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Electronics & Communication Technologies Competitive & Market Intelligence Subscription

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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BIS Research has a repository of over 700 syndicated publications across its portfolio of industry and technology verticals, viz. Healthcare, Automotive/Mobility, Aerospace, Defense & Security, Agriculture, Food Tech, Advanced Materials, Chemicals & Fuels, Digital Technologies, Electronics & Semiconductors, Robotics & Automation.

Our subscription plans are flexible and affordable. Educational clients and students get special discounts.

Insight Monk Subscription Plans

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  • Unlimited Company Profiles: Access company profiles across all BIS Research reports
  • Access to AI-Enabled Search: Contextualized noise-free results are extracted from over 100,000 curated and credible sources. These results can be further filtered by topics, countries, companies, sources, and sectors.
  • Access to the Q&A Forum: view, ask, and submit answers on a variety of DeepTech topics

Reasons to Consider a Market Intelligence Subscription from BIS Research

BIS Research has provided credible market intelligence to over 2000 global companies and educational and research institutions and enabled them to make crucial decisions and achieve scale. Many of our clients have already upgraded to an InsightMonk subscription.

InsightMonk (by BIS Research) enables businesses and individuals to accelerate technology discovery, business evaluation, and innovation planning. It is a digital competitive intelligence platform that lets you track latest developments in your industry (with the noise filtered out) and offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible subscription plans that provide access to BIS Research reports (published as well as upcoming), analyst notes, white-papers, market statistics, and expert insights
  • Unlimited search across PDF documents from over 100k credible sources such World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization, etc
  • Significant savings as compared to pay as you buy model Schedule a demo to know more.
  • All BIS Research subscriptions come with a dedicated account manager, who will assist you with all requirements within one business day
  • Analyst support and interaction as required - discuss scopes of upcoming research titles or give your inputs; propose new titles for research and get the first copy of the report
  • Access a global community of experts (through our InsightMonk platform) including senior academicians and industry professionals
  • An opportunity to be a part of our panel of experts

The electronics and semiconductor sector is considered as one of the primary foundations of the global economy. The industry is characterized by a high degree of competition and intensive research and development analyses to offer better quality products. The market is globally driven by rising demand for specialized IT hardware, professional automation products, and consumer electronics.

The electronic devices market research offered by BIS Research provides forecasts about the future of the industry. Our reports provide growth estimates for the flourishing electronics industry, nations developing these products, and increasing demand for updated electronic devices. Research studies conducted by BIS Research highlight the electronics and communication technologies market trends, their applications, product types, and the ways they influence the growth of other industry verticals.

The BIS Research for semiconductor industry analysis helps our clients utilize our deep expertise in the sensors and semiconductor industry. The research explains how AI, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT), among other innovations, are presenting massive opportunities for the next decade. The research also looks into the rapid technological transformation in the industry. Our comprehensive and rigorous research provides forecasts for the upcoming five to ten years on technologies, including intelligent lighting, IoT, sensors, silicon photonics, and augmented reality, among others.

The semiconductor market research forecasts the industry as the driving force of technological developments and advancements. The extensive use of the semiconductors in the electronic devices market for smartphones, flat-screen monitors & LED TVs, civil aerospace, and military systems is expected to propel the demand. Also, the surging requirements from various applications such as healthcare, industrial, and automotive, along with the continuously evolving IoT market, have been identified as the key opportunities that could escalate the market growth in the coming years.

BIS Research includes the market overview in the semiconductor industry analysis. This helps examine the industry outlook in terms of factors driving the market trends, technological developments, opportunities and competitive benchmarking, among others.

These reports provides a detailed semiconductor industry market research, the dynamics of working for the industry and the competitive landscape it exhibits. The key participants of the industry are also included in the analysis along with the strategies that are proven trends. Some of the strategies that the companies involved undertake are partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. The preferred strategy for the companies has been partnerships and collaborations that help them strengthen their positions in the market; as the research conducted by BIS Research for efficient data provision estimates.

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