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PUBLISHER: CCM Data & Business Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 1158126

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PUBLISHER: CCM Data & Business Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 1158126

Pyrethroids Market in India Quarterly Report

PUBLISHED: 4 issues / year
PAGES: 20 Pages
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On 30 March, Hemani Industries filed a draft red herring prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Board of India for a Rs 2,000 crore IPO.

The India market price of cypermethrin technical saw YoY increase as supply getting tight and production running low in the first quarter of the year.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict has halved Ukraine's planting areas and hence undermined the pyrethroids orders to Ukraine, and caused supply disruptions of fertilizers to Brazil and India. Further induced problems may hit Brazil's expansion scheme for planting areas, and reduce India's pyrethroids export to Brazil.

In Jan.-Feb., India exported 476,331 kg of bifenthrin technical, about 87.46% of which went to the US.

In Jan.-Feb., India exported 2,930,216 kg of cypermethrin technical, 48% of which were to the two largest buyers China and Brazil.

In Jan.-Feb., India exported totally 85,495 kg of lambda-cyhalothrin technical, most to Belgium.

In Jan.-Feb., India exported approx. 171,171 kg of deltamethrin technical at USD67.37/kg and 119,963 kg of fenpropathrin technical at USD21.46/kg.

The total output of cotton in India is predicted to decrease in 2021/22, partly due to damages generated by cotton bollworms. Punjab plans to tackle such a problem before seed sowing in 2022/23.

Some wheat-growing areas in China have suffered worse aphid attack than last year, which may somehow pep up the country's demand for lambda-cyhalothrin.

All the synthetic pyrethroids products exported out of India are exempted from duty while the imported ones are subject to 10% duty in 2022.

China and the US levy a tariff rate of 6.5% respectively on synthetic pyrethroids imported from India in 2022.

In Q1, the Indian market prices of pyrethroid technicals saw a 27.54% of growth on average.

Pyrethroids is one of the most popular insecticides in the world. It is widely used in crop protection and hygienic application. Pyrethroids includes bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, cypermethrin, deltamethrin, esfenvalerate, fenpropathrin, fenvalerate, lambda-cyhalothrin, permethrin, etc.

India is a key pyrethroids supplier in the world currently and supplies most of pyrethroids and prethoroid intermediates in the International market. Indian companies, for example, Bharat Rasayan, Hemani, Heranba, Meghmani, Tagros, UPL, Gharda, are the world's key pyrethroids manufacturers.

In this report, CCM focuses on the Indian prethroid company dynamics in acquisition of the latest and in-depth information, looks into trade information, market dynamics, policies in the country, and delivers valuable information and general analysis.

Table of Contents

Editor's note

Company and market dynamics

Hemani Industries files draft paper for Rs 2,000 crore IPO

Cypermethrin technical: tight in supply in Q1

Impacts of Ukraine-Russia conflict on India's pyrethroids exports

Trade dynamics

About 87.46% of India's exported bifenthrin technical bound for the US in Jan.-Feb.

China and Brazil take up 48% of India's cypermethrin technical export in Jan.-Feb.

Belgium emerges as the first destination of India's lambda-cyhalothrin

Exports of deltamethrin and fenpropathrin from India


Punjab to sweep cotton bollworms

Wheat aphid risk may increase China's demand for lambda-cyhalothrin

Policy dynamics

Tariff rates for synthetic pyrethroids products in India in 2022

Tariff rates for India's synthetic pyrethroids in China and the US in 2022


Indian pyrethroid technicals market prices soar by 27.54% in Q1

Brief news

Russia-Ukraine conflict pushing up oil price in India

Insecticides (India) and Nissan Chemical launch two new crop protection products

India's agriculture exports expected to exceed USD50 billion in FY22

FMC India pushes new insecticide against Bactrocera

Meghmani Finechem reports a near three-fold rise in standalone net profit

UPL reports growth in Q3 revenue and new launch of rice insecticide

UPL to invest further in WRMS while divest stake in subsidiary ANSL

India Pesticides sees consolidated revenue growing by 56% in Q3 FY22

ADAMA launches patented rice insecticide Barroz® in India

Best Agrolife certified as the first to produce spiromesifen technical in India

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