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West Europe Water Coolers 2016

Published by Zenith Product code 210407
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West Europe Water Coolers 2016
Published: August 11, 2016 Content info: 630 Pages

22nd annual edition. Zenith's report on West Europe Water Coolers provides a comprehensive analysis of both the bottled and point of use water cooler markets in West Europe. Packed with data and insights, including a wide range of regional overview tables for easy comparison along with 16 detailed country sections.

Zenith's report on West Europe Water Coolers provides a comprehensive analysis on both bottled and POU water cooler markets across 16 countries. The report sets out market and segment totals, alongside detailed rankings and profiles of Europe's leading industry operators, providing the only report available on home and office delivery and POU market trends in the region. A full analysis of the POU market is also included for each of the 16 countries covered in the report.

Countries include: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

What this report covers

  • Regional market overview: Trends and developments of the bottled water cooler industry in West Europe including units, consumption, water types, packaging and throughput, machine types, outlets, regulatory environment, industry structure covering leading companies, mergers and acquisitions, price structure and revenue analysis, key market developments and issues for the future, forecasts to 2020.
  • 16 individual country sections: Trends and developments of the bottled water cooler industry including bottled water cooler units, water consumption, throughput, water types, cancellations, contract lengths, machine types, outlets, legislation, maintenance and additional services, pricing structure and revenue analysis covering average monthly rental, average bottle price and total revenue, leading coolers companies by installed units and water volume sales, leading water brands, market consolidation, market forecasts to 2020.
  • Over 50 overview charts and tables: Comprehensive data interrogating the entire West European bottled water cooler and POU cooler markets in full.
  • Over 150 company profiles: Full analysis of Europe's leading operators covering company description, structure, sales volume, unit placements and marketing.
Table of Contents
Product Code: 11305

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Overview

  • Market summary
  • Bottled water cooler market
  • POU cooler market: rapid development
  • POU and bottled coolers - one industry or two?
  • Water types via coolers
  • Packaging formats
  • Outlets - bottled water coolers
  • Outlets - POU coolers
  • Rented versus sold POU coolers
  • Conversion of bottled water coolers versus new POU business
  • Throughput
  • Machine types - bottled water coolers
  • Machine types - POU coolers
  • Service and maintenance
  • Price structures and market value
  • Price structures and market value - bottled water coolers
  • Price structures and market value - POU coolers
  • Cancellations
  • Contract lengths
  • Industry structure - total installed base by leading groups
  • Industry structure - bottled water coolers
  • Industry structure - POU coolers
  • Industry structure - mergers and acquisitions
  • Key industry developments and issues
  • Forecasts

Section 2 - Country profiles

  • Market overview - bottled watercoolers and point of use
    • Industry developments
  • Market structure - bottled water coolers
  • Throughput
    • Cancellations
    • Contract lengths
    • Outlets
    • Machine types
    • Water types
    • Legislation
    • Maintenance and additional services
  • Market structure - point of use
    • Conversion
    • Outlets
    • Machine types
    • Rented/sold
    • Maintenance and additional services
  • Price structure and revenue indicators - bottled coolers and point of use
  • Companies - bottled water coolers
  • Brands - bottled water coolers
  • Distributors - point of use
    • Forecasts - bottled water coolers and point of use

Section 3 - Overview charts

Section 4 - Overview tables

Section 5 - Company profiles

Section 6 - Appendices

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