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IoT Analytics Corporate Research Subscription: Market Insights for the Internet of Things

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Published annual subscription Content info
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IoT Analytics Corporate Research Subscription: Market Insights for the Internet of Things
Published: annual subscription Content info:

IoT Analytics strives to be the most relevant and highest quality market research provider for the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. We measure ourselves by the impact our research has on our customer's decision-making. It is only successful when it enables you to make better decisions, be it on your product roadmap, marketing strategy, vendor selection, partnership development or overall IoT strategy.

Quality first. We are proud that our clients ranked us “4.6/5” on average in our 2018 customer satisfaction survey and consistently scored us as “better” than our competitors, especially for product quality.

Global Coverage. Since 2014 we have worked with more than 300 customers globally across both the vendor and end-user community and across most major industries. Our international team spends hours interviewing people, screening presentations, attending conferences and discussing findings internally. We offer the results in the form of reports and research notes. We can also make you an offer for bespoke research. Have a look at this document and let us know if you find the content compelling?

Research Focus. A large part of our work is focusing on what is happening now, as well as making sense of the short and medium termtrends. There is a steady market growth in IoT today and we are actively looking for catalysts and success stories that may indicate further market acceleration -as a subscriber you will hear about those first.

Research Areas. Our main areas of research currently include: IoT platforms, Industrial IoT/Industrie4.0, IoT Connectivity, and Smart City. We also publish general documents like our semi-annual “State of the IoT” report and we do perform work on other areas such as IoT Security and Smart Home. At the moment, the output to our subscribers is 1-2 research reports per month. We continue to grow our team further and will add new topics soon such as Analytics/AI, Blockchain, and 5G. This will further increase the frequency of publications. Please let usknow what other research you would like to see and what it takes to make our relationship as productive as possible?

We typically publish 3 different types of materials

Market Reports

IoT Platforms Market Report 2018-2023


  • IoT Platform Market Report
  • IoT Security Market Report
  • LPWA Market Report
  • many more

IoT databases & lists

List of 450+ IoT platforms

  • IoT platforms database
  • IoT projects database
  • IoT startups database
  • IoT M&A database

General Market Forecast & State of the IoT

State of the IoT Report -Summer 2018

  • State of the IoT -Summer 2018 incl. overall IoT market sizing & outlook

Our Work Streams -Market Report Areas

Why should you sign up for subscription service?

Benefits at a glance

Access to all insights

We give you unlimited access to all research reports, research notes, and other materials that get produced during the timeframe of your subscription. This ensures that you get complete coverage on all major IoT and Industry 4.0 topics.

Access to proprietary (subscriber-only) content

There are certain research reports that are produced for our research subscribers only and cannot be purchased individually. This includes our semi-annual “State of the IoT” report as well as bespoke research summaries from specific sideline projects.

Cost efficiency (vs purchasing individual reports)

Being a research stream subscriber is significantly more cost-efficient than purchasing individual reports on the IoT Analytics website. This is especially valuable for larger firms whose need for individual reports arise from many different departments in the company.

+ Access to our analysts

(prior appointment required -Enterprise license only)

Membership Packages and Pricing SchemesUpgrades & Additional Services

Upgrades (Charges Apply)

  • Global Licenses - The Enterprise Subscription package can be upgraded to a global license, which will entitle all employees within a specified country to have access to our data, please contact your local sales rep for further information
  • Community Licenses - The Enterprise Subscription package can be upgraded to a community license, which will entitle all registered users within a specified community to have access to our data, please contact your local sales rep for further information

Additional Services (Charges Apply)

  • Market Data Customizations
  • Specific Research Projects
  • Tailor Made Reports
  • Expert Interviews
  • End User Surveys
  • Marketing Services (Webinars, Pamphlets and White Papers)
  • Consultancy Services

Example of a recent report & corresponding feedback

Predictive Maintenance 2017-2022

Customer feedback

“The Predictive Maintenance Study has served us very well! It was the catalyst that triggered the right internal discussions we should lead.” Strategy Manager at Buildings Automation Supplier in Switzerland.

“I have now read the complete report and wanted to tell you that I find it extremely well done” Business Solution Manager at System Integrator in USA.

“The report was very useful to us!” COO at Industrial Hardware and Software solution provider in Poland.

