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PUBLISHER: TrendForce | PRODUCT CODE: 1358252

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PUBLISHER: TrendForce | PRODUCT CODE: 1358252

Global Passenger Electric Vehicle Inverter Datasheet

PUBLISHED: 4 issues / year
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The main function of the inverter for electric passenger cars (HEV, PHEV, BEV, FCV) is to convert the direct current generated by the battery pack into alternating current that can be used to operate the AC motor, thereby driving the vehicle. With the growth of electric passenger car sales, the overall sales of inverters will also increase.

Upgrading the performance of the inverter is a key solution to address the range anxiety issue of electric vehicles. In order to improve charging efficiency, car manufacturers have adopted an 800V battery pack voltage platform in the design of specific models. Therefore, inverters have also begun to introduce SiC-MOSFET to enhance performance and support high-voltage platforms. Currently, the sales of inverters in the market are mainly dominated by Tier 1 suppliers such as BorgWarner, Denso, Vitesco, Mitsubishi Electric, etc. However, with the rapid development of electric vehicles in China, the market share of domestic Tier 1 suppliers has greatly increased globally.

In the future, in order to match the platform-based production strategy of car manufacturers, inverters will increase their modularity. The concentration of car manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers in the procurement of inverters or related components will also increase relatively. This data provides a comprehensive reference for different segmentation statistics and forecasts of inverter sales and can be widely used by car manufacturers and Tier 2 suppliers for relevant decision-making.

The report content of the “Global Passenger Electric Vehicle Inverter Datasheet” includes the following:

  • Global Inverter Market Size
  • Global Inverter Sales QTY
  • Global Inverter Market Size by Propulsion Type
  • Global Inverter Sales QTY by Propulsion Type
  • Global Inverter Sales QTY by Power
  • Global Inverter Sales QTY by Voltage
  • Global Inverter Sales QTY by Automakers
  • Global Inverter Sales QTY by Transistor Type(SiC-MOSFET/Si-IGBT)
  • Global Inverter Sales QTY by Suppliers
  • Global Inverter ASP by Power
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