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BCC Research Report Subscription: Commerce

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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The four most expensive words in the English language are, 'This time it's different.' --Sir John Templeton. Market intelligence in this field asks us to learn not only what went wrong previously, but to understand how success can be consistently re-applied. At the intersection of commerce, price to earnings ratio confronts incandescently hot technology invention. We map out a path forward, past the funding gulch, into a new territory of pure business and commerce practicalities.

Topics covered in BCC's Commerce Collection are: Customer-Centric, E Commerce, Zero Net Energy, Carbon Footprint, Sustainability, IoT, Climate Change, Fintech, Digital Banking, M&A, Virtual Assistants, Account Management, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Commercial and Investment Bank, Brokerage, Business Strategy, Comparative Market Share and Presence, Franchisee, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality, Security, Analytics, Blockchain, Crowd Funding, Fremium Model, Patent, Angel Investor, Fund, investment Fund, Exit Strategy, 10X Return, Disruptive Technology, Institutional Investor, Total Addressable Market, Value Proposition, ROI, Off-Ramp, Green Investment, Sustainability and Forbes.

Topics covered in this Collection structured in:


Customer-centric, e-commerce, zero net energy, carbon footprint, sustainability, internet of things, multi-player, climate change. Recent publications cover the global market of Vehicle Sales, Eye and Face Protection, The Soaring and the Falling in 2020, Future Cars, Esports: Douyu, Huya, Twitch and YouTube and Impact of Online Convenience Services.


Fintech, digital banking, merger and acquisition, leverage, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, account management, lending, financial services. Recent publications cover the global market of Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement, Shared Economy: WeWork, Uber, Airbnb and Lyft, Insurtech, Offshoring Opportunities and China's investments in the U.S. and European Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Suppliers.

Franchise reports

Overall business strategy and analysis, historical perspective, comparative market share and presence, costs associated with becoming a franchisee, key people, unique challenges and opportunities, and more. Recent publications cover the Franchise Profiles of Le Macaron, Nothing Bundt Cakes and others.

Information Technology

Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, digital, software-defined, cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, security, analytics, blockchain and others. Recent publications cover the global market of e-Pharmacy, Self-Service Kiosks, Fantasy Sports Industry, Video-On Demand, Deep Learning, Voice Assistant Applications, Smart Retail, Video Games, Smart Transportation, AI in Cancer, IoT security and CRM Software.


Crowd funding, freemium model, patent, corporate lawyer, angel investor, friends and family, dumb money. Recent publications cover know-how to Beginners Guide to Disruption, Patent Protection, Fashion Tech start-ups, etc.

Venture Capital

Fund, investment fund, exit, 10X return, disruptive technology, institutional investor, total addressable market, value proposition, Midas list, return on investment ROI, off-ramp, renewal energy, green investment, sustainability, Forbes. Recent publications cover the Impact of the Unicorn Companies, Voxel-Pixel Integration, Medical Marijuana and Opioid Crisis.

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