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Global 5G Tariff Tracker - Q3 2020 edition

Published by Tariff Consultancy Ltd. Product code 963005
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Global 5G Tariff Tracker - Q3 2020 edition
Published: annual subscription Content info:

Telecomspricing has identified commercial 5G in 31 countries from 75 operators with close to 400 plans.

Some of the highlights of the Q5 Tariff Tracker Q3 2020 edition include:

  • To date the most common 5G mobile allowance is the unlimited mobile data allowance (unlimited includes operators that offer FUP as part of a plan) , followed by the between 10 and 50 GB, and plans under 10 GB now just represent 12% compared to a far higher percentage with the previous edition.
  • At the top end of pricing, it goes just above Euro 235 and around the Euro 10 at the other end of the scale.
  • Data allowances go from anything of 1 GB up to 6 Terrabytes, with the highest allowances by far offered in the GCC countries.
  • Prepaid is on the increase with a number of operators having launched prepaid, with one of the lastest operator to do so 3 Ireland charging an add-on fee, whereas other operators decided to make 5G available to the top prepaid plans only.
  • More 5G devices have come on the market but many operators still only offer just a handful with more planned in the lead up to Christmas and early 2021.
  • Sub-brands like Voxi (Vodafone UK) and MVNO (Tesco UK) start making their offerings 5G ready
Table of Contents
Product Code: 5G TT 2020

Table of Contents

For each of the MNO 5G launches the 5G Price Tracker provides the following details:

  • 1. The 5G service plans available
  • 2. The 5G service coverage and speeds
  • 3. The 5G service pricing and inclusive allowances
  • 4. The 5G service devices available

Other sections include:

  • Summary and key trends
  • 4G pricing verus 5G pricing
  • 5G smartphones and devices
  • Other 5G news

1-year Subscription includes:

  • 1) PowerPoint (20+ slides per update)
  • 2) Excel Spreadsheet (1 issue per update)
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