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Global Omnichannel Commerce Trends 2018

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Global Omnichannel Commerce Trends 2018
Published: December 7, 2018 Content info: 86 Pages/Charts

"Lines between online and in-store shopping disappearing".

Consumers and merchants are changing their behavior, incorporating online elements such as researching product information on a smartphone into the in-store purchase process, or examining a product in a store before purchasing it online. The lines between online and in-store shopping are blurred, as retail purchases evolve into omnichannel shopping. The USA, UK and Australia lead this trend, though, according to the report, China is also rapidly moving into omnichannel, referred to there as “new retail.”

Over half of smartphone owners use the device for product or pricing information while in a store, a practice known as showrooming. Additionally, the practice of webrooming, researching online before making a purchase in a physical store, is done by two-thirds of Internet-connected shoppers worldwide. Nearly half of all retail purchases in the USA and Europe will have a digital touch within five years, according to a projection cited in the new report.

Other practices contribute to the movement to omnichannel retail. Making a purchase online for pick-up in store, or Click & Collect, is popular in many countries, particularly the UK. Many consumers appreciate the opportunity represented by the acronym BORIS, buying online, returning in-store. The innovative technologies of AI and the IoT along with mobile payments facilitate “just walk out” physical stores exemplified by Amazon Go stores, where consumers pick up goods without a traditional checkout process. This concept is particularly attractive to young adult shoppers, according to surveys cited in the report.

Covered Regions:

Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa.

Companies Mentioned: Inc,Walmart Inc, Zalando SE, Alibaba Group Holding, Inc, Co. Ltd.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

1. Management Summary

2. Global Developments

  • Omnichannel Retail Trends, October 2018
  • Total Retail Sales, in USD trillion, and Breakdown by M-Commerce, E-Commerce and Other Retail, in %, 2016-2021f
  • Shopping Channels Used at Least Weekly, by In-Store, PC, Tablet and Mobile, in % of Global Online Shoppers, 2013 & 2018e
  • Share of Internet Users Making Purchases via Smartphone At Home/Travelling/During Free Time and Using Smartphone In-Store, in %, December 2017
  • Purposes of Smartphone Usage In-Store, in % of Online Shoppers, by Asia and the USA, 2017
  • Share of Connected Multi-Channel Shoppers Who Purchase Products Online After Seeing them In-Store and Who Browse Products Online and Purchase Them In-Store, by On Occasion and Regularly, 2017
  • Share of Online Shoppers Who Have Used Click & Collect, in %, June 2018
  • Top 3 Reasons for Using Click & Collect, in % of Online Shoppers Who Have Used Click & Collect, June 2018
  • Share of Online Shoppers Who Have Used Buy Online Return In-Store Service, in %, June 2018
  • Share of Internet Users Who Would Prefer an “Amazon Go” Store Experience if Offered by Other Retailers, by Age Group, in %, April 2018
  • Omnichannel Retail Index by Product Category, 2015 & 2017
  • Top 10 Countries by Omnichannel Retail Development Index, on the Scale 1-100, 2017
  • Omnichannel Shopper Penetration, in % of Connected Multi-Channel Shoppers, by Brazil, Germany, Japan, France, the UK and the USA, 2017
  • Digitally Influenced Retail Sales Share Compared to E-Commerce Share, in % of Total Retail Sales, by Selected Advanced and Emerging Markets, 2017
  • Digitally Influenced Retail Sales Share Compared to E-Commerce Share, in % of Total Retail Sales, 2012, 2017 & 2022f
  • Digitally Influenced Retail Sales in Major Emerging Markets Compared to Total Retail Sales and E-Commerce Sales, in USD trillion, 2012, 2017 & 2022f

3. Asia-Pacific

  • 3.1. Regional
    • Breakdown of Research and Purchase Channels Used, by Product Category, in % of Middle Class Urban Consumers in Southeast Asia, Q2 2017
  • 3.2. China
    • “New Retail” Market Size, in CNY billion, 2017 & 2022f
    • Top 10 Market Players in “New Retail”, 2018
    • O2O Approaches Used in Shopping, in % of Urban Middle-Class Internet Users, January 2017
    • Share of Purchases Involving At Least One Digital Touch Point, in %, 2016 & 2021f
  • 3.3. Japan
    • Omnichannel Commerce Sales, in JPY trillion, and Year-on-Year Change, in %, 2015-2023f
  • 3.4. South Korea
    • Channels Used to Research and Purchase Products and Services, in % of Online Shoppers, January 2018
  • 3.5. Australia
    • Penetration of Webrooming and Showrooming Practices, in % of Online Shoppers, February 2017
    • Share of Internet Users Who Favor Retailers Offering Seamless Channel Integration, in %, February 2018
    • Breakdown of State of Innovation in Retail, by Retailer Type, incl. Brick and Mortar, Pure Play Online and Multichannel, in %, 2017
  • 3.6. India
    • Breakdown of Number and Value of Purchases by Urban Consumers by Channel, incl. “Pure Online”, “Pure Offline” and “Mixed”, in %, 2017
    • Breakdown of Purchase Transactions in Selected Product Categories, by Purely Online, Purely Offline and Mixed, in %, 2017
  • 3.7. Philippines
    • Share of Online Shoppers Practicing “Showrooming” Before Making an Online Purchase, in %, Compared to the Global Average, December 2017

