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PUBLISHER: IoT Analytics GmbH | PRODUCT CODE: 808191

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PUBLISHER: IoT Analytics GmbH | PRODUCT CODE: 808191

IoT Analytics Corporate Research Subscription: Market Insights for the Internet of Things

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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IoT Analytics strives to be the most relevant and highest quality market research provider for enterprise Internet of Things,with increasing coverage also in the adjacent topics of AI, Cloud, Edge, and Industry 4.0. We measure ourselves by the impact our research has on our customer's decision-making. Our work is considered successful when the research provided enables you to make better decisions, be it on your productroadmap, marketing strategy, vendor selection, partnership development or overall IoT strategy.

Global Coverage. Since 2014 we have worked with more than 800 customers globally across both the vendor and end-user community and across most major industries. Our international team spends hours interviewing people, screening presentations, attending conferences and discussing findings internally. We offer the results in the form of reports as well as market databases and trackers. We also perform bespoke research if it is core to our research coverage areas.

Recognized by IoT buyers. Analyst firms like IoT Analytics play an increasing role in IoT buying decisions. We are proud that an independent November 2021survey by CC Group ranked us as "Top 3 most influential IoT analyst firm" amongst IoT buyers.

Quality first. For us, "quality first" is an inherent company value. Our reports are mostly 100+ pages and the result of months, not weeks, of in-depth research. In 2021, clients continued to ranked us "4.4/5" when we asked them for feedback, and consistently scored us as "better" than our competitors, especially for product quality. In 2022 we continue to place heavy emphasis on our quality review process and will continue to invest further into staff training and nurturing our unique data sources.

Expanding our research footprint. In 2020 we set the 3-year company vision to cover the entire IoT stack both from a technology point of view as well as a vertical point of view. For us that means two things in 2022:

  • A.) Providing continued coverage of our existing focus areas, namely 1. IoT software and platforms, 2. Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 and 3. IoT Connectivity & IoT Hardware. We will also continue to publish general documents like our semi-annual "State of the IoT" report, the related customer-exclusive webcasts, and our global enterprise IoT spending tracker.
  • B.) Expanding our market research coverage, most notably by extending into other "non-industrial" IoT areas. On top of our coverage of Smart City topics, in 2021 we started coverage of the Smart Buildings space. In 2022 we are planning to add Supply Chain and Connected Car to the picture and will resume researchon consumer IoT. We are also venturing beyond IoT, e.g., by expanding our research on cloud topics. As we continue to grow our team further our frequency of publications is going to increase. In 2022 you can expect an average of 3 publications per month or even more. We are open to suggestions: Do let us know what other research you would like to see andwhat it takes to make our relationship as productive as possible?

Our value proposition: We do great research - you save $$$

Ranked as top 3most influential IoT analyst firm

Our work consists of three main elements

Market Reports and Databases

  • 1. Market Reports
  • 2. Insight reports
  • 3. End-user adoption reports
  • 4. Databases & Lists
  • 5. Exclusive content
  • 6. More...

Dashboards and Trackers

  • 1. Cellular IoT Modules
  • 2. Cellular IoT Chipsets
  • 3. IoT Connectivity & LPWA
  • 4. Enterprise Spending Data
  • 5. Interactive dashboards
  • 6. More...

Bespoke Research and Consulting

  • 1. Data customizations
  • 2. Customized interview-based studies
  • 3. Commissioned surveys
  • 4. Strategic advice
  • 5. Workshops
  • 6. More...

Coverage Areas

IoT tech stack coverage across 4 main workstreams, exclusive content and data dashboards.

Market Reports & Databases

5 main types of output

1. Market Reports

Predictive Maintenance Market Report 2021 -2026

  • In-depth 100-300 pages
  • Based on extensive primary & secondary research
  • Typically includes technology overview, market data, company landscape, case studies, trends, ...

2. Insights Reports

Smart Factory Insights Report 2021

  • Insight reports 80-100 pages
  • Based on extensive primary & secondary research
  • Typically includes technology overview and deep-dives, case studies, trends, challenges ...

3. Adoption Reports

IoT Use Case Adoption Report 2021

  • 100-400 pages
  • Based on extensive surveys/interviews with senior technology adopters
  • Summarizing adoption patterns, Implementation challenges, ROI, view on vendors, etc.

