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Bottled Water Packaging Innovation Report 2014

Published by Zenith Global Ltd Product code 326167
Published Content info 108 Pages
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Bottled Water Packaging Innovation Report 2014
Published: October 31, 2014 Content info: 108 Pages
  • The ultimate guide for anyone present or considering entering the bottled water or drinks packaging industries, with a view of offering innovative packaging and added value to consumers.
  • Includes an overview of common and innovative packaging types highlighting common themes in new product development.
  • Features a wide range of products, innovations and trends shaping the future of bottled water packaging.
  • Includes profiles of over 70 recently introduced bottled water packaging innovations.
  • Explores 4 key themes driving innovation in the bottled water packaging industry.

Background and report description

Much of the recent innovation in bottled water packaging has centered on reducing the environmental impact of bottled water consumption through initiatives including the development of plant-based packaging materials and recycle-friendly labels and adhesives, and the introduction of light-weighting production processes. Other significant drivers of change in the industry include developments to reduce production, transportation and storage costs; and aesthetic changes to attract new audiences, reinforce positioning and differentiate products on the shelf.

Zenith's report on bottled water packaging innovation examines the key trends and themes driving innovation and new product launches. The report is an ultimate guide of the most innovative and leading products in a user-friendly presentation format to help you quickly gain an understanding of innovation and new product development.

What this report covers

  • Category overview: overview of common packaging types and commentary on trends in water packaging innovation.
  • Key innovation drivers: an in-depth look at the 4 major themes driving innovation in the bottled water packaging market.
  • Product profiles: over 70 product profiles highlighting innovative concepts in bottled water packaging including product and manufacturer name, product image, overview of product, description of the innovation and current use in market.

Product profiles featured by 8 categories: PET, caps and closures, glass, cans and aluminium, cartons, bags and pouches, secondary packaging and children's bottled water.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and scope

2. Category overview

  • Common packaging types
  • Pre and post production innovation
  • Commentary -trends in packaging innovation

3.Key innovation drivers

  • Key drivers summary
  • Cost reduction
  • Environmental impact
  • Brand differentiation
  • New product development and innovation

4. Product profiles

  • 4.1 Product profiles: PET
  • 4.2 Product profiles: Caps and Closures
  • 4.3 Product profiles: Glass
  • 4.4 Product profiles:Cans and Aluminium
  • 4.5 Product profiles:Cartons
  • 4.6 Product profiles: Bags and Pouches
  • 4.7 Product profiles: Secondary packaging
  • 4.8 Product profiles: Children's Bottled Water
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