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About Global Information, Inc.

Global Information, Inc. is an information service company holding offices in 6 countries and have sales agency contracts with over 300 research companies around the world. We sell 30,000 market research reports published by these publishers and accept custom-made researches.

Message from CEO

Our mission is examining and delivering market information which is truly valuable for our customers.

Satoru Ono
President & CEO

In the 21st century economy, the speed of information communication is dramatically getting faster and globalization is expanding according to prevailing internet. In this economy, one of the important keys to survive against competition is how to achieve truly valuable information promptly and accurately.

We support customers’ decision making beyond national boundaries, language differences and time differences, provide the suitable market information which could contribute to customers’ business deployments, and contribute to the meaningful activation of each industry from the phase of “information”.


For more than 30 years, we have delivered quality market intelligence in leading vertical industries.

Global Information Inc. (GII), is headquartered in Japan with overseas offices worldwide. GII partners with over 300 market research companies as well as more than 50 global conference organizers. We provide comprehensive services to clients in diversified industry sectors. Our primary mission is to provide reliable resources to support clients in decision-making processes; our ultimate goal is to assist our clients with business development strategies.


GII teams work diligently to deliver quality products and valuable services to our global clients.

Market Intelligence

Utilizing our worldwide network of over 300 market research firms, our strength is in allocating the best resource to capture current global market trends and technology developments. We continuously add new sources of intelligence to ensure our clients enjoy the most updated market information.

Business Strategies

In business, we understand the importance of accurate data and analysis, as well as the role it plays in decision making processes. We provide our clients access to the most reliable analyst teams that can answer critical questions in support of their business strategies.

Customer Care

At GII, we get to know our clients so we can recommend solutions matched to their specific business needs. We listen to our clients’ feedback and provide continuous customer care to assure all questions are answered precisely and efficiently