4. Databases & Lists

List of 700 IoT System Integration Companies

  • Some databases are standalone
  • Most major market reports are accompanied by
    • Vendor databases
    • Case study databases
    • Market data

5. Exclusive Content

State of the IoT Summer 2021

  • 50-150 page reports
  • Based on insights from the entire IoT Analytics team
  • Providing a general and overarching view of the industry, latest market numbers, larger trends

IoT Market Data Hub 2022 Overview

The 6 main dimensions of the IoT market model and the 3 deep-dives.

Dashboards and Trackers

Four comprehensive market data tools to guide your strategy.

Why should you sign up for subscription service?

Access to all insights

We give you unlimited access to all research reports, research notes, and other materials that get produced during the timeframe of your subscription. This ensures that you get complete coverage on all major IoT and Industry 4.0 topics.

Access to general(exclusive) content

There are certain research reports that are produced for our research subscribers only and cannot be purchased individually. This includes our semi-annual "State of the IoT" report as well as bespoke research summaries from specific sideline projects.

Cost efficiency (vs purchasing individual reports)

Being a research stream subscriber is significantly more cost-efficient than purchasing individual reports on the IoT Analytics website. This is especially valuable for larger firms whose need for individual reports arise from many different departments in the company.

+ Access to our analysts

(prior appointment required -Enterprise license only)

Benefits as a subscriber

Influence our calendar

We undertake quarterly review calls with our customers to understand their current and future projects and their topics of interest. This is a key consideration, amongst other factors, as we build our following year release calendar and decide on the report topics covered.

Structural design calls

As one of our valued customers, if you see an upcoming report within our release calendar which is of interest to you, you have the option to get your topics or questions covered within the report*

Dedicated Account Manager and optional bespoke requests

Subscription clients have access to a dedicated account manager and the option to purchase adjacent services such as bespoke market research, consultative projects, webinars and market studies via surveys, interviews. As this is not our core product offering, we undertake only selected requests.

Bespoke Research & Consulting

List of capabilities

Our capabilities include

Market Assessment

  • Sizing
  • Trends
  • Whitespace
  • Share (by company, by region/country)

Business Case Support

  • Validation
  • Pricing
  • Adaption

Landscape Assessment

  • Products
  • Services
  • Vendors
  • Competition
  • Technology

Experts Engagements

  • Executive Briefings
  • Panels
  • Workshops
  • Surveys
  • Interviews

Ecosystem Assessment

  • Models
  • Partnerships
  • Value chains
  • ...and more

Example output from a recent bespoke research project

Why should youwork with us?

In-depth and holistic analyses

We aim to produce the highest quality research available to you. We have conducted 550+ primary research interviews and built 40+ databasesOur focus is on facts and actionable insights without losing sight of the bigger picture.

High-profile team / unparalleled IoT network

We have approx. 60 years of IoT industry experience in the team. All our analysts have extensive industry background and a unique global network across both vendor and end-user communities and across all major industries.

Trusted by leading companies

We have served 800+ customers to date, many of which are Fortune Global 500 firms and returning customers. Our customers rate us 4.4/5on average and consistently score us as "better" than our competitors, especially for product quality.

What customers say about us

General feedback and references


"We engaged IoT Analytics to perform digital ecosystem and competitive intelligence gathering and were very pleased with their depth of understanding of the Industrial Internet of Things. Their team worked with us in a highly collaborative manner and delivered a series of reports that were greatly appreciated by the digital leadership team and other key stakeholders in Marketing & Sales. I'd recommend this boutique firm without reservation." Kathleen Conroy, Group Vice President at ABB.

"What I enjoy most is that IoT Analytics often conducts in-depth analysis of IoT from both technical and industry dimensions, especially in certain perspectives where some of the analytical angels are precise and profound. I think IoT Analytics' analysts have a very deep industrial understanding, which leads all of us to rethink." Zhen Guan, Senior Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft.

"I find it really impressive how the IoT Analytics team have built up a broad and proprietary knowledge base around the Internet of Things and Industrie4.0 ecosystems." Markus Lorenz, Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group.

"My experience working with the team of experts at IoT Analytics has been enjoyable and enlightening. The work was delivered on time, on budget, and beyond our expectations." Jake White, VP Marketing at MyDevicesIoT platform.


Market Reports & Databases -2018-2020

4 main workstreams

Market Reports & Databases

Example: State of IoT-Summer 2021

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