What people and customers say about us


“We engaged IoT Analytics to perform digital ecosystem and competitive intelligence gathering, andwere very pleased with their depth of understanding of the Industrial Internet of Things. Their team worked with us in a highly collaborative manner, anddelivered a series of reports that were greatly appreciated by the digital leadership team and other key stakeholders in Marketing & Sales. I'd recommend this boutique firm without reservation.” Kathleen Conroy, Group Vice President at ABB.

“We engaged IoT Analytics to understand how IoT supports Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations. Together we developed a framework to measure impact of IoT projects on the UN SDGs, applied the framework on an IoT Analytics proprietary database of 640+ projects and drew meaningful insights related to the concentration of IoT deployments by SDG and location, project size, etc.Building on this analysis, IoT Analytics helped us conduct interviews with over 40 executives and experts across the IoT ecosystem to develop a set of IoT Guidelines for Sustainability that we published in January of 2018 during our Annual Meeting in Davos. This work informed high level discussions with senior executives and public figures in Davos and will be a strong reference for the work we will do moving forward on this space. I am very impressed with IoT Analytics'sprofessional approach and their ability to help us connect the dots between IoT and sustainability. Their commitment to the success of our project is praiseworthy. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to work with Knud and Abhay”. Rodrigo Arias, Content Lead for Technology, Media & Digital Industries at World Economic Forum LLC.

“I find it really impressive how the IoT Analytics team have built up a broad and proprietary knowledge base around the Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0 ecosystems.” Markus Lorenz, Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group.

“My experience working with the team of experts at IoT Analytics has been enjoyable and enlightening. The work was delivered on time, on budget, and beyond our expectations.” Jake White, VP Marketing at MyDevicesIoT platform.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Work Stream2018 and before Publications
IoT Platforms/Software
  • IoT Security Market Report 2017-2022
  • IoT Platforms Market Report 2018-2023
  • IoT Platforms Vendor Comparison 2018
Industrial IoT
  • Predictive Maintenance 2017-2022
  • Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing 2018-2023
Smart City & IoT Connectivity
  • Smart Thermostats 2015-2021
  • Smart Home Market Tracker 2017
  • Connected Streetlights 2018-2023
  • LPWAN Market Report 2018-2023
General IoT
  • IoT Investment and M&A Update 2018
  • IoT in Postal Operations & Services
Exclusive Content
  • State of the IoT Market (x2)

Work Stream2019 Publications
IoT Platforms/Software
  • IIoTPlatforms in Manufacturing
  • IoT Platforms End-User Satisfaction Report
  • IoT Platforms Competitive Landscape
Industrial IoT
  • Predictive Maintenance Market Report
  • Industry 4.0 Adoption Survey
  • Industrial A.I. Market Report
  • Equipment as a Service Report
Smart City & IoT Connectivity
  • Industrial Connectivity Market Report
  • 5G Market Report
  • LPWAN Market Report
  • Smart Metering Market Report
Emerging Technologies
  • Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market Report
  • Commercial Drones Market Report
General IoT
  • IoT Start-ups Report and Database
Exclusive Content
  • State of the IoT Market (x2)
  • Hannover Messe Analyst Report
  • IoT Solutions WC Event Report

Work Stream2020 Publications
IoT Platforms/Software
  • IoT Platforms Market Report Update
  • IoT Security Adoption Report
  • IoT Security Market Report
  • Cloud Market Report
  • IoT System Integration Market Report
  • Digital Twin Insights Report
Industrial IoT
  • Industry 4.0 Market Report
  • PLC Virtualization & Cloud Control Report
  • Industrial Edge Computing Market Report
  • Cloud MES Market Report
  • Predictive Maintenance Adoption Update
  • IoT Commercialization & Business Model Adoption Report
Smart City & IoT Connectivity
  • Smart City Market Report
  • Smart City End-User Adoption Report
  • IoT Connectivity Market Report
  • Satellite IoT Insights Report*
General IoT
  • IoT Sensors / Chips / Semiconductors Report
Exclusive content
  • State of the IoT Q1 2020 & COVID-19 Impact
  • IoT Conference Insights Report H1/2020
  • State of the IoT Q3 2020

* Subject to change.

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