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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132159

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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132159

Food, Nutrition and Animal Feed Competitive & Market Intelligence Subscription

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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Global Market Insights Inc. currently has a repository of more than 2,000 syndicated reports covering a diverse range of industries like Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Bulk and Specialty Chemicals, Electronics and Media, Oil, Gas, and Energy, Food, Nutrition, and Animal Feed, Healthcare and Medical Devices, HVAC and Construction, Polymers and Advanced Materials, and Sustainable and Smart Technologies.


Utilize our GMIPulse platform to subscribe and get the finest strategic value that Global Market Insights Inc. has to offer. The subscription service from Global Market Insights Inc. is adaptable and can be customized as required. It includes:

  • Easy access to granular and authentic market data
  • Go-to solution for all market research needs
  • Comprehensive competitive landscape and a breakdown of company profiles
  • Ability to realize a proper understanding of industry ecosystems
  • Custom client profiles to understand the latest growth opportunities and needs
  • Technology tracking and its impact on industry trends

These reports also cover previously published reports and reports to be published during the subscription span. Additionally, GMIPulse also offers access to the latest report releases, upcoming GMI launches, and more as and when they are published.

Exceptional benefits of GMIPulse:

1. Instant report access

Subscription to GMIPulse would provide clients with direct access to comprehensive market reports in no time.

2. Tailor-made reports

Access to customized market reports consisting of trends, technological developments, and innovations by company leaders as per client needs.

3. Priority sales support

Access to best-in-class sales support and assistance in lesser time.

4. Market tracker

Get streamlined access to all the trends and happenings in the market for informed decision-making.

5. Enhanced analyst hours

Improved access to analysts for a variety of strategic assistance and explanations.

6. Pricing benefits

Tailor-made reports that fit clients' pockets and needs.

7. Secure login

Password-protected access to all reports, anytime for enhanced user experience and security.

Food, Nutrition and Animal Feed

The increasing concerns toward health and wellness are driving the attention of consumers toward food & nutrition that offers vital nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body. This growing consumer awareness is enabling companies in the food & beverage industry to understand the needs and preferences of the consumers. The growing consumer consciousness in terms of their eating habits and increasing inclination toward healthy food will drive the food and nutrition market demand. Moreover, the market is also witnessing growing animal health concerns owing to the increased consumption of meat products.

Global Market Insights focuses on innovative developments taking place in the food, nutrition & animal feed industries. It also tracks the changes & evolutions in the industry and covers market information regarding the following segments:

  • Nutraceuticals & Functional Food
  • Animal Feed
  • Plant-based Alternatives
  • Proteins
  • Food & Beverage Additives

Nutraceuticals & Functional Food: The modified eating habits and consumption patterns of consumers will drive the demand for nutraceuticals and functional foods. Increasing stress and their negative health impacts are making consumers more cautious about their dietary habits. Owing to these factors, the demand for nutrition & health-promoting foods is increasing. Along with the taste, consumers are now paying attention to the nutritional value offered by a particular type of food and hence the scope for nutraceuticals & functional food is likely to widen in the coming years. Furthermore, the increasing trend toward the intake of dietary and nutritional supplements will also create more opportunities for the segment. Global Market Insights provides insights into various products in the sector such as probiotics, prebiotics, and food antioxidants. GMI also covers various strategic initiatives, major driving factors, business development activities, and new product launches that are taking place in the industry.

Animal Feed: The role of animal feed in the health and welfare of animals will ultimately affect the quality of products obtained from animals, thus creating awareness among farmers about the importance of providing adequate & high-quality animal feeds. This awareness will support the market demand for animal feed. The growing demand for animal-based protein will intensify livestock production. To ensure the utmost safety of animal-based food products and minimize the risk of transfer of health hazards from animal-based food products to consumers, the demand for animal feed is likely to witness an upward trajectory. Global Market Insights covers market studies for a wide spectrum of animal feed products including animal feed organic trace minerals, animal feed additives, and animal feed enzymes. It further provides details about the key competitors operating across the industry and provides detailed company profiles focusing on the overview, strategic initiatives, product assortment & SWOT analysis of the players in the animal feed industry.

Plant-based Alternatives: The growing tendency of consumers toward natural & organic ingredients will drive the market for plant-based alternatives. To prevent the unnecessary impacts of chemicals on human health, consumers are increasingly inclining toward plant-based alternatives for fulfilling their nutritional needs without any side effects. Also, the increased inclination toward organic and chemical-free products post-COVID-19 will encourage the food & beverage industry players to invest in research and development for producing more plant-based products. Also, the incorporation of plant-based ingredients into animal feed increases its affordability, in turn, supporting its demand in the animal feed industry. Global Market Insights covers other various aspects of the industry including plant-based ingredients, plant-based waters, plant-based beverages, and plant-based meat. GMI covers all the key players operating in this industry and the strategies adopted by them, i.e., potential growth drivers & restraints, regulatory landscape, and further in-depth analysis of the industry.

Proteins: The perspective of consumers toward protein as a power nutrient has increased their inclination toward protein-based food products. Also, the sudden eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted consumer focus toward health & nutrition; thus, the market for plant-based & animal-based proteins is likely to have a huge scope in the near future. Furthermore, the efforts of industry players to incorporate new protein sources and advanced processing technologies to offer proteins through various food types, such as snacks, beverages & bakery goods, i.e., make them both healthy & tasty, will attract more consumers. Such innovative methods and growing consumer nutritional needs will accelerate the demand for proteins. Global Market Insights provides an extensive analysis of the products available across the industry including protein ingredients, protein bars, protein powder, and almond proteins. The company further gives insights into the industry segmentation, innovation & sustainability, and business development strategies undertaken by major industry players.

Food & Beverage Additives: The increasing use of additives for enhancing the safety, freshness, texture, appearance & taste of the food products will accelerate its market demand. The importance of food additives to ensure safety and preservation during large-scale production will encourage manufacturers to use food and beverage additives. For making the food more appealing to the customers, The need for additives is growing in the food & beverage industry as they make food more appealing to the customers, impart taste to the food, and enhance its nutritional value. Companies are trying to gain a competitive advantage by developing innovative products with the help of additives such as flavoring agents & sweeteners, supporting the market growth of food & beverage additives. Global Market Insights provides information about the innovations & strategies adopted by the major players operating in the industry and offers details about the current trends & growth drivers associated with the market dynamics. It also covers other aspects of the industry including food & beverage color fixing agents, food flavors & enhancers, food enzymes, and food colorants.

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