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LEDinside Market Intelligence and Consulting Service: Global LED Industry Database/LED Player Movement

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LEDinside Market Intelligence and Consulting Service: Global LED Industry Database/LED Player Movement
Published: annual subscription Content info:

This report provides:

1. LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base-Backlight / General Lighting / Architectural Lighting / Automotive Lighting / Digital Display / Projection & Horticultural Lighting / UV LED / IR LED / μLEDMini LED Applications

2. LED Player Revenue and Capacity-Chip Market and Player Capacity & Revenue / Package Market and Player Capacity & Revenue / LED Player Revenue Ranking in Each Application

3. LED Industry Price Survey-Sapphire / Chip / LED Package (Backlight / Lighting / Automotive / Digital Display / UV LED / IR LED)

4. LED Industry Quarterly Update-Major LED Player Quarterly Update (EU, US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China)5. Micro / Mini LED Market Prospective Analysis-Player Movement, New Technology, Display Week 2019 / Touch Taiwan 2019 Exhibit Report

LEDinsideGold+ MemberReport (LED Player Movement Quarterly Update)

  • LED Package Business Development
  • LED Chip Business Development
  • 2019 Micro LED and Mini LED Player Movements
  • Mini LED and CSP LED Market News


  • Financial-Revenue and Profit
  • Product Strategies and Plan
  • Product Development
  • Strategies

Mini LED and CSP LED Market News

In response to HDR and local dimming market demand, branding vendors will implement Miniaturized LEDin the high-class backlight products, such as TV, Monitors, tablets, VR, and so on. Note: LEDinsidedefines Miniaturized LED includes LED products (3030 LED, 2525 LED, 1010 LED, CSP LED and 100μm-300μm Mini LED) in high-class HDR applications.

APPLE plans to implement Mini LED in 2019 iPad Pro, using xxx pcs of Mini LED and targeting on optical distance (OD) at xxx mm.

CES2019 Update: Samsung 75 inch Micro-LED Module v.s. The Wall

The product specification of The Wall at CES 2019 remained the same, however, Samsung enhances surface process to reduce light reflection and increase contrast; module cutting tolerance are much precise, therefore the splicing line can not been seen.

CES2019 Update: TCL, Hisense, and Asus Released HDR Products

2018 LED Package Player Revenue Ranking

According to LEDinsidesurvey, top ten LED package players in 2018 included MLS (including LEDVANCE), Nichia, OSRAM OS, CREE, Lumileds, Seoul Semi and so on.

*Note: LEDinsideestimated Chinese LED players (Hongli) revenue in 2018 in the table. Moreover, the official financial report of each Chinese LED player will be released in the end of April, and LEDinsidewill compile those information in 2Q18 Gold+ member report.

**MLS revenue includes LED package business and LEDVANCE; CREE revenue includes LED component revenue and lighting business, as well as Samsung LED and Everlight.

1Q18-1Q19 LED Player Utilization Rate

2019 has just begun but this year seems to be a tough one for global LED manufacturers with continuous global market uncertainty caused by the US-China dispute.

4Q18 Market Summaries

USA & Europe

  • LumiledsLLC: Revenue Slightly Decreased in 2018
  • OSRAM LichtAG: Bain Capital and Carlyle Group are Considering a Joint Acquisition of OSRAM
  • OSRAM OS: Revenue Remained Flat in 2018
  • CREE: LED Revenue Slightly Decreased in 4Q18


  • Nichia: Slight Increase of 4% YoYin Revenue
  • Citizen: Chip LED For Automotive Cluster Remained Steady in 2018
  • Stanley: Automotive, Infrared LED, and UV-C LED Will Be the Main Business Targets
  • Rohm: Chip LED Applied in Robot, Factory Automation and Inspection Equipment


  • Samsung LED: Revenue Affected By Decreasing Backlight and Lighting Market Demand
  • LG Innotek: UV LEDand Automotive are the Main Business in 2018-2019
  • Seoul Semi: 2018 Revenue Growth Reached 10% YoY
  • Lumens: General Increase in Revenue in 3Q18


  • Epistar: Waiting for Revenue Contribution from Mini LED and VCSEL
  • Optotech: Implements VCSEL Research and Study In Response to Market Request
  • Epileds: Moving Toward Mini LED and Long Wavelength VCSEL Markets
  • Everlight: Delivered Mini LED in Automotive Cluster and High-Class Backlight Markets
  • Lite-On Technology: 45mW UV-C LED and 3W VCSEL Release in the Market
  • Lextar: Focusing on Mini LED Market Development
  • AOT: Plans to Increase Chinese Backlight Customers in 2019
  • Unity Opto: Mini LED Backlight Achieved Trail Production in 2H18 at Fast
  • Harvatek: Successfully Enter TV and Automotive Display Supply Chain


  • San'an: Investing USD 80 Million to Develop Micro LED Chip Production Line
  • Changelight: Nanchang Expects to Newly Add Capacity by 500,000 Pieces per Month
  • HC SemiTek: Fund Raising RMB 400 Million for Suzhou Manufacturing Production
  • Aucksun: Takes Cautious Attitude Towards Capacity Expansion in Next Two Years
  • ETI: Actively Develop LED for P0.63 and P0.75 Video Wall
  • Nationstar: Expand LED Chip and Package Capacity with Investment of RMB 1 Billion
  • Hongli: Investing in LED and Internet of Vehicles
  • Refond: With LingtaoElectronics' COB Package, Refondto Unveil the World's First COB Mobile
  • Jufei: Developing Automotive Lighting Market in 2019
  • MTC: Nanchang Capacity Release is Expected to Effect in 2H19
  • CF Lighting: Planned to Set up a Package Project with Capacity of 5000KK/M in Nanchang
  • MLS: Providing Decoration Lighting Products to China Building Decoration Association

US and Europe


  • FY 2019 Revenue to Expect Single Digital Growth
  • LichtAGAcquired Ring Automotive to Strengthen Aftermarket Business



  • 4% YoYin Revenue in 2018, Benefited From APPLE Monitor
  • Diverse Product Line, Successfully Maintain High Margin
  • DPL G3.1 to Be Implemented in APPLE 32 inch iMac in 2Q19


Seoul Semi

  • 2018 Revenue Growth Reached 10% YoY
  • Five Business Directions For World's Mega Trend



  • Delivered Mini LED in Automotive Cluster and High-Class Backlight Markets


  • International Companies OEM Overview
  • Chinese LED Chip Manufacturers' Production Capacity and Expansion Plan
  • 3Q18-4Q18 Chinese LED Package House Capacity Ranking

San'an Optoelectronics

  • Investing USD 80 Million to Develop Micro LED Chip Production Line
  • Quarterly Revenue & Product Structure
  • 2018 Business Summary
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