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2022 LEDinside Market Intelligence

Published: annual subscription | TrendForce


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2022 LEDinside Market Intelligence
Published: annual subscription
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LEDinside was established in 2007, providing various information such as news, relevant data and intelligence in the LED industry, as well as LED applications, prices and exchanges. LEDinside also provides the most comprehensive analyses of the LED industry, interviews with LED enterprises and a massive knowledge base of the LED business.

Established in 2007, TrendForce LED Research (LEDinside) is a professional LED global industry information platform and research institute, focusing on the LED industry supply chain and the latest Micro LED display technology development, providing the most forward-looking analysis services. The coverage of LEDinside research scope includes projection and display (Micro / Mini LED), lighting, automotive, display, UV, infrared (IR LED / VCSEL) and other application market trends and opportunities. Furthermore, advertising media, customized seminars, and customized reports are also available. For further information, welcome to LEDinside!

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