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Ecommerce Platforms

Published: annual subscription | Real Story Group


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Ecommerce Platforms
Published: annual subscription
Real Story Group
  • Description

The Ecommerce Platforms research critically evaluates the weaknesses and strengths of 7 Ecommerce products.

Key Features:

  • Get the inside scoop that will make you look smart
  • Obtain external validation of your strategy and decisions
  • Receive one-on-one help to solve your thorniest problems
  • Get to a short list in minutes
  • Get supporting artifacts to explain to your peers
  • Transition to pilot projects faster
  • Learn how much these tools really cost
  • Learn how to negotiate a better deal
  • Learn about hidden costs and gotchas
  • Obtain relevant education for business and IT stakeholders
  • Get team-based workshops to put everyone on the same page
  • Obtain a common vocabulary for how the tools really work
  • Learn the real story about vendor weaknesses to combat marketing hype
  • Don't pick the wrong tool
  • Discover a vendor you didn't know

Vendors Evaluated:

Major Suites

  • Adobe: Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Oracle: Oracle CX Commerce
  • Salesforce: Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • SAP: SAP Commerce Cloud


  • BigCommerce: BigCommerce Enterprise
  • commercetools: commercetools
  • Shopify: Shopify Plus