housing Trends
  • Eastern Europe: Cement Production in the Czech Republic and Poland, January-June 2009
  • Eastern Europe: Construction Materials in Romania and Ukraine
  • Eastern Europe: Construction Output Trends in Romania and Slovakia - Construction Indicator 2008-2009
  • Czech Republic: Construction Output Trends - Output Growth, Year-on-Year in %, January 2008-May 2009
  • Hungary: Construction Output Trends - Output Growth, Year-on-Year in %, January 2008-May 2009
  • Poland: Construction Output Trends - General economic Climate, Year-on-Year in %, January 2008-May 2009
  • Poland: Production and Sale of Cement, January-June 2009
  • Ukraine: Size of the Building Material Industry, in USD billion, 2002-2008
  • Asia: Construction Chemicals Market
  • Asia: Size and Growth of the Construction Sector in India and China, in USD billion, 2007 & 2010
  • Asia: Construction Sector Growth Trends in China and India
  • China: Governmental Stimulus Plan in the Construction Industry
  • India: Cement Prices and Profitability in 2011-2012


  • Global: Electronic Component Shortages and possible Future Impacts
  • Global: Electronics Industry Outlook
  • Global: Electronics Industry Trends - Organic Electronics Market
  • Global: Electronics Industry Trends - Solar Plastic Panels
  • Global: Electronics Industry Trends - Personal Electronics' Energy Consumption
  • Global: Consumer Electronics Growth Drivers and Trends in 2010
  • Global: Electronics Retail Outlook by selected major Categories
  • Global: Electronics Retail Trends - Consumer Electronics Shipment
  • US: Consumer Electronics Shipment Trends 2010, by Category
  • US: Electronics Retail Trends 2009‘s Hottest Tech Trends
  • Europe: Consumer Electronics Trends 10 European Trends in Smarter Home Electronics
  • Central & Eastern Europe: Consumer Electronics Retail Trends
  • Asia: Electronics Industry Outlook
  • Asia: Consumer Electronics Retail Trends, including Online Retail and Spending Trends
  • Latin America: Consumer Electronics Retail Trends
  • Emerging Markets: Organic Electronics Manufacturing Trends


  • Global: Six Mega Trends impacting Global Food & Beverage Brands
  • Global: Beer Market Growth Trends
  • Global: Beverage Trends - Nestle' s new Lightweight PET Bottle
  • US: Top Beverage Flavor Trends
  • US: Bottled Water Market Share
  • US: Top 10 US Retailers, including Grocers and Discounters, by Revenue in USD billion, 2009
  • Europe: Food Retail Trends
  • Germany: Domestic and International Sales in the Food & Beverage Industry, in EUR billion, 2000-2009
  • Germany: Food & Beverage Industry - Breakdown by Segment, in %, 2009
  • Germany: Food Retail Trends - Food Sales, Store Development and Food Retail Formats
  • Germany: Food Retail Trends - Recent Developments and Organic Food
  • Russia: Most crisis-resistant Sectors in the Food and Beverage Industry, in %, 2009


  • US: Breakdown of Furniture and Bedding Spending by Category, in %, 2009
  • US: Ranking of Furniture and Bedding Spending by Category, in USD billion, 2009
  • US: Consumer Spending for Furniture and Bedding, in USD billion, 2007-2010 & 2014f
  • US: Furniture Median Price Points, by Category, in USD, 2009
  • US: Trends for Office/Contract Furniture
  • Germany: Furniture Industry Trends
  • France: Retail Sales Trends and Volume of the Furniture Market, in EUR billion, and Growth in %, 2000-2009
  • Bulgaria: Furniture Sales Trends


  • Global: Healthcare Trends
  • US: Top 10 Healthcare Trends
  • Poland: Hospital & Healthcare Trends, including Accessibility of Specialists
  • Czech Republic: Hospital & Healthcare Trends
  • Hungary: Hospital & Healthcare Trends
  • India: Healthcare Market Structure
  • India: Health Insurance and Investments in Healthcare
  • India: Medical Tourism and Government Initiative


  • US: Hotel Industry Forecast, including Supply/Demand Change, Occupancy Change, in %, 2004-2011f
  • US: Lodging Industry Forecast Europe: Hotel Trends - Demand for Hotel Accommodation


