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PUBLISHER: Analysys Mason | PRODUCT CODE: 1491801

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PUBLISHER: Analysys Mason | PRODUCT CODE: 1491801

IoT Services Research Subscription

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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This programme examines the Internet of Things (IoT) market from the telecoms industry perspective. It assesses opportunities for mobile operators, connectivity disruptors and other players in IoT. Our findings are based on extensive research, involving interviews with vendors, operators and end users. We produce a detailed 10-year forecast on the IoT opportunity, covering 83 countries, split by sector, application, revenue type and network technology.


  • Automotive. The opportunities for IoT players in the automotive segment, including how operators can monetise the 5G opportunity in automotive.
  • IoT platforms. Analysing the competitive landscape in the IoT connectivity and device management platform space.
  • Future growth. Assessing the emerging opportunities in IoT, such as electric vehicle (EV) charging, satellite IoT and iSIMs.

Questions answered:

  • What is the size of the wide-area, wireless IoT market, and what is addressable to operators?
  • Which sectors present future growth opportunities for IoT players? How should operators develop propositions in these sectors?
  • Who are the connectivity players in the IoT market? What strategies are the most successful players employing?
  • How are IoT connectivity providers differentiating themselves and how sustainable are these differentiators?
  • What impact will emerging technologies, such as eSIMs and iSIMs, have on the IoT value chain? How should operators and vendors respond?

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