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Complete 2013-14 U.S. Cord Blood Banking Industry Report

The U.S. cord blood banking industry is the most mature cord blood banking market in the world. Within the United States, cord blood banks have appeared in nearly every state. This rapid market growth represents both an opportunity to profit, as well as swarming competition.

Your Roadmap to the Next 5 Years

Over the past 12 months, the cord blood banking industry has expanded through double digit growth, due to new entrants in the cord blood banking industry, as well as revenue growth at existing operations. To guide industry competitors, this report carefully considers the following questions:

  • What factors are causing a substantial number of new cord blood banks to open up business?
  • What will be the effect of these new entrants to the cord blood banking industry?
  • How can existing competitors maintain a position of dominance among this trend?

This industry report is focused on your needs and includes content relevant to what you want to know - how to optimally price your services, criteria that make expectant parents likely to purchase private cord blood banking services, and how to grow in a competitive industry.

Like it or not, the cord blood banking industry is getting more and more competitive every day. By doing nothing, clients will likely be won over by better informed, or simply more aggressive, competitors.

Report Benefits:

1) Increase Your Customer Base - Have more parents electing to use your cord blood banking services when you strategically understand your industry.

2) Become a Strategic Leader - Leverage this valuable, detailed, and rare information to ensure that you are fully equipped with the necessary information to successfully lead you company and achieve desired results.

3) Increase Profits - Make more profit while putting forth less effort than before.

4) Industry Security - Be able to both survive and thrive in the cord blood banking industry, even as it becomes much more competitive. Can you survive if the quantity of your competition doubles again? It is likely to happen.

5) Crush Competition - Be able to take away market share from the competition as you gain a strategic “edge”.

Report Format:

Part 1: U.S. Cord Blood Banking Industry - Market Overview & Outlook

Part 2: Expansion and Growth - Trailing 12-Month Analysis & Forward Projections

Part 3: Comprehensive Parent Survey - Continuing to Grow by Listening to Expectant Parents

(The Contents on this Website is a Condensed Version of the Original Report. To View the Complete Version, Please Request a Sample.)

Table of Contents

PART 1: U.S. Cord Blood Banking Industry - Market Overview & Outlook

I. Timeline of Critical Events in U.S. Cord Blood Banking

II. Likelihood of Needing a Stem Cell Transplant

  • A. Childhood Probability
  • B. Adult Probability
  • C. Full Life-Span Analysis

III. Current, Near-Term, and Projected Conditions Treatable with Cord Blood Transplant

IV. Cord Blood vs. Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood, as a Source of Stem Cells for Transplant

V. Cord Blood Banking - Storage Options

PART 2: Expansion and Growth - Trailing Twelve Month Analysis & Forward Projections

I. Fast-Growth vs. Flat-Growth - Bimodal Distribution

II. Growth Rate

III. Revenue

  • A. Flat-line growth companies (< 3% per year)
  • B. Substantive revenue growth companies (25% or more per year)

IV. Industry Conditions - North America

V. Trends

  • A. Rates of Worldwide Cord Blood Storage (Units per Year)
  • B. Rates of Parental Awareness
  • C. Medical Society Opinions of Cord Blood Banking
  • D. Cord Blood Research Publication Rates
  • E. Cord Blood Research Funding Levels (Grant Analysis)
  • F. Cord Blood Patent Breakdown
  • G. Rates of Cord Blood Research Product Development
  • H. Top Countries for Cord Blood Research
  • I. Cord Blood Conferences & Events

VI. Cord Tissue Storage

  • A. Overview of Cord Blood Storage vs. Cord Tissue Storage
  • B. Pricing of Cord Tissue Storage
  • C. Clinical Trials - Cord Blood vs. Cord Tissue
  • D. Market Penetration of Cord Tissue Storage

VII. Barriers to Entering the U.S. Cord Blood Market

  • A. Accreditation
  • B. Security requirements
  • C. Laboratory and storage requirements
  • D. Legislation

VIII. Leveraging Novel Tactics for Substantive Revenue Growth

  • A. Strategic Collaborations
  • B. Careful Selection of Region
  • C. Establishing Credentials - Indicators of Reputability (Accreditation, Licensure, Transplant Track Records)
  • D. Merger and Acquisition Potential
  • E. Multi-National Marketing Framework
  • F. Parental Referral Programs
  • G. Effective Communication of Cord Blood Banking Services
  • H. Rapid Integration of New Technologies
  • I. Low-Cost Operating Environment
  • J. Government Support and Affiliation
  • K. Utilizing Third-Party Cryogenic Storage Facilities
  • L. Capital Resources

IX. Comparing to the Competition - Setting Yourself Apart

  • A. Ten Largest U.S. Cord Blood Banks - Pricing and Characteristics Comparison
  • B. Cost Variation
  • C. Accreditation Standards for U.S. Cord Blood Banks
  • D. Technical Variables
  • E. Corporate Variables

PART 3: Parent Survey - Continuing to Grow by Listening to Expectant Parents

I. Expectant Parent Survey

II. Summary of Conclusions


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