  • Global: Industrial Production Outlook
  • Global: Mergers & Acquisitions in Industrial Manufacturing
  • US: Industrial Production
  • US: Manufacturing Growth Trends and Outlook
  • US: Relation of Industrial Production and Exchange Rates
  • Europe: Industrial Production Trends
  • Japan: Industrial Production
  • China: Industrial Production
  • India: Industrial Production Trends
  • Brazil: Increase of Industrial Production


  • Global: Logistics Trends
  • Global: Logistics Outlook
  • India: Logistics Industry Market Size and Outlook
  • BRIC: Logistics Trends


  • Global: Entertainment & Media Market Size and Growth Trends until 2013
  • Global: Five Social Media Trends to watch: Location & Group Buying
  • Global: Five Social Media Trends to watch: Mobile Ads, Mobile Payments & Social Media Policy
  • Global: Digital Media Trends 2010
  • Global: Ten Social Media Trends
  • EU: Media Industry M&A Trends
  • India: Media Industry Market Trends 2009-2013, including Volume and Growth


  • Global: Pharmaceutical Market Trends
  • Global: Emerging Trends in the Medical Equipment Industry
  • Poland: Medicine Producer Trends
  • Poland: Value of the Pharmaceutical Market, in PLN billion and Y-o-Y Growth in %, 2009-2011f
  • Poland: Market Share of the largest Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, in %, May 2009
  • Czech Republic: Medicine Producer Trends
  • Hungary: Medicine Producer Trends


  • Global: Outlook for the Paint Markets, including Consumption by Region in millions, 2008, 2009 & 2014
  • US: Mergers & Acquisitions, Product and Technology Trends in the Paint and Coatings Industry
  • US: Segment Trends in the Paint and Coatings Industry / Quantity and Value of Shipments, 2004-2008
  • US: Selected Categories of the Paint and Coatings Industry - Projected Volume & Value, 2007-2012f
  • Central & Eastern Europe: General Situation of the Paint and Coatings Industry
  • Central & Eastern Europe: Growth in the Russian Market
  • Central & Eastern Europe: Players in the Russian Market
  • Asia: Paint and Coatings Industry Forecast
  • Asia: Growth of the Paint Market; including Market Size, in tons, 2009 & 2014f
  • Asia: Market Situation of the Paint Industry; including Value Split by Country, in %, 2008
  • Asia: Main Trends of the Paint and Coatings Market; including Markets with the highest Growth Potential
  • Asia: Growth Forecast for Asia-Pacific Paint Industry
  • South Africa: Growth of the Paint and Coatings Market; including Market Size, in USD million, 2009 & 2016f


  • Global: Real Estate Market Trends: Australia, Canada, UK, US & Spain
  • Global: Real Estate Market Trends: Switzerland & Sweden
  • US: General Trends in the Real Estate Market
  • Europe: General Trends in the Real Estate Markets
  • Europe: Real Estate Prospects for the Major Cities; including European Investment Market Prospects
  • Europe: Prospects for the Main Real Estate Sectors, by Property Types
  • Europe: Prospects for Real Estate Yields and Outlook, by Property Types
  • Eastern Europe: Real Estate Trends in Slovakia, Romania and Poland
  • Czech Republic: Real Estate Trends
  • Asia: General Trends in the Real Estate Markets
  • Asia: Property Prospects for the Major Cities
  • Asia: Property Sector Prospects, by City


  • Global: Restaurant Trends - Innovative Flavors
  • US: General Restaurant Trends, including Demand, Supply, Formats and Social Media
  • US: Top Restaurant Trends for 2010
  • US: Restaurant Trends - Family Dining Restaurants
  • Asia: Fast Food Restaurants and the Recession


  • Global: Top 10 Hot Technology Trends for 2010
  • Global: Top 10 strategic Technologies for 2010
  • Germany: Trends in Microtechnology, Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Industries


  • Global: Telecommunication Market Revenue, in USD trillion, 2003-2013f
  • Global: IPTV Service Revenues
  • Global: Smartphone Market Trends - Sales, in millions, 2009-2016
  • US: Telecommunication Market Trends
  • US: 10 Telecommunication Trends
  • US: Smartphones and Feature Phones; incl. Smartphone Penetration, in %, Q2 2008-Q3 2011f
  • US: Broadband Subscribers, in millions, 2003-2013f
  • US: Residential VOIP Subscribers, in millions, 2003-2013f
  • US: IPTV Revenue, in USD billion, 2006-2013f
  • US: Wireless Revenue, in USD billion, 2003-2013f
  • Europe: CIS Telcoms Markets in 2009 and 2010
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