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PUBLISHER: Revuze Ltd. | PRODUCT CODE: 979707

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PUBLISHER: Revuze Ltd. | PRODUCT CODE: 979707

Revuze Explorer: Customer Experience Analytics For Home Appliances

PUBLISHED: annual subscription
PAGES: 8 languages (Interface is in English)

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Know in fine details what your customers (and your competitors customers) think in real time about every aspect of buying, using and engaging with your products and services. Revuze typically discovered ~ 50 topics that matter to consumers of home appliances - from specific items, energy efficiency to buying experience to customer service and reliability. With Revuze you can know what is working or not for your own each of your brand and products as well as for your competitors or industry leaders.

Understand your customers, improve your marketing, products and your customer's experience!

Consumers are looking to replace and update their home appliances with better, faster, and more efficient products on a regular basis. Find out what they think about your brand as well as your competitors, discover which products they prefer and which features they value the most, so you can build better appliances and target the right audiences.

Revuze analyzes online reviews from multiple sources, listens to social media and creates a competitive benchmark in real time using its advanced machine learning technology.

How can I learn about customer sentiment on home appliances?

Revuze's AI goes through hundreds of thousands of customer reviews across multiple e-commerce websites and aggregates them into a SKU and brand level. This approach allows us to give you the overall sentiment score of a brand, a category, or a single item. We are also able to provide you with insights on all of the topics discussed by your customers and highlight your strengths and your weaknesses, comparing them to the ones of your competitors and category.

How can I compare popularity and reputation of home appliances brands?

You can easily compare all brands in each category, since Revuze actively collects all of the reviews within each category of appliances. Our self-learning AI analyzes customer reviews and aggregates them per SKU and brand; then it indicates the popularity and sentiment for each brand, category and single products. Understanding the sentiment is our core business-by going through the list of topics discussed by your customers, you can select the ones related to your reputation and brand loyalty to further understand how you compare against your competitors in the industry.

Will I be able to track how the market reacts to new products as they launch?

Yes! Through our easy-to-use dashboard, you will be able to track reviews, comments, and mentions of your latest launches, so that you can estimate how well your product is doing, what's going well, and what your customers think is missing.

"Regardless of the industry you're operating in, Revuze can help you disrupt your market by giving you valuable insights into your customers' experience and your competitors' performance. Our AI solution is self-learning, which means you won't have to spend a single minute teaching it the jargon of your industry." Boaz Grinvald , CEO of Revuze.

Fortune 500 retailers rely on Revuze to know what their customers think

Brands gain unparalleled, in-depth cx analytics into customers and competitors without IT, experts or lengthy projects. They're understand how their customer experiences their brand and drive that into actionable decision, better products and increased revenue.

Join them on the world's first Self Learning Customer analytics Platform and start optimising the core experiences of your products with real-time data, insights and AI-powered analytics.

See what features of your appliances matter the most to your customers

  • Through text analytics, we're able to break down all of the factors that matter to consumers when they review home appliances.
  • See which features are mentioned the most among tens of thousands of customer reviews.
  • Listen to the Voice of the Customer to improve your appliances and your customer service.

Get CX in real time and implement new strategies right away

  • With Revuze, you'll learn what your customers are saying in real time thanks to social listening and sentiment analysis.
  • Access industry insights 24/7 without the need to contact any experts or IT, so you can make decisions faster and impact the performance of your business.
  • Our easy-to-use interface highlights issues and opportunities in the industry, so you can focus on your decision making.

Enhance your customer service and address e-commerce issues

  • Learn about the sales channels that work best for your appliances.
  • Find out how consumers are perceiving the newer products.
  • Identify replicas and illegal sellers on e-commerce sites right away.
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