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LEDinside Market Intelligence and Consulting Service

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LEDinside Market Intelligence and Consulting Service
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TrendForceResearch Coverage

Established in 2007, TrendForceLED Research (LEDinside) is a professional LED global industry information platform and research institute, focusing on the LED industry supply chain and the latest Micro LED display technology development, providing the most forward-looking analysis services.

The coverage of LEDinsideresearch scope includes projection and display (Micro / Mini LED), lighting, automotive, display, UV, infrared (IR LED / VCSEL) and other application market trends and opportunities. Furthermore, advertising media, customized seminars, and customized reports are also available.

Internet Advertisements

  • Product Release
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  • Interview

Market Intelligence

  • Micro LED
  • Mini LED
  • Infrared LED / VCSEL
  • UV LED
  • Automotive
  • Lighting
  • Video Wall


  • Lighting
  • Micro LED
  • UV / Infrared

Customized Report & Consulting Service

  • New Market Survey
  • Material Market Survey
  • Cost Analysis
  • Consulting Service

LEDinsideMarket Intelligence Service Summary

Gold+ Member Report

(Global LED Industry Data Base v.s. LED Player Movement Quarterly Update)

  • 1. LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base-Backlight / General Lighting / Architectural Lighting / Automotive Lighting / Digital Display / Projection & Horticultural Lighting / UV LED / IR LED / μLEDMini LED Applications
  • 2. LED Player Revenue and Capacity-Chip Market and Player Capacity & Revenue / Package Market and Player Capacity & Revenue / LED Player Revenue Ranking in Each Application
  • 3. LED Industry Price Survey-Sapphire / Chip / LED Package (Backlight / Lighting / Automotive / Digital Display / UV LED / IR LED)
  • 4. LED Industry Quarterly Update-Major LED Player Quarterly Update (EU, US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China)
  • 5. Micro / Mini LED Market Prospective Analysis-Player Movement, New Technology, Display Week 2019 / Touch Taiwan 2019 Exhibit Report

LEDinsideGold+ Member Report

(Global LED Industry Data Base v.s. LED Player Movement Quarterly Update)

Release Date: Quarterly (February, May, August, November)

  • 1. LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base: 1Q / 3Q PDF / EXCEL
  • 2. LED Player Revenue and Capacity: 2Q / 4Q PDF / EXCEL
  • 3. LED Industry Price Survey: 1Q-4Q EXCEL
  • 4. LED Industry Quarterly Update: 1Q-4Q PDF (Only English Version)
  • 5. Micro / Mini LED Market Prospective Analysis-March, June, September 2019
  • 6. Language: Traditional Chinese / English

Mini Market News

  • In regard to Mini LED product design, its die bonding will be based on existing equipment, material and multiple flip-chip LED. In addition, it will develop toward Mini LED backlight product field with application markets covering TV, automotive panel, notebook computer and smart phone to name just a few.
  • Manufacturers like Huawei and Tianma: They have conducted product tests on Mini LED smart phone. However, as the cost and thickness still fail to compete with that of OLED display, their plan come to a standstill.

Mini/Micro LED Manufacturers News - Display

  • Display and chip manufacturers actively launch RGB Mini LED: In response to market demand of ultra fine-pitch display, Chinese display manufacturers (Leyardand Ledman) successively list Micro LED display in their schedule. Besides, San'anOptoand HC SemiTekwill launch Mini LED and Micro LED products in succession in 2018.
  • Currently, HC SemiTekis developing vertical chip and flip chip with size between 10μm to 30μm. So far, it can provide preliminary sample.

2Q18 Market Summaries

USA & Europe

  • LumiledsLLC: Revenue Slightly Grows in 2018
  • OSRAM LichtAG: OSRAM OS and SP Continue to Be Main Growth Driver
  • OSRAM OS: Successfully Delivered 2D Facial Recognition to Chinese Mobile Brands
  • CREE: LED Revenue Slightly Increased in 2Q18
  • Dominant: 2018 Revenue Guidance Targets at USD 125 Million
  • Euro: USD=1: 1.169
  • USD: JPY=1: 110.7
  • USD: KRW= 1: 1113.91
  • USD: NTD= 1: 30.51
  • USD: RMB=1: 6.589


  • Nichia: Targets 10~15% Annual Growth in 2018
  • Citizen: Chip LED For Automotive Cluster Remained Steady in 2Q18
  • Stanley: Step in Infrared and UV-C LED Markets
  • Rohm: Chip LED Applied in Robot, Factory Automation and Inspection Equipment


  • Samsung LED: Releasing High Power Horticultural LED
  • LG Innotek: UVand Automotive are the Main Business in 2018
  • Seoul Semi: Will Offer IR LED to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 For Iris Recognition
  • Lumens: Four Pillar Business Strategies in 2018


  • Epistar: Plan to Release 280nm UV-C LED by the End of 2018
  • Optotech: Entered APPLE Watch 4 to Contribute Revenue in 2Q18 and 3Q18
  • Epileds: Study Micro LED Product for Customized Project
  • Everlight: Lost Digital Display Market Share
  • Lite-On Technology: Successfully Developed Infrared and UV-C LED Businesses
  • Lextar: Various Mini LED Product are under Development
  • AOT: Emphasizes High-end Backlight Market to Keep Margin
  • Unity Opto: Received Lighting Product OEM Order From Sorra
  • Harvatek: Entered Samsung Cinema Screen Supply Chain


  • San'anOptoelectronics: Established One Production Line for Micro LED Products By the End of 2018
  • Changelight: Intends to Purchase Aixtron2800G4-TM MOCVD Equipment, in an Attempt to Continuously Expand Production Capacity of Red & Yellow LED Chip
  • HC SemiTek: Announced the Intention to Set up Semiconductor Project in Yiwuwith an Investment Amount of RMB 10.8 Billion
  • Aucksun: The New Production Capacity of Aucksunis Under Construction and Some of it is Expected to be Released in 3Q18
  • ETi: Actively Develop Lighting Market, Aiming to Acquire NVC of RMB 4 Billion
  • Nationstar: Actively Promoted Four-in-One Mini LED Package
  • Hongli: Sichuan Golden Rudder Investment Co., Ltd. Becomes the Largest Shareholder of HongliAfter Share Acquisition
  • Refond: Intended to Acquire 51% Shares of Zhuhai Winner Auto Lamp Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. with RMB 102 Million to Develop Automotive Lighting Industry
  • Jufei: Keeping up with the Market, JufeiDevelops Mini LED Technology and Products
  • ShenZhenMTC: Market Demand is Weaker than Expected, and Nanchang LED Chip Project is Delayed
  • CF Lighting: Intended to Set up LED Package Project in Nanchang with RMB 2 Billion
  • MLS: Signed Agreement with Ji'anGovernment, Intending to Set up Semiconductor Package Project with RMB 5 Billion
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