4. Europe

  • 4.1. Regional
    • Digitally Influenced Offline Retail Sales in EU7, in EUR billion, 2017 & 2022f
    • Digitally Influenced Offline Retail Sales Share in EU7, in % of Offline Retail Sales, 2022f
    • Top 3 Product Categories in Webrooming and Showrooming, by Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, in % of Online Shoppers, January 2018
    • Factors Expected to Have the Greatest Impact on the Retail Industry in the Next 2-3 Years, in % of Multichannel Retailers, January 2017
  • 4.2. UK
    • Click & Collect Sales, in GBP billion, 2017 & 2022f
    • Click & Collect Share of B2C E-Commerce Sales, in %, 2017 & 2022f
    • Omnichannel Behavior Penetration, by Showrooming and Webrooming, in % of Consumers, 2017
    • Breakdown of Satisfaction of Consumers with Receiving a Consistent Omnichannel Purchasing Experience, in % of Consumers, August 2017
  • 4.3. Germany
    • Share of Purchases Preceded by Online Research via Smartphone, in %, by Online and Offline Purchases, 2017
    • Breakdown of Retail Purchases by Mono-Channel and Multi-Channel Purchases, by Online Purchases, Offline Purchases and Total Purchases, 2017
    • Most Important Payment Trends for the Next 3 Years According to Online Merchants, in % of Online Merchants, 2017
  • 4.4. France
    • Delivery Methods Used in E-Commerce, in % of Online Shoppers, 2017
  • 4.5. Italy
    • Breakdown of Frequency of Showrooming and Webrooming, in % of Online Shoppers, 2017
  • 4.6. Spain
    • Breakdown of Online Shoppers by Research and Purchase Channels, in %, July 2018
  • 4.7. Sweden
    • Overview of Omnichannel Shoppers, incl. Share of Consumers Who Did Webrooming and Showrooming, in %, Average Spending by Consumers Who Crossed Multiple Channels, and Average Spending by Consumers Who Used a Single Channel, in SEK, Q4 2017
  • 4.8. Poland
    • Breakdown of O2O Approaches Used in the Last Purchase, in % of Online Shoppers and Mobile Shoppers, April 2018

5. North America

  • 5.1. Regional
    • Retailers' Expectations of Sales Breakdown by Channel, in %, by Last 12-18 Months and Next 12-18 Months, November 2017
    • Breakdown of Percentage Share of Multichannel Shoppers, and Percentage Difference of Multichannel Shoppers' Spending Compared to Store-Only Shoppers, in % Retailers, November 2017
  • 5.2. USA
    • Digitally Influenced Sales Share, in % of Total Retail Sales, 2017 & 2022f
    • Digitally Influenced Sales Share, in % of Offline Retail Sales, 2014 - 2022f
    • Top Consumer-Facing Initiatives and Priorities for 2018, in % of Retailers, Q4 2017
    • Breakdown of Customers of Omnichannel Retailers by Omnichannel, Online Only and Offline Only, in %, and Breakdown of Sales of Omnichannel Retailers by Type of Customer, in %, Q1 2018
    • Breakdown of Search and Purchase Channels Used, in % of Consumers, January 2018
    • Breakdown of Channels Preferred for Doing Most of Shopping for Non-Grocery Items, by Mobile, Online and In-Store, in % of Consumers, by Age Group, March 2017
    • Awareness and Usage of Emerging Technologies in Shopping, in % of Consumers, July 2017
    • Share of Consumers Who Said They Would Enjoy Amazon Go More than Traditional Grocery Shopping, in %, February 2018
  • 5.3. Canada
    • Breakdown of Frequency of Showrooming and Webrooming, in % of Online Shoppers, March 2018

6. Latin America

  • 6.1. Brazil
    • Breakdown of Frequency of Webrooming and Showrooming, in % of Online Shoppers, 2017
    • Breakdown of E-Commerce Orders by Delivery Method, incl. In-Store Collect, in %, June 2018
  • 6.2. Mexico
    • Omnichannel Shopping Behavior, in % of Internet Users, July 2018

7. Middle East & Africa

  • 7.1. UAE
    • Omnichannel Features Supported by Multichannel Retailers, in %, August 2018
  • 7.2. Saudi Arabia
    • Channels Used to Purchase Selected Product Categories, by Online, Offline and Both, in % of Respondents, May 2017
    • Channels Used to Purchase Selected Categories of Services, by Online, Offline and Both, in % of Respondents, May 2017
  • 7.3. South Africa
    • Webrooming and Showrooming Penetration, in % of Internet Users, September 2018
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